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long catalogue of others, which donations ; to answer the orders happened before, confirms our be. of the Trustees, to keep a fair 20 lief of the fuperior excellence of count of his proceedings, and exthe Christian's faith ; and shows hibit it to the Society at every anus bow little foundation the Infi

nual meeting. del can have to boast of a system VII. It Phall be the special dy. which can quiet his fears, and sup- ty of the Trustees, to examine port his confidence in the gloomy candidates for the respective milprospect of approaching dissolution. fions, to employ and direct the With refpicet,

Millionaries, and, if expedient, to Am Gentlemen,

recal them. The Trustees are al. Your friend and fervant, fo authorised to manage and difpofe DAVID PARSONS. of the Society's property, and to

tranfact all the concerns of the SoThe Constitution of the Maffachu- ciety, which require attention, setts Miffionary Society, with an between one annual meeting and address to the friends of Chrif- another. tianity, a hifloric sketch of their

VIII. It is expected that the proceedings, and a summary view Trustees, hold at least a femi-anof the present state and prospects nual meeting, that the society may of the Society.

reap every advantage by their rea.

sonable and united attention. They The Confitution of the Society is as

Thall allo make report at the annu. followus.

al meetings of the labor and success HE Society shall be stiled, of the Misfionaries, and exhibit 2 I. the Massachusetts Miffion particular account of their own

transactions. 11. The object of the Society IX. The Society shall meet an. is, to diffuse the knowledge of the nually at Bolton, the '!'uesday preGofpel among the Heathens, as ceding every General Election of weli as other people in the remote Massachusetts at ten o'clock A.M. parts of our country, where Christ X. All questions before the So. is seldom, or never preached. ciety, except those which refpe&

III, The officers of the Socie. the amendment of the Conititu. ty shall be a President, Secretary, tion, shall be determined by a nia. Treasurer, and ten Trustees, cho- jority of the menabers present. fen annually by ballot.

XI. It is the expectation of the IV. It shall be the duty of the Society, that the Trustees employ President to regulate the meetings no characters as Missionaries, ex. of the Society, and ex officio to act cept those who give credible evi. as one of the board of Trustees, dence of being the subjects of fpesix of whom hell constitute a quo- cial grace ; and of that Christian rum.

zeal, wisdom, information, and V. It shall be the duty of the diligence, which are adequate to Secretary, to keep accurate re- the arduous work of Evangelists in cords of the Society, and exhibit the most felf-denying circunstanthem at every annual meeting.

VI. It shall be the duty of the XII. Any person may become Treasurer, to receive the property a member of the Society, by subof the Society, arising from en. scribing the Constitution, and say. trance money, annual taxes and ing two dollars into the hands of

1. T

ary Scciety.


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the Treasurer, for the use of the of Zion; we, a number of minSociety.

ilters and people of Christ, conXIII. Every member shall be vened in Boston, on Tuesday, confidered as retaining his member. May the 28th, in the year of our thip, and obliged to pay two dol- Lord 1799, for the purpose of atlars annually into the Treasury, tending to our duty in this regard, until his debre to discontinue his have deemed it expedient to form connection with the Society be into a Society, in order to collect properly expressed to the Secretary and combine our efforts, for the

XIV. It is refolved, that tho' spread of the knowledge of the chis Constitution be subject to any glorious Gospel of Christ among amendments and improvements, the poor Heathens, and in those which the Society shall judge prop. remote parts of our country, in er to adopt ; yet that neither any which the inhabitants do not enjoy amendment shall be accepted, ex- the benefit of a Chriftian Ministry, cept by the vote of two thirds of and Christian ordinances. the members present, nor before The Constitution of the Society the expiration of a year after ha- we have offered to your consideraving been proposed to the Society tion and we beg permission to obat an annual meeting.

serve to you, that the adoption of The above Constitution being this Constitution, and the measures unanimously established as the ba- taken in the commencement of this fis of the Society at Boston, May Society, have been accompanied 28, 1799, it was soon made pub- with such peculiar smiles of Provi. lic, and the patronage and aid of dence as awaken within us the most the friends of Zion were solicited pleasing hope that it will enjoy the in the following accompanying ad- divine benedi&tion, and be greatly dress.

instrumental in diffusing the greatTo all who are defirous of the Spread est of all bleflings, the salvation

of of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus care and grace we commit our efCARIST.

