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dinarily, it is necessary to regene- uals have, who can continues ration and converfion, that sinners live in the neglect of the meal, of should be awakened to attend to grace. They have no prospect, no the means of grace. Although it reason to expect to be the subjects is not pretended, that means, op of renewing influence in that account of any indate energy in Itatę. them, do regenerate men, or beget 5. Another truth which the nargrace in the hearts of finners; and, ratives under confideration tend to although regeneration is the work enforce is, that however neceffary of God, and the immediate effect it is to regeneration, that anners of his power, yet, it does appear, are awakened to attend to means ; from fact and observation, that it yet there is no established connectis ordinarily necessary to regenera- ion, between their attending on tion, that linners should be awaken- means, as they do attend, and reed to attend on mearis. This ap- generation. In the bestowment of pears, from the revivals narrated, regenerating grace on those who in the various numbers in the Mag. are awakenened, God exercises azine. Previously to the awaken the same sovereignty, as he does in ings which have taken place, there giving the awakening influence of were no greater appearances of con- his spirit to different people. God versions than in other places : but, visits some places with the effufons in consequence of such awakenings of his spirit, and passes by others. and attention, the instances have so it is among sinners who are abeen multiplied. And those in wakened to concern, and to at. ftances have been confined, to such tend on means of grace and falvaas were awakened and excited to tion. Although it appears, that attend on means. Not an instance awakening and attention are, orhas occurred among the inattentive.dinarily, necessary to regeneraAnd this has been found to be tion ; yet there is no certain contrue, generally, respecting both pub. nection, between their attendance lic and private instances of regen on means and regeneration. God, eration. I do not say, that God in his sovereignty, distinguishes cannot regenerate without first some, by giving them renewing awakening finners to attend on


This appears to be true, means ; or that all are awakened from facts, as they are stated in to the fame degree, or for the the various narratives. Many there fame length of time ; but it does are, who, after being awakened appear, as if a degree of awake. 10 attend on means, gradually rening and a diligent attendance on turn to their former case, and carmeans were, ordinarily, necessary ry not the lealt evidence of their to God's giving renewing grace to being the subjects of grace. But, finners. It appears from tact, that as the apostle James expresses it. this is the ordinary way : and so, It is happened to them, accerding that there is ordinarily, no reason to the true proverb, The dog is turnable prospect that a work of graced to his own vomit again; and, will be begun in the hearts of fin the fow that was wasbed, to her ners, 'till they are awakened to wallowing in the mire.We are concern, and a diligent attendance not, therefore, to suppose, any to the means of grace. This leads certain connection becween finners us to fee, what dark and dismal being awakened to attend op means profpects, fuch people and individ- and regeneration ; while, on the

other hand, it is, ordinarily, ne and plead his own cause ;; that his ceffary that finners should be awa. fpirit may be poured out upon them, kened to attend, in that manner and his bleffing on their offspring. to means, in order to their being On the whole, it appears from the subjects of renewing grace. the history given us of the late work

6. The narratives, in the fore. of God, in various places in this going view of them, are eminent. Itate, that it is a matter of the ly calculated to excite fome serious highest importance for a people, reflections and considerations, in that they are made the subjects of the minds of such people, as have the awakening influerces of God's not been the subjects of such a spirit ; and that such influences, will wakening influences. Although certainly awaken Enners to a dilthe spirit of God has been remark- igent attention to means of grace, ably poured out, on many places, which is ordinarily necessary to the and conversions have been hope. exercise of the mighty power of fully multiplied ; yet it is equally God, in their regeneration and true, that in many other places, conversion ; altho' not certainly there has been nothing of that na

