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Yon naked trees, whose shady leaves are lost, Wherein the birds were won't to build their bower, And now are clothed with moss and hoary frost Instead of blossoms, wherewith your buds did flower, I see your tears that from your boughs do rain, Whose drops in dreary icicles remain.

SPENSER (The Shepherd's Calendar).

Here's a happy New Year, but with reason

I'll beg you'll permit me to sayWish me many returns of the season, But as few as you please of the day.


The happiest of folk are the guileless and free,-
And who are so guiieless, so happy as we?

January 2.
The sun was slumbering in the west,

My daily labours past,
On Anna's soft and gentle breast

My head reclined at last ;
The darkness closed around, so dear

To fond congenial souls,
And thus she whispers in my ear,
My love, we're out of coals !"

And what if they are poor?
Riches can't always purchase happiness.

Robert Southey.
January 3.
Then talk no more of future gloom,

Our joys shall always last;
For hope shall brighten days to come,
And memory gild the past.

There is nought rational in love ; it hath
Above all reason high prerogative.
Who is there that hath loved because he ought ?

Westland Marston, LL.D.

January 2.

January 3.

Whate'er my future years may be,

Let joy or grief my fate betide,
Be still an Eden bright to me,
My own, my own fireside,

Alaric Watts.

Fear not!
I have no thoughts that do not think of thee.


(The Spanish Student).
January 5.
For time makes all but true love old;
The burning thoughts that then were told
Run molten still in memory's mould,

And will not cool
Until the heart itself be cold
In Lethe's pool.

Thomas Campbell.
Love me for love's sake, that evermore
Thou may'st love on through love's eternity.

E. B. Browning.
January 6.
By the rivers of life we walked together,

I and my darling, unafraid;
And lighter than any linnet's feather
The burdens of Being on us weighed.

Richard Realf.

We two are one in faith and prayer,
We two are one in heart.


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