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them who may teach them the Thence I beliold the judge descend,right way, arid confron: false Angels his chariot wheels attend ;

Before his face, in dire dismay, teachers. The greater part

The heavens and earth shall flceaway. the people are well indoctrinated, and are most fond of sound,

Those humble fouls, of heavenly

birth, evangelical preachers. Never

Who wait his last descent to earth, fince the first adventurers came He'll raise to his divine abode, into these parts, as it appears to me, And be their Everlasting God. has there been so urgent a call for

TROPHIMU:. preachers of this calt. And it is

The Glory and sufferings of our Savicar. my ardent wish that more Missionaries, be sent this way in future

, A DIE to earth and all terrestrial than the Society has formerly fent, A nobler theme my wondering thought even if fewer should on the same

employs, account, be sent in other direc. I'llquit the earth to visit yonder skies, tions."

There reigns my God! thither my soul

arife. MISSIONARIES. Lo!near the father's side the eternallen The Rev. David Huntington With equa! glory fills theeternal throne returned lately from a misionary The father's equal join'd with flesh and

In him I view a Saviour and a God, tour to the northern part of the blood. ftates of New-York and Vermont. Amazing fight! didst thou once bleed

and die?

Nail'd to th' accurfed tree on Calvary

Werethy fair temples with tharpthorns

Thy spotless face with blood and spit-

ing foild ?
The Chriftian Seldier exulting in the near Yes! here (by wretches doom'd to
prospect of death and judgment.

quenchless flames, I M now prepared, thro' grace divine, The same thou cam'ft to save from dark My life to yield, my breath refign; of everlasting woe) thou was ceu

domains To bid these earthly scenes adieu, And hail thescenes, which rise to view.


Yea, mock’d and buffcted, fcourg'd and
All hail grim death! relentless king! contem'd.
I now defy thy potent sting!
And thou insatiate, drcary grave! O matchlessgrace! that staid the venge-
Since great Emanuel, strong to save,

ful flames,

And bound the thunders in thy mighty
Has past thy gates, in humble clay,

And rent the massy bars away; Which check'd the flaming seraph's of
No more thy mighty victory boast,-
Thy trophies spoil'd, thy victory lost.

When thus they saw their God and ma-
I've fought, array'd in arms divine,

ker die ! And heaven proclaims the conquest Worthy art thou ! forever live and mine;

reign, The arduous race, with patience run, who thus by death hast loos'd the And now the prize of glory won.

pris'ners chains; My soul, on wings of faith, descries Thy name, o King of Kings, thall Her crown immortal, in the skies,

ever found, Where saintsredeein'd,with angels join,

Great Lordof Lords tlie echoing hours

ens resound. In lofty notes of praise divine.


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The Gospel a Doctrine according to According to the doctrine Godliness.

taught by Christ and his apostles, (Continued from page 375.) “ They that are in the fielh canNUMBER VI.

not please God. Except a man

be born again, he cannot see the O the argument stated in the kingdom of God." This, some

lalt preceding number, some may be ready to plead, is very dif may be ready to urge an objection, couraging doctrine, and tends to derived from the supposed tenden- make men neglect all attention to cy of some of the doctrines taught religion, from an idea, that oc atby Christ and his apostles. They tention or concern of theirs, no may be ready to admit, that the endeavors or exertions, will be of gospel, by its invitations, calls and any advantage to them, till they offers, promises and threatenings, firit Snd themselves wrought upon, would be well adapted, and great- or their hearts changed, by the ly tend, to promote true religion, Spirit of God. and to excite to the Iłudy and prac In reply to this, I shall make a cice of universal holiness, if it con- few brief observations. tained nothing of a contrary na. 1. Encouraging people to think ture, tending to weaken the force they are better than they are, or and to counteract the tendency ot less dependent on divine grace, these. But, according to their may serve to strengthen a felf-fuffi . view of things, there are other cieni, self-righteous spirit, to stim. do&rines in the gospel, of a very ulate to action from such a spirit, discouraging nature, tending to and to make them think they are prevent the good effects, which very pious and godly, whilst they might otherwise be expected from perform no true and acceptable its invitations, promises and threat. obedience to God ; but it has no enings. It seems necessary to pay tendency to promote gospel holisome attention to this objection, ness, or true religion. It iends to that the truth may not be obscured, make them rest in those selfish afor its beneficial tendency obstruc. fections, and superficial performted by it.

