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originally intended to be presented trine of Universal Salvation." to any eye but his to whom it was Now as I conceive fuch an addressed. I intended that God opinion to be totally fatal to you, should be the only witness who and possibly may be fo to your should ever behold it, except my children, I have thought it to be correspondent. But some months my duty to write to you on the subsequent to the time when it was subject

. For, should I meet you written, a particular occasion, ren- at the bar of God, a final castdered it proper, (as I thought) for away, I am conscious it would be meto read it to a confidential friend, juftly exacted of me why I had on whose judgment I place great not given you a timely warning? reliance ; and he advised me to And I could not answer for the forward it to you for publication. neglect. Whether it will have any With diffidence I complied. To good effect in leading you to a reyou, Gentlemen, it is now submit- nunciation of your error, must be ted, and you will publish it or not, left with a Holy, a Sovereign, and as you may judge best. My fin. Merciful God, with whom is the cere prayers are offered up to the residue of the Spirit ; to whom

Throne of Grace, for the success my prayers are daily offered on of your benevolent undertaking, your behalf ; that he would be as, Í truft, those of all good peo- graciously pleased to enlighten your ple are ; and may you have the mind in the knowledge of Christ, pleasure to behold the work of the and lead you home to himself, thro' Lord prosper in your hands. the merits of a glorious Redeemer.

A LAYMAN. I frankly confess to you I havenot Dec. 5th, 1800.

much hope that you will attend to

what I write ; for people, who My dear friend, once adopt that error, have so maN observation which I heard ny temptations to continue in it,

you make, when I last faw both from the wiles of Satan, and you, has, from that time to the their own depraved hearts, that I present, dwelt upon my mind, and have rarely heard of any one who given me great anxiety on your ac- has left it. But, having quieted count. It was on the subject of themselves in a Goful course, they salvation. I think you will recol. usually go on, with that blindness lect it, on my repeating it you, of mind, which they have volanand noticing the place where it was tarily chosen, until death overmade. In July 1798, you and I takes them, and convinces them, were returning from a journey up when they would give worlds to Connecticut river ; and, as we repair their error, that they have were pasħing through Hadly' mead. been fatally deceiving themselves. ow, you advanced a fentiment Such, I fear will be your situation. which I did not perfectly compre- I prefume I may, without arhend. I enquired whether you rogance, say, that I have paid pretended to Atheism ? You re- much more attention to this subplied No. Bàt you went on to jećt than you. My employments, observe that “ neither you, (mean and situation in life, have regularly . ing myself) nor any other person, led me to do it.

I have read largewould find any thing in the New- ly upon it, the ablest champions, • Testament, but what went to both for, and against it. I have

confirm, (or establish the Doco' endeavoured to weigh all their ar


guments coolly. I have attended state of uncertainty respecting these to the lives of those of my ac- very important, and interesting, enquaintance who have professed to quiries. It is from the bible only, believe it ; and the best opinion that we get the true account, and which I can form, relative to it, is there we are taught our duty plaisthis ; viz. that it is one of the most ly. There we, also, learn, that successful schemes that the great men can wrest scripture to their adversary has ever devised, to lead own damnation. Is not the char. men away from the truth; that acter of man, as he exhibits it in those who do imbibe it, are indu. this life, truly drawn in the bible! ced to do it to quiet their own con- Is not man quarrelsome, malicious, sciences in their wicked courses ; profane, lustful, thievith, false, and that those who adopt it, do it and deceitful? So says the bible. with a particular view to their own Must not all of us die? We know exemption from the punijbment de we must. Now we come to the nounced against finners who die im- important question, what will be penitent.

our end, or situation after death? I am not about to treat this sub. This question you have to settle ject argumentatively. The limits for yourself ; and if you should usually assigned to a letter will not mistake, I wish you to carefully admit of it. But I shall fuggest remember, that mistaking in your a number of things, (and with solution of it, will not mitigate the plainness) with a view to induce dreadful horrors of your siteation, you to examine the subject thorough because there is a sufficiency of er ly, before you risk your interest | idence on the subject, amply with. for eternity upon it. The argu. in your reach. And if you, eiments for, and against it, you may ther through prejudice, or too find in Doctor Edwards' reply to much anxiety to obtain vorldly Chauncey, much more ably and posseflions, through indolence, or clearly stated, than I could do it, carelessness, do not attend to it should I attempt. And in in my according to its importance, and owe opinion, if you examine, with judge aright respecting it, the that candor, which your interest dreadful consequence must be yours, alone ought to produce, you will and yours only. For every one find the arguments perfe&ly con- landeth or fallech for himself, clusive against Universal Salvation. The vulgar, and ungentleman