connected with it. ture. They have been left to pine But, it may here be asked, whethaway in their iniquity—to contin-er the account of the success of ue secure and inattentive—to neg. attending on means, as exemplifilect the means of grace. Instead ed in the history given of the awaof desiring, that religious exercifes kenings, in different places, be such should be increased, they can hard. as is given in the sacred scripures ? ly attend on the stated religious ex. Do not the sacred scriptures not 00ercises of the fabbath. Insteadly teach us the necessity of attende of wishing, that conferences and ing on means, but actually connect special seasons for improvement in an attendance on means with rereligion should be appointed, they generation ? Answer. The scripcan hardly be persuaded to attend tures do teach, that there is a cer. on the most common religious ser- tain connection between attending vices. —Now, what serious and fo- on means of grace, in a certain lemn reflections are incombent on qualified sense, and salvation. But fuch a people! Is it not certain, there is no where to be found ia that God has passed by them! Is the scriptures, any such doctrine as it not evident, that being left as a conne&tion between attending on they are, they and the rising gene.means, as the unholy and unregen ration among them must perich ! erate attend on them, and regeneIs it necessary, that finners be a. ration. Attending on means, in wakened and excited to attend on the scripture sense of the words, means to their having hope, that a includes in it, the exercife of howork of grace will be carried on ! liness of faith-humility, trust in Then such people as are left with God and obedience. Such an at out any special operation of the tendance on means never precedes spirit of God among them, have, regeneration ; and confequently, under present appearances, noth- promises are not extended to any ing to expect but ruin and destruc of the exercises of the unregenetion. There is the utmost reason, rate. Regeneration, therefore, is and the loudest call on the friends always given as an unpromised merof Zion, to awake and cry might cy. How can it then be said, that ily unto God, that he would arise attending on means is connected VOL. I. No. 8.


with promises of salvation ; if re-position of divine power on their generation, which is salvation be- behalf ! Do we derive such views gun, takes place as an unpromised of the regenerate, from the word favor ; or is not connected with of God! No; the scriptures speak any promise ? Answer. Admit of the mighty power of God in ting that regeneration is, accord them that do believe. And being to divine constitution, the be- lievers are said to be “ kept by the ginning of salvation, yet it is not power of God, through faith, unto the whole of salvation ; and com- Talvation." The regenerate are plete and final salvation is dependo constantly and necessarily depending on the constant influence and ent on divine interpositions, or the exercise of divine power. Were exercise of the mighty power of it not for such constant exercises of God, to preserve and meeters them power, the regenerate would back for heaven, or complete salvation. flide, apostatize and perifh forever. It is, therefore perfectly unreasonAnd fuch influence is connected able to infer, from the scriptures, with a proper attendance on means. that regenerating grace is connecAn interest in the promises of such ted with any exercises of the uninterpofitions commences, when regenerate, from their connecting perfoss attend on means in the ex the bestowment of grace, or the ercise of faith and holiness. exercise of the mighty power of

But, an objector may still en God, with an attendance on means quire and urge ; that altho’ it does of grace or salvation. And that appear, that attending on means of for two reasons. First, because grace according to the scripture ac- the unregenerate are always effencount of it, does seem to imply cially deficient in the manner of fomething which the unregenerate their attending on means. And, do never exercise ; yet, in other secondly, because the state of the representations, is it not implied, regenerate, who do alone truly that the promises do extend to and properly attend on means, is them? The scriptures do certainly such, as eminently needs the besconnect grace and divine interposi- towment of grace and the exercise tions, with an attendance on means. of divine, almighty power, to keep Does not this imply, that there are and train them up for complete sal. promises of regenerating grace made vation. If the unregenerate did, to the doings of the unregenerate in fact, attend on means as the The regenerate have grace ; and scriptures do dire& men to attend divine power has already been ex. on them ; or if unregenerate men ercised in them.

only needed grace and the exerciAnswer. If the regenerate ses of divine power, to being sahave become independent, if they ved, then, indeed we might condo not need grace, nor the exer- clude, that in the scriptures, the cise of divine power to train them doings of the unregenerate and up for salvation, we must, indeed, regeneration are connected. But, admit that promises of grace and who that considers the state of beof the exercise of divine power, lievers or the regenerate, can think, do respect the regeneration of fin. that they have got beyond the need ners. But, are we to view the state of grace and th exercise of diof the regenerate to be a state of vine power, on their behalf! And independence ! That they are be. how unjust and unwarrantable to yond the necessity of the the intera / view the sacred scriptures, as prom.

ising regenerating grace to finners, 1. We are to understand scrip-
because it promises grace, and the ture prophecy in a plain and literal
exercises of divine power, to train sense, unless there is an obvious rea-
up those for heaven, who attend to fon to apply it figuratively; which
means in a manner which the un- reason will not apply to language
regenerate never do ! Nothing can in general.
be inferred in favor of unregene The primary and common sige
rate exercises, as connecting with nification of words will always be
regenerating grace, from promises literal. A metaphorical sense is
of grace and of the interposition introduced from a supposed like-
of divine power being connected ness in the subject to something al-
with personal exercises; for thoļe ready named, and from the incon-
personal exercises are peculiar to venience attending the invention
the regenerate ; and the blessings and use of new words. Thence we
promised, are absolutely necessary must take words in their literal
to their being trained up for falva. sense, unless a particular reason of-
tion. An attendance on means, fer for a departure from it.
in a peculiar and qualified sense, But no reason can be given for
being connected with, and absolute departing from the literal sense in
ly necessary to complete salvation, fixing the meaning of this prophe.
is perfectly consistent with there be-cy. It is consistent, intelligible,
ing no promises to or connection, and agreeable to the analogy of
between regeneration and the do- faith. It predicts an event, credi.
ings of the

