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Compofed for the ufe of the Devout, especially of younger Perföns. By Fer. Taylor, D. D. The one and twentieth Edition.

The Countefs of Morton's Daily Exercife; or a Book of Prayers, and Rules how to fpend the Time in the Service and Pleasure of Almighty God. The Sixteenth Edition.

A Practical Catechifm. By H. Hammond, D. D. The Eighth Edition. Whereunto is added, the Reafonableness of Chriftian Religion By the fame Author.

Reflections upon Ridicule; or what it is that makes a Man Ridiculous, and the means to avoid it. Where in are reprefented the different Manners and Characters of Perfons of the prefent Age; of Unpolitenefs, Indifcretion, Affectation, Foolish Vanity, the bad Tafte, Impofture, the morofe Humour, Impertinence; of Prejudice, Intereft, Sufficiency, Ablurdities, Caprice, Falfe Delicacy, Decorum.

Reflections upon the Politenefs of Manners, with Maximsfor Civil Society: Being the Second Part of the Reflections upon Ridicule. By the fame Hand. Of Politenefs, modeft Sentiments, Difcretion, Sc. Moderation; . Complaifance, of Genteel Behaviour, Sincerity, Maxims for Civil Society.

The Hiftory of the Bucaniers of America,from their firft original down to this time. Written in feveral Languages, and now Collected into one Volume. Containing, 1.The Exploits and Adventures of Le Grand, Lolonois, Roch Brafiliano, But the Portuguese, Sir Henry Morgan, &c. Written in Dutch by Fo. Ef quemeling, one of the Bucaniers, and thence Tranflated into Spanish. 2. The dangerous Voyage and bold Attempts of Capt. Barth. Sharp, Watling, Sawkins, Coxon, and, others in the South Sea: Written by Bafil Ringrofe, Gentleman, Who was a Companion therein, and Examin'd with the Original Journal. 3. A Journal of a Voyage into the South Sea, by the Free-Booters of America, from 1684 to 1689. Written in the French Tongue by the Sieur Ravene qu de Luffan Never before in English. 4. A Relation of a Voyage of the Sieur de Montauban, Captain of the Free-booters in Guinea, in the year 1695. The A 4 whole


whole newly Tranflated into English, and Muftrated with 25 Copper Plates.

A compleat Hiftory of Europe; or a view of the Affairs thereof, Civil and Military, from the beginning of the Treaty of Nimeguen, 1676, to the end of the year 1700. Including the Articles of Nimeguen, and the feveral Infringements of them. The Turkish Wars; the Forming of the Grand Confederacy; the Revolution in England; Affairs in Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Muscovy, Spain, &c. with a particular Account of all the Actions by Sea and Land on every fide; and the fecret Steps that have been made towards a Peace, both before, as well as during the laft Negotiation: Wherein are the feveral Treaties of Peace, as alfo of Partition; the King of Spain's Will, . The whole intermix'd with divers Original Letters, Declarations, Papers, and Memoirs, never before Publifh'd. The third Edition, Correted, and very much Enlarg'd. Written by a Gentleman who kept an exact Journal of all Transactions for above thefe 20 years.

A compleat Hiftory of the Turks, from their Origin in the year 755, to the year 1701. Containing the Rife, Growth, and Decay of that Empire, in its respective Periods, under their feveral Kings and Emperors. Collected not only from the best European, but alfo from Oriential Authors: Never hitherto publifh'd in English. With the Life of their Prophet Mabomet. To which are added, their Maxims of State and Religion, with a Dictionary explaining the Names and Nature of their Religious Seats, Civil and Military Offices, their Feftivals, Rites, and Cuftoms, &c. Illuftrated with the Effigies, curiously Engraven, of all their Kings and Emperors, and of fuch Famous Generals, c. as have fignaliz'd themselves in the Wars against them. Together with a new Map of the Turkish Empire, Delign'd and Engrav'd by 'Mr, Moll. In 2 Volumes.


