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Do&rines: Of Emperors, Kings, Illuftrious Princes, and great Generals : Of Antient and Modern Authors: Of Philosophers, Inventors of Arts: And all those who have recommended themselves to the World by their Valour, Virtue, Learning, or some notable Circumstances of their Lives. Together with the Etablihment and Progress both of Re: ligious and Military Orders, and thę Lives of their Founders: As also the Fabulous Hiftory of the Heathen Gods, and Hero's. . The Description of Empires, Kingdoms,, Commonwealths, Provinces, Cities Towns, tads, Mountains, Rivers, and other confiderable Places, both of Antient and Modern Geography; wherein is observ'd the Situation, Extent, and Quality of the Country; the Religie on, Government, Morals, and Customs of the Inhabitants: The Sects of Chriftians, Jews, Heathens and Mahometans. The principal Terms of Arts and Sciences : The Publick and Solemn A&tions, as Feftivals, Plays, &c. The Statues and Laws; and withal, the History of General and Particular. Coun. cils, under the Names of the Places where they have been Celebrated. The whole being full of Remarks and curious Enquiries, -for the' Illuftration of several Difficulties in Theology, History, Chronology, and Geography. Collected from the best Hiftoriansy Chronologers, and Lexicographers, 25*Calvisius, Helvicus, Ifaacfon, Marsham, Baudrand, Hoffman, Lloyd, Cheureau, and others, but more especially out of Lewis Morery, D. D. his Eighth Edition ; Corrected and Enlarged by Mons. Le Clere. To which is added, a Supplement; being the Lives, moft Remarkable A&tions, and Writings, of several Illuftrious Families; of our English, Scotch, and Irish Nobility and Gentry, and most Famous Men of all Professions, Arts and Sciences: As also an exact Description of these Kingdoms with the moft confiderable Occur. rences that have happen'd to this present Time. The Second Edition, Revis’d, Corrected, and Enlarg'd to the year 1688. By Fr Collier, A. M. and continu'd to this Time by another Hand. In 3. VOlumnes. :


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The Ecclefiaftical History of Great Britain, chiefly of England; from the first Planting of Christianity, to the end of the Reign of King Charles II. With a Brief Account of the Affairs of Religion in Ireland. Collected from the best antient Historians, Councils and Records. By Fer. Colier, A. M. IB 2 Volumes.

Lexicon Technicum, or an Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences ; Explaining not only the Terms of Art, but the Arts themselves. By uhn Harris, D: D. F. R.S. In -2 V01.

A Paraphrafe and Annotacions upon all the Books of the New Testament; briefly Explaining all the difficult Places thereof. The Seventh Edition, Corrested and Enlarged, by H. Hammond, D.D. “- The Works of the Right Reverend and Learned Ezekiel Hopkins, late Lord Bishop of London-Derry in Ireland: Collecte l into one Volume. Containing the Vanity of the World, A Practical Exposition. on the Ten Commandments.. -A'n Exposición" on the Lord's Prayer, with a Catechifical Explication thereof, by way of Question and Answer. Several Sermons and Discouries on divers important Subjects. With an Alphabetical Table to the whole.

Antiquitates Christiane; or the Hiftory of the Life and Death of the Holy. Jesus: As also the Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of nis Apoftles. In 2 Parts.

The First Pait, containing the Life of Chrift. Written by Fr. Taylor, lace Lord Bishop of Doburi and Connor: The Second, containing the Lives of the -A poftles, with an Enumeration, and some brief Remarks upon their first Succeffors, in the five greac -Apoftolical Churches by Waltin Cave, D.D. By whom alfo is added, an Apparatus, or Discourse in troductory to the whole Work ; containing tht three great Dispensations of the Church, Patriarchal, Mofaical, and Evangelical > The Ninth Edition

Eighé Chirurgical Treatises on these Heads, vize 1. Of Tumours. 2. Of Ulders. 3. Of the Diseases of the Angs. 4: Of the King's Evít. 5. Of Wounds. 16. Of Gun fhot wounds. 7. Of Fractures and Lusations. 8 of the Lues Venerea. By - Richard Wifeman,' Serjeant Chirurgeon to King Charles Il. The Fourth EditionA 2


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Hiftoria Britanicæ Saxonicæ, Anglo-Danica & Angli. cina Scriptores xx. ex Veruftis Codd. MSS. Editi Opera Tho. Gale, Th. Pr. Accessit Rerum & Verborum Index Locupletissimus. Duobus Voluminibus Comprehenfi.

The Works of the Learned and Reverend Divine Stephen Charnock, B. D. In 2 Volumes.