ances, which fall entirely short of Vol. I. No. II,


real holiness or real obedience to ligion, have much more frequently the will of God revealed in the taken place under the preaching, in gospel. But this, instead of servo which the total depravity and helping, would manifestly tend to dif- less state of mankind, without fpe. serve the cause of real piety and cial grace--the neceflity of being irue religion.

born again, and other do&rines of 2. It being a fact, that mankind the like tenor, have been clearly are so depraved, that none ever do exhibited and urged, than under or will repent and turn to God, the preaching, in which these docand serve him in sincerity and trines have been kept out of light, truth, without special divine influ- and either plainly or implicitly deences—a change of heart by the died. This leads me to observe, power of the Holy Spirit, being 3. That the gospel clearly holds indispensibly necessary to boly forth, that notwithstanding the nepractice ; it is important and necesity of special divine influences cessary that this should be plainly on the heart, to render the truth declared, and well understood and savingly efficacious ; yet, accordbelieved, to prevent their resting ing to the method of God's opein a form of Godliness, without ration in this case, the word of the power or life and reality of it. truth is neceffary, and some way

A thorough conviction, that fubfervient to the saving conversion they why

ware in the filefli, cannot of finners--a cause without which, please God--that except a man no man has any reason to expect a be born again, he cannot see the true and saving converfion. kingdom of God, is suited to pro. When Christ appeared to Saul, duce, in those who are sensible that to make him a minister and a wit. they have not been the subjects of nefs, he sent him to the people and any such change, a conviction and to the Gentiles, “ To open their sense of their dangerous and mise eyes, and to turn them from darkrable state-to prevent their settling ness to light, and from the power down quiet and easy, without some of Satan unto God, that they good evidence of a change of heart might receive forgiveness of fins,

to excite earnest inquiries as to and inheritance among them who the most hopeful way of becoming are sanctified by faith.” – Paul acpartakers of so great a mercy, &c. cordingly told the Romans, that In this view, the doctrine under “ faith cometh by hearing, and consideration, when understood hearing by the word of God." and thoronghly believed, instead To the Corinthians he said, “Who of tending to produce a careless then is Paul, and who is Apollos, inattention to the things of religion, but minifters ly whom ye believed, really tends to directly the reverse, even as the Lord gave 10 every even to excite the most serious a man ? I have planted, Apollos Jarm in the unconverted, and such watered ; but God gave the inearnest inquiry and attention, and crease. So then, neither is he cries for mercy, as are not gone ' that planteth any thing, neither he into by men whilst in a state of car. that warereth ; but God that give nal ease and security. And, if I eth the increase.” In this paslage am not greatly miltaken as to mat the apostle plainly denied, that he ters of fa&t, awakenings, serious or Apollos had any power or futattention, deep concern, carnet ficiency, to render their preaching inquiries, and happy revivals of re- and initsuctions of any chat upes

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'I 801.] The Gospel a Do&rine according to Godliness. 403 their hearers, and ascribed all the thing which they do, in willing or beneficial effects of their preach- running but from God, who showing to the gift--the agency of God; eth mercy. and at the same time clearly asser Such doctrine, some seem to ted, that they were instruments, have supposed, tends to make men whose ministry God had employed think it a matter of perfect indifin causing the Corinthians to believe, ference, fo far as respects their own -as he saw fit to give to every man. falvation, whether they are religious, The apostle accordingly faid, “In or not; or whether they take any Christ Jesus I have begotten you care or pains

care or pains to be so, or not. To through the gospel." To those this it may be replied, Thessalonians, whom God had 1. The doctrines of God's ab. chosen to falvation through fanc folute fovereignty, and particular tification of the spirit, and belief election, as stated in the gospel, of the truth, he likewise said, and viewed in connection with the " Whereunto he called you by our whole gospel-fyftem, do not degospel, to the obtaining the glory Itroy or disprove, but fully prove of our Lord Jesus Christ.” And and establish the necessity of perthe apostle James, speaking of the fonal holiness, in order to falvaunchangeable God as the fourretion. The apostle Paul informed and author of every good and per- the Ephesian saints, that God had fect gift, faid, “ Of his own will chosen them in Chrift, before the begat he us with the word of truth." foundation of the world, that they