Effays upon feveral Moral Subjects, in 3 Parts. Of Pain, Revenge, Authors, Power, Infancy and Youth, Riches and Poverty, Whoredom, Drunkennefs, Ufury, an Apoftie, Solitude. By Jeremy Collier, M. A. The Second Edition.


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The Hiftory of Lapland: Containing a Geographical Description, and a Natural Hiftory of that Country: With an account of the Inhabitants, their Original, Religion, Cuftoms, Habits, Marriages, Conjurations, Employments, S. Written by John Scheffer, Profeffor of Law and Rhetorick at Upfal in Sweden. Tranflated from the laft Edition in Latin,` and Illuftrated with many curious Copper Cuts. To which are added, the Travels of the King of Sweden's Mathematicians into Lapland: The Hiftory of Livonia, and the Wars there; alfo a Journey into Lapland, Finland, &c. Written by Dr. Olof Rudbeck, in the year 1701.

The Wife and Ingenious Companion; French and English. Being a Collection of the Wit of the Illuftrious Perfons, both Antient and Modern: Containing their Wife Sayings, Noble Sentiments, Witty Repartees, Jefts, and pleafant Adventures. The Third Edition, with Corrections and Improvements. By Mr. Boyer, Author of the Royal Dictionary.

The Gazetteer; or Newfman's Interpreter. In 2 Parts: Being a Geographical Index of all the confiderable Cities, Patriarchfhips, Bishopricks, Univerfities, Dukedoms, Earldoms, and fuch like; Imperial and Hance Towns, Ports, Forts, Caftles, &c. in the whole World; fhewing in what Kingdoms, Provinces, and Counties they are; to what Prince they are now fubject; upon or nigh what Rivers, Bays, Seas, Mountains, &c. they ftand; their Diftances (in English Miles) from feveral other Places of Note; with their Longitude and Latitude, according to the beft and approved Maps. Of fpecial Ufe for the true understanding of all Modern Hiftories as well as the principal Affairs; and, for the conveniency of Cheapnefs, and Pocket-Carriage, explained by Abbreviations and Figures. The Ninth Edition, Corrected and very much Enlarg'd, with the Addition of a Table of the Births, Marriages &c. of all the Kings, Princes, and Potentates. By Lawrence Eachard.

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Novum Jefu Chrifti Teftamentum, à Sebaftiano Caftalione Latinè Redditum. Editio Noviffima, prioribus longè naculatior.


Liturgia, feu Liber Precum Communium in Ecclefia An-
glicana receptus Epiftola, Evangelia, & Pfalmi Inferun-
tur; juxta Sebaftiani Caftalionis Tranflationem: Catera
autem omnia Latinitate donavit Thomas Parfell A. M.
& Coll. D. Foban. Bapt. Oxon. Socius.

Mythologia Afopica, in qua continentur fopi Fabula
Græco-Latine CCXCVIII Secundùm Editionem Gabrielis
Bracii omnium Antiquiffimam, cum variis Lectionibus; in
ufum Schola Etonenfis.



Electa Majora ex Ovidio, Tibullo, & Propertio; cum
Confolatione ad Liviam fui Schola Etonenfis.

Eleda Minora ex Ouidio, Tibullo, & Propertio, Ufui
Schole Etonenfis.

Decerpta ex Ovidio, Tibullo, Propertio, 5 Pedone, ad
Scholarum Grammaticarum usus. Editio Tertia.

D. Funii fuvenalis A. Perfii Flacci Satyra, Interpre-
tatione ac Notis Illuftravit Ludovicus Prateus, Rhetorica
Profeffor Emeritus. Fussy Christianissimi Regis, in Ufum
Sereniffimi Delphini, Edit, Tertia,prioribus multò Correctior.

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C.Fulii Cafaris que extant, Interpretatione & Notis Il-
luftravit foannes Godvinus, Profeffor Regius, in Ufum Del-
pbini. Fuxta Editionem Parifienfem. Editio Secunda.
Que Extant abfq; Notis, cum Indice locupletiffimo,
ex Recenfione Tho. Parfell. A. M.


