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War, and all other Arts and Sciences are herein Explain'd; from the beft and modern Authors, as Sir Ifaac Newton, Dr. Harris, Dr. Gregory, Mr. Lack, Mr. Evelyn, Mr. Dryden, Mr. Blount, &c. Very useful to all those that defire to understand what they


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A Difcourfe, in Six Dialogues, on the Name, Notion, and Obfervation of the Lord's Day. With an account of feveral Canons, Decrees, and Laws, Foreign and English, for the keeping it Holy. The way of Worship in the Church of England, Vindicated; and an Office, or Collection of Devotions for the Day. By Thomas Morer, Rector of St. Ann's, London.

A Defence of Diocefan Epifcopacy: In An fwer to Book of Mr. David Clarkson, Entituled, Pri mitive Epifcopacy. By Henry Maurice, D. D. The Second Edition.


A new Hiftory of China: Containing a Description of the moft confiderable Particulars of that vaft Empire. Written by Gabriel Magillans, of the Society of Jefus, Miffionary Apoftolick. Done out of French.

The Lives of the Antient Philofophers; containing an account of their feveral Sects, Doctrines, Actions, and Remarkable Sayings. Extracted from Diogenes Laertius, Caufabon, Menagius, Stanley, Gaf fendus, Charleton, and others, the beft Authors upon that Subject. With an Appendix containing the Lives of feveral latter Philofophers, not confined to particular Sects. Illuftrated with feveral Cuts.

The Chriftian Indeed. In Two Parts: The firft containing a serious Exhortation to the Holy Communion, with fome plain Directions for a due Preparation for it, and Admonition to live and act after it, as becomes Perfons publickly profeffing to be Chriftians. The second, an Exhortation to prepare for Death Together with fome plain Directions: As alfo fhort and suitable Devotions, as well in time of Sickness, as in cafe of Recovery. The Second Edition. By a Presbyter of the Church of England.

The Chriftians Daily Manual of Prayers and Praises. In Two Parts. The first confifting of Family-Devotions for every day in the Week, and al


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fo for Private Perfons. The fecond containing a Courfe of Select Pfalms and Hymns, with their proper Tunes, for the whole year. For the ufe of Religious Societies, and Pious Families. By a Divine of the Church of England.

A Treatife of Salivation; fhewing its true Methods, Circumftances, Advantages, and proper Applicati ons. Written Originally in High Dutch, by Matthaus Gothofredus Purmannus, Surgeon in Ordinary of the City of Breflaw, and of the Hofpital of St. Fob. Tranflated from the Second Edition printed at Franckfort.

The Life of Mr. Thomas Firmin, late Citizen of London. Written by one of his moft intimate Acquaintance; with a Sermon preach'd on the occafion of his Death.

Letters, Domeftick and Foreign; occafionally diftributed in Subjects, (viz.) Philofophical, Theological, and Moral. By Thomas Tryon, Author of the way to Health, Long Life, and Happiness.

The Poor Man's Phyfician and Surgeon; fhewing the true Method of Curing all forts Diftempers, by the help of fuch Medicines as are of the product of our Climate, and confequently to be prepar'd with out charge and difficulty. With an Addition of the true Ufe of the Quinquina, or Jefuits Powder. By Monf, D'Ube, Doctor of Phyfick. Tranflated from the Eighth Edition printed at Paris.

The Compleat Mendicant; or unhappy Beggar. Being the Life of an unfortunate Gentleman: In which is a comprehenfive Account of feveral of the moft Remarkable Adventures that befel him in 23 years Pilgrimage. Alfo a Narrative of his Entrance at Oxford, his Ordination; his Behaviour and Departure from Court; his taking upon him the Ha bit of a Shepherd, &c.

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The Country Gentleman's Vade Mecum; or his Companion for the Town. In 18 Letters from a Gentleman in London, to his Friend in the Country: Wherein he paffionately diffwades him againft coming to London, and reprefents to him the advantage of a Country Life, in oppofition to the Follies and Vices of the Townes

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The Pfalms of David in Metre, fitted to the Tunes used in Parith-Churches. By John Patrick, D. D. In 120.


A Paraphrafe, with Notes, upon the Sixth Ghapter of St fohn; in order to compleat his Notes and Paraphrafe upon the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8th Chapters of St. John: With a Difcourfe on Humanity and Charity. By Wm. Clagett, D. D. late Preacher to the Honorable Society of Gray's-Inn. The Second Edition, in 8v0.


A Companion for the Perfecuted Or an Office for thafe who fuffer for Righteoufness. Containing particular Prayers and Devotions, for particular Graces, or for their private or publick Occafions. By John Kettlewell, late Vicar of Coleshill in Warwickfhire, in 120.