These passages clearly show, in Abould be holy, and without blame conformity to the general tenor before him in love. Holiness and of the scriptures on this subject, unblameableness in love, being an that although a change of heart by end to which they were chosen, the special agency of the Holy this choice or election surely did Spirit is absolutely neceflary; yet not disprove, but establifned the according to God's established neceffity and certainty of their permode of operation, men have no sonal holiness. The same apostle reason to expect they shall be con. cold the church of the Thessalo. veited and saved, without hearing, nians, that God had from the beand attention to the gospel--the ginning chosen them to falvation word of truth.

through fanctification of the Spirit, An objection, similar to that and belief of the truth. This which we have now been consider again proved the necessity of their ering, has also been taken from faith and sanctification, or person. several declarations of Chrilt and al holiness, as without there, the his apostles, which plainly import, divine purpose or choice respecting that God, in the bestowment of his them, would fail of its effect-special grace, acts as a sovereign, without these, they could not ob. doing what he will with his own-tain salvation as God had chosen, having mercy on whom he will, or in the way that he had chosen and leaving whom he will, to their them to it. For he chose them own chosen rebellion and hardness ; to it in no other way, than thro' and particularly, that he made fanctification of the Spirit, and choice of the objects of his saving belief of the truth. mercy, before the foundation of 2. The doctrine of particular the world ; so that men's salvation election, doth not remove, but ful. takes its first rise, not from any lly proves and establishes the ne

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celsity of using the appointed means | liever in him—to every one who of salvation, and rightly viewed, forsakes his fins and returns to God; is calculated to stimulate and ex vet it is not in their hearts to recite to a diligent and careful attend. pent and reture, or to render the ance on them. This doctrine lealt: degree of fincere obedience teaches, that notwithstanding the to the great and fundamental requitotal depravity of mankind, and fitions of the gospel. In this litutheir indisposition to return to God, ation, what could keep their hearts a number will be saved through from finking in despair, without a fanctification of the Spirit and be. persuasion that God is a wife and lief of the truth, accomplished in gracious sovereign, who extends the way of God's revealed meth. his saving mercy to whom he pleaf od of operation by the word of es, not according to their works, truth ; but leaves it uncertain to but according to the good pleafure men, who will be saved, until it is of his will-according to his own discovered by their obedience to purpose and grace, and sometimes ! the gospel. Hence, it is suited to to even the chief of Ginners; and excite the moit serious concern in that he hath determined to fan&ify those who are conscious, that they and save a number of such guilty, have hitherto lived in fin estranged belpless, self-ruined, hell-deferfrom God ; and, of course, to ving creatures, as they now find put them upon enquiring after the themselves to be ? way and divinely appointed means 4. These doctrines are suited to of salvation, and to engage their make us careful in examining, attention to them.

whether we are, in fact, the sub3. The doctrines of divine sove-jects of the fanctifying influences of reignty and particular election, are the Holy Spirit, and to warn us suited to prevent despair in awa against confident hopes of salvation, kened convinced Ginners.

whilst we are wholly without any When Goners are awakened to real holiness. a serious attention to the concerns Since these doctrines, as Itated of their souls, and thoroughly in the gospel, clearly show, ihat convinced of the truth respecting none will be saved without person. their real character and state, they al holiness, and teach us to look sensibly find, that they are indeed for fan&tification, as the evidence Ginners, under a righteous fentence of our election of God, they are of condemnation ; from which it evidently calculated to excite us to is impossible to obtain deliverance a careful examination, whether the by any thing which they can do or effects of the fan&tifying spirit are offer. They are convinced, that perceivable in our hearts, and vifiGod might justly execute upon ble in our practice ; and to guard them the curse of his law, and us against settling down in a firm that if justice should take place, perfuafion, that we are in the fure without the intervention of mercy, way to eternal life, without some they must be miserable without good evidence, that God hath made hope. Yea, they are convinced us partakers of his holiness. and fenfibly find, that notwith 5. The doctrines under confidstanding the gracious promise of eration, are particularly adapted to forgiveness and acceptance, on the promote in Christians these imporgrowit of Christ's atonement and 'tant branches of real holiness, humilrighteoufness, to every penitent be- ity, gratitude, and praise.

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