P.Ovidii Nafonis Metamorphofeon, Libri 15. Interpre-
tatione Notis Illuftravit Dan. Crifpinus, Helvetius, ad
Ufum Sereniffimi Delphini. Editio Secunda Priori multà

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Epiftolarum Heroidum, Liber Interpretatione
Notis Illuftravit Dan. Crifpinus, Helvetis; fuffu Chri-
ftianiffimi Regis, ad Ufum Sereniffimi Delphini, acceffit In-
dex locupletiffimus... (1)

Faftorum, Lib.6. cum Notis Seledifimis Variorum.
Accurante C. Schrevelio.

Xenophontis de Cyri Inftitutione Libri 8. Fuxta Exem-
plar. Etonenfe, fumma cura recufi; cum Latina Interpre-
tatione Joannis Leunclavii Amelburni, qui & Vitam ipfias
Xenophontis concinnavit,acceffit rerum Memorabilium Index.

Novus Hiftoriarum Fabellarumque Delectus; cum No-
is & Verfione ficubi Upton, A. M. in ufum Scholæ Eto-
nenfis. Authorum Nomina, Claud. Elianus, Poly enus, Ari-
ftoteles, Dionyfius Halic. Maximus Tyrius, Herodotus.

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Nomenclatura Brevis, Anglo-Latina Græca, in ufum
Schole Westmonafterienfis, per F. G. Editio Vicefima



Sophoclis Tragedia Ajax & Electra, nova Verfione Do
nata, Scboliifque veteribus, tam antebac quam nunc pri
mum Editis, Illuftrate Accedunt Nota perpetuæ, & variæ.
Lectiones. Opera Thoma Fohnson, A. M.


Dionifii Hallicarnaffei de Structura Orationis Liber:
Ex Recenfione facobi Upton Etonenfis, A. M. qui & ve-
terem Interpretationem emendavit, fuafq; adjecit Animad-
verfiones, cum Notis Integris Fred. Silburgii Veterenfis Se-
letifque aliorum. His Accefferunt Simonis Bircovii Poloni.
Exempla Latina; cum Duobus indicibus Locupletiffimis &
Graco & Latino.

Publii Terentii Comedia ad Optimorum Exemplarium fi-
dem recenfita, accefferunt varia Lectiones, quæ in Libris
MSS. Eruditorum Commentariis Notatu digniores occur-
runt. Editio Tertia Cantabrigia Typis Accademicis, in

Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica Georgica & Eneis,
ad Optimorum Exemplarium fidem recenfita Editio Altera.
Cantabrigie Typis Academicis, in Duodecimo.

Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera ex Libris MSS. Vulgatifq;
Summa Curâ Excerpte; Fuxta Editiones Rutgerfianam
5 Cantabrigenfem. Præmittuntur Metra Horatiana; sub-
jicitur Odarum, &c. Index. In 24's.

Catechifmus, cum Ordine Confirmationis Gr. & Lat. an-
nexe funt Preces Quotidiana, in Ufum Schola Regia Eto-
nenfis. Lond. In Otto.

English Particles, Exemplified in Sentences, de- ;
fign'd for Latin Exercises; with the proper Ren-
dring of each Particle inferted in the Sentence. For
the Ufe of Eton School. By Will. Willymot, M. A.
Fellow of King's College in Cambridge.

The Greek Grammar Conftrued; for the ufe of
young Beginners.

Gloffographia Anglicana Nova; Or a Dictionary, In-
terpreting fuch hard Words of whatever Language,
as are at prefent us'd in the English Tongue; with
their Etymologies, Definitions, &c. alfo the Terms
of Divinity, Law, Phyfick, Mathematicks, Hiftory,
Agriculture, Logick, Metaphyfick, Grammar, Poe-
try, Mufick, Heraldry, Architecture, Painting,


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