forts in this hope. CHRISTIAN BRETHREN,

To exclude all misconstruction WISHING that grace, mercy, and prejudice, we solemnly de. and peace may be abundantly mul. clare, that it is totally foreiga tiplied unto you, through the from our views, to weaken the eknowledge of our Lord and Sav- vangelical influence of any fociety iour Jefus Christ, we take the lib. of a similar complexion already erty to announce to you, that im- existing; that we renounce all par. pelled by a deep commiferation for ty obje&s, and utterly refufe to the unhappy state of thousands, luffer any political interest or conwho are perishing through lack of fideration whatever to have place in those precious means of salvation the design or operations of the Sowhich we enjoy ; by a recollec- ciety. tion of our solemn vows to devote Having thus offered ourselves as ourselves faithfully to the good of the Massachusetts Missionary Socithe kingdom of our dear Redeen-ety to your notice, we take leave er; and by the imitable examples to address you on the valtly intere of many others, both in our own esting subject we have in view. country and in Europe, who have By those who cordially subscribe nobly stepped forward in the cause 'to the divine authority of the Holy

VOL. I. No. 9.


Scriptures, and candidly admit the tability, and your hopes in leading doctrines which they con- view, be intreated to cast the eye tain, as all real Christians must be of attentive observation upon the fupposed to do, it must be conce. condition of thousands and milded, that the whole human race is lions of our guilty race, in other in a state of apostacy from God, countries and our own, particularunder the curse of his violated ly among the Heathen tribes, and law, and expofed to the eternal on the frontiers of the United punishments of his government ; States, forming a vaft line of new chat the glorious Gospel of Chrift fettlements, peculiarly embarrassed is the adequate and the only medi- with respect to their religious interum of recovering loft finners to efts by local circumstances; and God and happiness; and that this afk, whether, when their danger Gospel muit be known, received, is so great, when their fpiritual and obeyed, in order to the fecurio wants are so urgent, when there is ty of the unbounded good which it fo much zeal on the part of wickfurnisheth to the miferable tranf-edness, infidelity and atbeifm, greffor ; that the virtue and happi-counteracting the Gospel, there be nefs of mankind are really always in not reason for us to put forth every proportion to the influence which exertion, for the spread of that prethe Gofpel has upon them ; that it cious Gospel, which is the grand is life from the dead to every believ-charter of our eternal inheritance. er; and that that glory of God, with Have we not, dear Brethren, which it is fo largely predicted in been too long and too deeply siumthe Scriptures, that the world bering, with respect to our duty in Ahall shortly be filled, will effential this great affair? What shall we ly confilt in the universal and le. not be willing to do? What shall gitimate influence of this Gospel. we not be willing to facrifice ? Is On these grounds evidently, the not the interest of Christ our intergrand commiffion, which Chrift est ? And have we, as his people, gave to his primitive difciples, any thing to do but to promote it? * Go ye into all the world and May we not, then, hope that our preach the Gospel to every crea institution will meet with your ture ; he who believeth and is bap warmest approbation; and that we tized, shall be saved ; but he who shall have the benefit of your joint believeth not, thall be damned,” co-operations, your influence, your was delivered. On these grounds prayers ? Will you become united the apostles of the Lord exhibited to our Socicty? If this be incon. all that fidelity and zeal, in obedi- venient, will you not, as the Lord ence to this charge, which are re- has furnished you with the means, lated in the New-Testament; and open the hand of a generous charion these grounds, zeal in every ty, and contribute to the support believer for the spread of Chrif- of the great object before us ? As tianity has an adequate fanction. the state of the world is, the utili

With these considerations before ty of the Society will depend your minds ; with the perishing, much, very much, upon its pecuand therefore very compaffionable diary means. The Society holds State of every impenitent finner; itself refponfible for the most faithwith your own immense indebted. ful appropriation of all conies, nefs to redeeming grace, your fol. which may be contributed and foreno Goyenant Fows your accoun-' warded to the Treasurer, whe


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will give receipts, and enter such uncommon solemnity and affe&ion. contributions on the accounts of An animating ses mon was deliverthe Society

ed by the Rev. Nathaniel Emmons, In a word, dear Brethren, we D. D. from the 2 Chron. XV. 7. would secure your attention, your “ Be ye strong therefore, and let hearts, your prayers, your influ- not your hands be weak. For eace, your exertions and your pe- your work shall be rewarded." cuniary abilities, to the benevolent This fermon, with a short sketch object we are pursuing.

of the state of the Society, and That God may incline your an additional address to the friends hearts to that which is pleasing to of religion, by the unanimous vote himself, and prepare us, with all of the Society was printed. The the redeemed, for his coming and funds of the Society were found kingdom, is the fervent prayer of to amount to upwards of a thouyour brethren in Christ.

fand dollars. In behalf of the Society,

Encouraged by its augmented NATHANIEL EMMONS, resources, the Society at their last