Let us look at our situation. like habit of profane fwearing, You and I did not make ourselves, I am informed has greatly increafbut we are here in life. There is ed upon you. Several persons, but one book in the world, (beside not very fcrupulous on the subject those which are copied from it) themselves, after having been in which contains any rational ac- your company, have spoken of you, count of man's origin. Thę wi- to me, as being singularly addicted sest, and most learned, of the Hea- to it. This is a vice, expressly then Philosophers, have written forbidden in the bible ; and it is much, and with great anxiety, re- declared that profane swearers shall specting the origin and destiny of have their portion in the lake that man. And the writings of Socra- burns with fire and brimstone.tes, who was, confessedly, the What language can be plainer, or wisest, and greatest of them all, more express? I shall make only manifestly show that he was in a two enquiries of you respecting

that practice, and shall leave you ! Instances there are, I acknowl. to answer them to yourself. What , edge, but they are very uncomreal good have you ever derived | mon, of people's ever reforming, from profane swearing ? Have you when they are past the age

of thirnot adopted the system of Univer-ty-five years. Atleast, my expefal Salvation, merely that you may rience witnesses to this truth. If indulge yourself in that vice, and you will look back upon your past others which are expressly forbid. life, you will find it has been short den in the word of God, with and troublesome. Yet in all prob. Jess compunction, and more case of ability, you have lived much the conscience ? I am perfectly satisfi- greatest part of it. If, during the ed, in my own mind, how you greatest half of your life, you have will answer these questions if you indulged yourself in finful practianswer them truly; and truly you ces, and in pursuits condemned must answer them before God; and by the law of God; and if you that not many years first. You are have hitherto reaped nothing from now considerably past middle age; them, but vexation and disapand if you were sure you should live pointment, (which I am perfectly to seventy years, (which few of your sensible is the fact) I ask you, as ancestors have done) it will still be one who is concerned for


fubut a short time, before you will know ture peace, whether you had not betwhether you have adopted a wrong ter try a different kind of princiand ruinous opinion, or not. ples and practices ? I should think Should it prove that you have, that felfishness alone would prompt think, O think, my friend, what you to this, were it not for the must be your situation ! All your deceitfulness of fin. enjoyments will be pait--all your You must accept of a Saviour hopes of ease and pleasure utterly on Christ's own terms or you must at an end. Many of your friends reject him. He now offers him. of this world ; those with whom self to you ; but it is in his own you have taken pleasure in this life; way. If, when you come to the those with whom you, perhaps, bar of God, you find that Christ now Aatter yourself, you shall spend rejects you, and consigns you over an eternity of happiness, will then to torment without end, your tel. be separated from you ; they on ling him that you understood the the right hand, and you on the left, gospel otherwise, and that you of your judge-and, while you thought all would be saved, will are beholding them reaping the do you no good. Will the blessed harvelt of the good feed, thought, that you have deceived sown on the fruitful soil of true yourself then give you any consofaith in the Lord Jesus Christ, care- lation ? O! no. It will only infully cultivated with all the Chril crcase your misery ; for you will tian graces, you will be necellitated then recollect, that you once had to view a prospect of misery, in the offer of salvation as well as terminable, of woe, forever in- others—that they embraced it in crealing, from which you can nev. truth, but that you were deceived er escape, and upon which you must by Satan, who is now to forever enter as soon as the awful command exult in your blind credulity, with is given,“ Depart from me ye cur- which he led you on to destruc. fed into everlasting fire prepared tion. I repeat it. Christ now of. for the devil and his angels." fers himself to you ; but it is on VOL. I. No.9.


his own terms. If you accept of Accidentally hearing of your him, on those terms, he will save illness, I thought it might, with you from fin, as well as from the blessing of God, afford you a misery ; and no one was ever saved favorable opportunity to reflect ; from misery, who was not Sirft fa- which your hurry in business, ved from lin: Because misery is when in health, might preclude. a necessary and inevitable confe. And also, with a hope that you. quence of fin. They are insepa. may have had eternity more strongrably connected. But if you will ly depicted to your mind, during not accept of him as he says, you your sickness, than when your atwill fail of his benefits, and be tention has been mach engrossed cast into outer darkness, until the by the cares and business of the great day ; when you, and I, and world, I have forwarded this to your connections, and friends, and you. And I pray God, of his all others, must come forth to give infinite mercy, through our blesan account of ourselves and be fed Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift, jedged. If it then appears that to guide you in that straight and you rejected Christ, because you narrow way, which will lead you loved lin, as it will appear, if you to himself, “ where the wicked do finally reject him, you will be cease from troubling, and where shut out; while you may proba. the weary are at rest.” bly see your parents, your wife,