ble in itself, agreeable to the state EUSEBIUS. of human nature, of society, and of

the Jewish nation at the time exAn attempt to establish the literal pressed in the prediction, and the sense of the prediaion relating to final issue, in the destruction of the army and destruction of Gog, Gog, is agreeable to the analogy recorded in the thirty-eighth and of divine dispensations, and the thirty-ninth chapters of Ezekiel. general scheme of divine govern

HE arguments of Benevolus ment, in disappointing the devices to prove

of the wicked, and the Jewish nation, are judiciously when they seem to be seizing their

the enemies noted and arranged. If the scripture prophecies adduced by him to prey, and ready to triumph in their

success. prove that they will return to the inheritance of their fathers, are to 2. This prophecy, in a literal be understood literally, the argu- construction, is harmonious in all ment for this important event, is its parts, with itself, with history, equally conclusive.* If the pre- and with other scripture prophecy diction relating to the army and Agreeably to the general opindestruction of Gog, recorded in the ion of expositors, I suppose Gog, thirty-eighth and thirty-ninth chap- or Magog, the son of Japheth, to ters of Ezekiel, can be Thewn to be the ancestor of the ancient Scy. require a literal sense, the meaning thians, and that from those last of the other prophecies brought for descended the Ottoman race, o this end will not be disputed. the Turks ; who in this prodie'

For this purpole the following tion, as is common, are name observations are submitted. from their ancestor. Conseque a

Connecticut Magazine, No. 3, 4, 5. ' ly, the game of Gog, with o:

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defcendants of Noah by Japheth, to the confirmation of their faith in this prediction, represents the in it. Ottoman power with its connect Being assured that Jefus of Nazions of allied and conquered na areth is their promifed Mefliah, and tions.

perceiving the providential prepaThe land of Israel has, for ages, ration for their return, in the Hate been posseffed by the Turks. But of the land of their ancellors from the oppreflion of the govern their movable property, and conment, and from other causes, it is modious situation, they will judge thinly inhabited, in a sense deso the time of their long defired relate, and comparatively barren. turn to be arrived, and confiding in The Turkish empire has been de che guidance and protection of their clining already for more than a God and Redeemer, while they centary; and from scripture proph-follow the dictates of his word and ety, as well as from other sources Providence, they will haften their of evidence, we are taught to ex return to the land of their fathers ; pect its overthrow, about the time and, “ The ranfomed of the Lord of the fall of the papal hierarchy, will return and come to Zion with the conversion of the Jews, and fongs, and everlasting joy upon commencentent of the happy mil. their heads, they Mall obtain joy Jennium.

and gladness, and forrow and highPrevious to this evene it will, ing flaall fee away." probably, be reduced much below its present state of wealth and pow.

The Jews are well known to er In confequence of this, its poffefs very great wealth in money distant provinces will be reduced

and movables. This they will car. to a more defenceless state than at

ry with them ; as they are very present, and be in na condition numerous, they will bring immense to oppofe an invading army; and wealth, much more, probably, than

could be collected in the richest will probably have no inclination to prevent the settlement of a peo

empire upon earth. ple among them who come in a As they are a people unused 20 peaceable manner.

war, and will go under the elpecial The Jews are well known to protection of their Redeemer, they entertain the strongest expectation will not possess the common means of a retorn to the inheritance of of defence against an invading enetheir fathers, when their Meffah my.

The Turkish government, redu. For this reason in particolar, ced by that time, as we may reasonthey place their interest in money ably expect, to extreme neceffity, and other property, easily renova and acquainted with the wealth, ble, and but very little in houses and and, apparently, defenceless state lands; and inhabit in great trading of the Jews, whom it will confidtowns and feaport places, from er as intruders on its dominions, whence they can remove themselves may be reasonably expected to ex. and their property to Palestine, ert its utmost strength in a most with the greatelt convenience, and strenuous effort to cut off the whole on the shortest notice

nation, and possess their property, Admitting that scripture proph- and by this means to regain its anecy really insures this event, their cient grandeur. converfion to Christianity will tend To effect this a numerous army

fhall appear.

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