The Life of Leopold, late Emperor of Germany, 3. Containing the moft Remarkable Tranfactions of Europe, as well relating to the Turks as Chriftians, for about 60 Years; with variety of Original Papers, Letters, Treaties, Characters, &c.

The Hiftory of the Rebellions in England, Scotland, and Ireland; wherein the moft material Paffages, Sieges, Battles, Policies, Stratagems of War, are Impartially related on both fides; from the Year 1640, to the Beheading of the Duke of Monmouth, in 1685. In Three Parts. By Sir Roger Manley, Kt.

Two Cafes; the firft of Adultery and Divorce: Shewing, that where the Sin (Adultery) is, the Punishment (Divorce) ought to follow it, without injury to Confcience. The fecond of Baptifm, Shewing, that neither Lay-Baptifm, nor Popish Baptifm, ought to be fought for, or admitted in the Factories, or other Places abroad, who are informed what to do in such a cafe, for the ease of their Consciences. By Thomas Morer, Rector of St. Ann's Alderfgate, London.

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Six Philofophical Effays upon feveral Subjects, vi Containing, 1. Dr. Burnet's Theory of the Earth. 2. Wir and Beauty! 3.A Publick Spirit. 4. The Weathers. The Certainty of Things, and the Exiftence of a Deity, 6. The Caretefan Idea of God. By Sam. Parker, Gent.


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A Treatile of a Confumption, and the Veneral Di feafe; the Signs or Symptoms of the Venereal Infection, with various Methods of Cure. By Thomas Nedham, Surgeon, in 120.


An Account of Scotland; being a Defcription of the Nature of that Kingdom, and what the Conftitution of it is in Church and State. Wherein alfo fome notice is taken of their chief Cities, and Royal Burroughs; with an Appendix, 1. About their Kings Supremacy. 2. The difference of the Scotch and English Liturgy. 3. The Revenue and Expence on the Civil and Military Lift, according to a late Eftablishment.

An Office or Manual of Devotions, for the better obferving the Lord's Day, chiefly defign'd for the ufe of Private Families. By Thomas Morer, Rector of St. Ann Alderfgate, London. Price 3d. or 20s. the Hundred.

Dr. Fleetwood's Difcourfe of the Education of Children; with a Preface Exhorting all Parents to a ftrict and religious Performance of that Duty. Price 3 d. or 20s. per Hundred.

11. 1692

His Sermon before the Lord Mayor, April


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11. 16 Sermon before the Lord Mayor, Decemb

Sermon before the Queen, Febr. 12. 1692. Sermon before the Lord Mayor, fan. 30. e the Lo


1698-9. His Account of the Life and Death of the Bleffed Virgin, according to Romish Writers, with the Grounds of the Worship paid to her.

The Hiftory of the Perfecutions of the Reformed Churches in France, Orange, and Piedmont, from the year 1655, to this prefent time; fhewing by what Steps, Artifices, and perfidious Practices they were deftroyed; with a short account of the prefent Condition of the Proteftants in France, and elsewhere. Wherein are many remarkable Paffages never before printed.

Heptarchia Mathematica, or the Seven Branches of Art here following, Epitomiz'd, viz. Arithmetick, Geometry, Flat Meafure, Square Measure, Gaug


ing, Menfuration by Tables, Dialing, &c. Being now exhibited to the view of Artifts, as well as others in a plain, practicable, and easie method, whereby every young Tyro may come to a perfect underftanding, without the help of a Tutor; which, for ease and expedition, the like not extant in the English Tongue. Being a Work very useful for Gentlemen, Surveyors, Architectures, Engineers, Mafons, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Joyners, Glafiers, Painters, Piaferers, Sleaters, . By John Wing, Author of Aftronomia Britanica, and Practitioner in the Mathematicks.

In the Prefs, and will be speedily Publish'd,
PAUL's Cathedral in Lon-


I don; from its firft Foundation to this prefent time. Being an Abridgment of Sir William Dugdale's Hiftory. Extracted out of Original Charters, Records, Leiger Books, and other Manufcripts: With a Catalogue of all the Deans, &c. from its firft Foundation to this prefent time. Adorn'd with feveral Profpects of the faid Church, from Sir Christopher Wren's own Plates. Continued from where Sir William Dugdale leaves off, by a Divine of the Church of England. Whereunto is added, the Hiftory of St. Pe ter's Church at York: Containing its Antiquities, Antient Monuments, &c. with a Catalogue of all its Archbishops and Deans, &c. to this prefent time; with the feveral Profpects of the faid Church, and its remarkable Tombs

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