President. meeting voted to employ four Done in Boston, May

Miffionaries to commence a serious 28th, 1799.

execution of its design. Four orAtteft.

dained ministers were accordingly, SAMUEL AUSTIN, Sec'ry. by the subsequent exertions of the

Board of Trustees, engaged. The Officers chosen for the then Two of them, Messrs. David ensuing year were as follows: Avery and Jaceh Cram, have unRev. Nathaniel Emmons, D. D. dertaken, and are now deeply en. President ; Rev. Samuel Austin, gaged in the labors of a Miffion Secretary ; Deacon John Simpkins, among the sperfed new settleTreasurer ; Rev. Mess'rs. David ments, and the aboriginal natives Sanford, Daniel Hopkins, Ezra inhabiting the country between Wild, Samuel Spring, Foseph Bar Whitestown and the Genesee rivker, Samuel Niles, John Crane, er. Several letters which have Samuel Auftin, Jonathan Strong, been received from these gentleTrustees

men, hance their arrival in that A small fund, being created by country, state the very urgent call the deposits of the members, and there is for such labors as those to several donations, the board of which they are designated, and Trustees at their first meeting, made fuggeft, that from concurring appointments of two Miffonaries, circumstances they have before who were pastors of Churches, them, and that there would be be. to undertake the labors of a Mif- fore any number of Miffionaries fion, without delay according to who might be charged with the the avowed object of the society. same service the most flattering Several obstructions however frul- prospects of extensive usefulness. trated these appointments. At By a posterior order of the Board the annual meeting of the Society of Trustees they are requefted to in May 1800, the members of the continae their Miffionary labors Society were found to be aug- till the 15th of May next. Ao mented to 119. Their attend other of the four Misfionaries the ance was general and ardent. Pub. Rev. Adoniram Judson, has undic worship was performed with dertaken, and completed a Million

of three months among the people For The CONNECTICUT Evarnewly settled in the interior and GELICAL MAGAZINE. northern parts of the state of Vermont. His detail of his labors, Brief obfervations on the words in and the testimony given in several

Psalm 1xxiii. 4. " For bere letters from various collections of

are no bands in their death."

HESE are the words of the


people to whom he preached, of the T Palmift with respeď to the

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with which they werereceived, were wicked whose prosperity excited highly gratifying to the Board of his envy; and express one inftance Trustees.

of their happiness and prosperity, The other of the Miffionaries, which, in his view while he was in the Rev. John Sawyer was ap- the exercise of this evil dispofition pointed to a field of Missionary was a real good, and he was dis. labor in the remote parts of the pleased that they should enjoy it. Province of Maine. Io b letter This sentence, has been genefrom him dated Dennyville Sept. rally, if not univerfally applied to 5, 1800, he speaks favorably of the death of the wicked, exprefhis Milionary prospects, and labing the calm and ease of mind in ments nothing, but that his term opposition to fears, distress and of labor is necessarily of fo short horrors, which a belief and sepse a duration. The officers for the of future misery would excite.current year are the fame that they But there are objections tothis sense were the last, except that the Rev. of the words. Abiel Holmes is chosen Trustee in To say there were no bands in the room of the Rev. John Crane. their death, is not suited to express

The events of providence seem any merely mental distress. With in general at the present moment what propriety of words can this to be highly auspicious to the per be called bands, in opposition to petuity, augmentation, and exten- ftupidity and ease of mind ? Be live usefulness of the Society. The sides, the Pfalmift, in the frame spirit of determination it is prefu- of mind in which he then was, med does not abate. The senti- had no view or even a thought of ment of all the members is one, the future punishment of the wickto give all the weight to the Socied. His views were confined to ety which is in their power to pro- this life, and he thought nothing duce; to relax no effort for the of the fear and diftress that dying accomplishment of the benevolent persons, whether righteous or wick. object it contemplates, and, in un ed, may have respecting their fu. ceasing prayer to commit its im- ture existence. When the future portant concernments to the guar- state of the wicked was brought dianship, and blesing of the Fa- into his view, it cared him of his ther of Israel. Undoubtedly dif- envy, he says ; and he condemns ficulties will arise, but the ardor himself for his former ignorance of true piety is inextinguishable. and folly, which made him more It will burst through all the bar like a beast than a man. MoreTiers which mistake, or jealousy, ever, it is not true of all the wickor virulence can form to oppose it. ed, and probably of wicked per. God will be the ark of its ftrength, fons in general, that they have no and crown its vnceafing struggles fears and terrors respecting their with victory and glory.

future state, when they come to

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