Index Villaris : Or an Exact Regifter, Alphabeti. cally Digefted, of all the Cities, Market Towns, Parilhes, Villages, the

Hundred, Lath, Rape, Ward, Wapentake, or other Division of each County: The Bishopricks, Deaneries, Churches, Chappels, Hofpitals, with the Rectories and Vicarages in England a id Wales, and their refpe&tive Valuations in the Kings Books The Private Seats of the King, Nobility, and Gentry: The number of Parliament-Men font by Ciries or Burroughs: The Inns of Court, Colleges, Inns .of Chancery, or other Societies : The Latitude of each particular Place, and difference of Longitude, Eaft or West from London : Explained by Words at length, and Symbols, or Characters; in a plain and moft intelligible Method. Hereto is added, a perfe&t Catalogue of the Nobility of England and Wales, to the present Time, with their respective Seats, and the Counties wherein they are situate.

A compleat Body of Arithmetick, in Four Books, - viz. Book I. Part 1. Integers. 2 Fra&tions. Book II. 3. Gæodeticals. 2. Figurals. Book III. 1. Deci. mal's. 2.

Aftronomicals. Part 3. Logarithms. 4. Coflicks. 5. Surds. 6. Algebra. Book IV. 1. Rae tio's. 2. Proportions disjun&t. 3. Proportions continued. 4. Equations, 86c. Wherein the whole Na-ture of Numbers, with their Simple and Com parative Elements in all the Parts of Arithmetick, are plainly Declared, and fully Handled: Every Part explained by Neceffary Rules, Cafes, Theorems, Queftions, Observations, and variety of Operations." Illuftrated by sundry Tables, Diagrams, and ..very many Examples : Together with divers Etsmologies, Symboles, Characters, and Abbreviations for Artificial Terms, Words, Names, and Denominations. The whole digefted into a succinct and orderly Method; deliver'd in a Familiar Style. To

every part is added, excellent Rules of Pr&ice, which makes it very useful to Merchants, and all that would underftand Accompts, or the Mathema. tical or Mechanical Arts and Sciences. With many large and exact Tables of all forts of Coins, Weighes, Measures, Sc. Antient and Modern, in moft Countries, reduc'd to our own; the best that has been yet extant. By Samuel Feake, Merchant.

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man Antiquities; explaining the obfcure Places in Claffic Authors, and antient Hiftorians ; relating to the Religion, Mythology, Hiftory, Geography, and Chronology of the Antient Greeks and Romans; their Sacred and Prophane Rites and Cu. ftoms, Laws and Polity, Arts and Engines of War: Also an account of their Navigations, 'Arts and Sciences, and the Inventors of them; with the Lives and Opinions of their Philosophers. Compiled Qriginally in French, at the Command of the French King; for the Use of the Dauphine, thé Dukes of Burgundy, Anjou, and Berry : By Monfieur Daner. Made English, with the Addition of very useful Maps.

Four several Tracts of the Reverend Mr. ohn Kettlewell, late Minifter of Calefhill in Warwickshire, viz. Of Christian Communion, Christianity a Do &rine of the Cross. Of the Nature of Edification; and the Religious Loyalift.



THE Measures of Chriftian Obedience of a

Discourse thewing what Obedience is 'Indira pensably Neceffary to a Regenerate State, and what Defects are confiftent with it; for the promotion of Piety, and the Peace of Troubled Consciences. By Fobn Kettlewell. The Fourth Addition, with great Additions by the Author in his Life-time.


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The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living, and of Holy Dying To which are added Rules for the Visitation of the Sick, and Offices proper for that Miniftry. Containing the whole Duty of a Chriftian. By Fer. Taylor, D. D. The Twentieth Edition.

An Introduction to the Hiftory of the principal Kingdoms and States of Europe : With an Appendix never printed before, containing an Introduâion to the History of the principal Sovereign States of Italy, particularly Venice, Modena, Mantus, Florence, and Savoy. The Sixth Edition, Corrected and Improv'd. By Sam. Puffendorf, Counsellor of State to the late King of Sweden.

An Introduction to the Hiftory of the principal Kingdoms and States of Asia, Africa, and America, both Antient and Modern ; according to the method of Samuel Puffendorf, Counsellor of State to the late King of Sweden.

Winter Evening Conference between Neighbours. In 3 Parts. The Ninth Edition, Corrected. By Fobn Goodmin, D. D.

The Penitent Pardon'd : Or a Discourse of the Nature of Sin, and the Efficacy of Repentance; under the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The Sixth Edition.

The Devout Christian Instructed bow to Pray and give Thanks ; or a Book of Devotions for Fami. lies, and particular Perfoa's in most of the Concerns of Human Life. The Eighth Edition. By Simon Patrick, late Bp. of Ely.

-- A Book for Beginners, or a help to young Communicants, that they may be fitted for the Holy Communion, and receive it with profit.

The Truth of the Chriftian Religion: In 6 Books.' Written in Latin by Hugo Grotius į and now Translated into English; with the Addition of a Seventh Book, against the present Fomin Church The Sixth Edition, Corrected.

The Golden Grove. A choice Manuel ; contain. ing what is to be Believed, Practised, and Desired or Pray'd for. The Prayers being fitted to the se. yeral Days of the Week: Also Festival Hymns, ccording to the manner of the Ancient Church.


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