I am, &c. some of your brothers and sisters, (I hope all of them), many of An Account of a work of Divine those who are now your friends and acquaintance, feated at the right

grace in a Revival of Religion,

in a number of Congregations in hand of their Judge, and pre

New England, in the years 1798 ferved from those dreadful torments which will await you and

and 1799, in a series of Letters

to the Editors. all others who do reject the Sayiour.

[Continued from page 314.] I beseech you to think of these things as they are-do not deceive Second letter from the Rev. Ammer

LETTER XV. yourself in so important a concern.

R. ROBBINS of Norfolk. I have endeavoured to state these things truly, and plainly, to you. GENTLEMEN, Not to wound your feelings; for AVING given a plain nar

HAX what good can that do me? I rative and brief sketch of have done it, because I am ex. the wonderful work of God a. tremely anxious that you should mong us ; after requeiting a redetermine aright, that you need membrance in your prayers and not mourn at the last, a fatal ob. thanksgivings to the God of foreftinacy and blindness, which is the reign grace on our behalf ; I certain ruin of every one who re might have stopped there perhaps tains it to their end. I have done rather than add any thing further. it, because I am conscious that it But my feelings di&tate that some is my duty 10 warn you, if I see remarks and observations concernyou in danger, that I may noting the aforementioned display of have the neglect charged to my the power and grace of the king account, to swell the multitude of of Zion may be useful by his blelmy crimes.

fing: to comfort and encourage the

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people of God, and animate them the least claim on God, and if he to continue in their desires and does not have mercy they are gone prayers for the enlargement of the forever ;--that their eternal state dear Redeemer's kingdom. And is already fixed in the divine mind; may posħbly administer instruction and it concerns them to know what to some poor distressed finner who it is like to be ;--that all they do is with painful solicitude enquiring short of real submission to God is about the great salvation.

wholly selfish ;---that they may as It may be remarked then, in the well despair of ever helping themfirst place, that it is of unspeaka- felves first as last; and that the reable importance that the means of son why they don't find relief is grace be used with impenitent merely because they will not yield Chriltless finners. Many are apt and bow to a holy sovereign God to say “ If God have mercy on -becaufe they “ will not come whom he will—if we are so total. unto Christ that they may have ly dependent on sovereign grace ; life.” I am fully sensible that it avails nothing to use means, or some will be greatly irritated at pay any attention to the concerns these naked truths, and will not of the soul.”

hear them : But those whose eyes But we find that Jericho's walls are open to see and realize eternal must tumble down in consequence things will be silent : And altho' of the blowing of the rams-horns: they do not approve, yet in their That Naaman mult walh in the consciences they fear they are true, waters of Jordan, rather than those and appear to be cut to the heart. of Abana and Pharpar, in order We are sensible that this is a hard for a cure of his leprosy. We talk, very disagreeable to the nathave found by experience that not ural feelings, when at the same only the preaching of the word ; time our bowels yearn over such but that Christian conferences and poor distressed fouls : But it may social prayer, at which Christless be of infinite consequence to them. finners are present, have been a- Good cannot be spoken to them bundantly blefied for the continu- while in opposition to God; but ance of serious impreslions on their evil. By the Holy Ghost “ the minds, and increasing conviction letter mult kill; but the Spirit givof their heart-wickedness and to eth life.” tal insufficiency ever to help them. 3. It is also worthy of particselves.

ular notice, that when the subjects 2. It may be further remarked, of this work of grace are brought that those doctrines which the world to submisfon, hopefully renewed call “ hard sayings” are the most and find relief, from their distress powerful meansio the hands of the and burden ; they are not apt to blessed spirit, to pull down and debe sensible of it at the time : and stroy Satan's strong-holds in the many not for some days afterwards. hearts of finners. No preaching, They perceive indeed an alteration or conversation seems so effeétual in their feelings and views; but to drive them from their hiding do not entertain a tho't that it is places and refuges of lies, as to conversion. More generally they tell them plainly that they are e. fear God hath left them, and that ternally undone, if the unpromised they have lost all conviction, and mercy of God is not displayed in are amazed that they are no more their favor ;-that they have not distreffed. Yet they find, on re

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