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voice. The covenant bound them can well be conceived, to render to universal obedience. There it solemn. The greatness of was no reservation with respect God, before whom all the nations to any command or duty, in any are as nothing, and they are relation or condition.

counted to him as less than noThis is the sense in which thing and vanity. He is infinour churches view it, as appears itely pure, the very heavens are by the forms used in them, unclean in his sight. He is omwhich are generally if not uni- niscient and omnipresent. It is versally to this effect, “ You do impossible to deceive him, and « now avouch the Lord Jehovah, none can escape from him. He « Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is wise in heart and mighty in “ to be your sovereign Lord and strength. None hath hardened

supreme good, giving up your- himself against him and pros. “ self to him, through Christ, in pered. He can save and he can & the way and on the terms of destroy. He is our judge and “ the covenant of grace. And will dispense the rewards of eter

you do also give yourself up nity. These considerations all “ unto this church, according to unite their influence to render

the will of God, promising to the transaction deeply and won. “ watch over your fellow Chris- derfully solemn. It is rendered “ tians as becomes a saint: and further solemn and interesting, “ in your place, to bear testimo- in that, in its very nature, it com“ ny against all sin, and to walk prises the obligation of a most “ in the strict and conscien- solemn oath, and contains in it “ tious observance of all the an implication of a " commands and ordinances of those who deal falsely with God. “ Christ ; upholding the wor. Thus God, Moses, and the Is

ship of God in this place, sub- raelites understood it. It was

mitting yourself to the disci- termed both an oath and a curse. “ pline of Christ, according to Deuteron. xxix. 12. That thou « his word.” Those who enter shouldest enter into covenant into covenant, engage also to with the Lord thy God, and ingive up such as God hath com- to his oath. Nehemiah x. 29. mitted to their care to him, and And entered into a curse and into train them up in the nurture to an oath, to walk in God's law, and admonition of the Lord, and which was given by Moses the to teach all under their care to servant of God, and to observe know and serve him. In words and do all the commandments of to this effect have all professors the Lord our Lord, and his judg. covenanted, even from the first ments and his statutes. The ansettlement of the country to the cient people of God swore unipresent time. They have bound versal obedience to his will, and themselves to an unreserved o exposed themselves to the curses bedience to the whole will of of his law upon them, if they God.

did not perform their oath, in Having considered what pro- keeping covenant with him. In fessors covenant with God and covenanting, a calf, or some their brethren, we will consider beast for sacrifice, was cut in the solemnity of the transaction. pieces, and the covenanters pasa

There is every thing, which I sed between the pieces, the more VOL. V. No. 10,

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curse on

deeply to impress the mind, si- can possibly be more solemn and lently confessing that it would interesting than the manner of be just in God, if they did not covenanting. keep covenant with him, to cut Further, covenanting with them asunder as they had the God is solemn and interesting beast, between the parts of which as the safety and comfort of they passed. In this manner, Christians, in the present state, God and Abraham covenanted. and eternal life in the future, Gen. xv. 9, 10, 17, 18. Abra- are dependent on the manner in ham passed between those pie- which they covenant. If they ces of the beasts, and when the covenant in a right manner, sun went down, and it was dark, choosing him with supreme afbehold a smoaking furnace and fection, believing on the name burning lamp passed between of his Son, and depending on his those pieces. This was emble- merit for acceptance, and for matical of God's passing between grace to keep covenant with them. In that same day the him, he will be their God. They Lord made a covenant with A- will have an interest in his covbraham. In the same manner did enant love, and in the promises ; the Israelites covenant with God and he will enable them to keep in Jeremiah's time. They pas- his covenant. He will never sed between the divided calf, con- leave, nor forsake them. They fessing it would be just in God will have communion with the to cut them in pieces, if they did Father and with his Son Jesus not keep covenant with him.* Christ. They will have peace Hence covenanting with God, with God, and in their own was termed an oath and a curse; hearts, and rejoice in hope of and making a covenant in the the glory of God. But if they Hebrew phraseology is termed covenant, while they have no cutting the covenant ; because I love to God, no faith in Christ, the slain beast, or sacrifice, at they will have no interest in the time of covenanting, was di- him, can derive no grace nor vided, and those who entered in- strength from him ; and withto covenant passed between the out him they can do nothing acpieces.f In some other passa- ceptably. They never can keep gescovenanting is termed swear-covenant, or perform a single ing unto the Lorel, swearing with duty of it. In the very act of all the heart, an oath, and swear-covenanting, they flatter him ing in righteousness. 2 Chron. with their mouth, and lie unto xv. 14, 15. Isaiah xix. 18. Jer-him with their tongues.* They emiah iv. 2. Nothing therefore grieve his Spirit, and there will

be no rational prospect that they * Jeremiah xxxiv. 18.

will keep covenant with him ; : + See Pool's Synopsis, and his En- but that they will forsake him. glish Annotations on Gen. xv. 9, 10, They will be but foolish virgins 17, 18 ; on Nehemiah s. 29, and on bearing lamps without oil. Bethe Hebrew root Carat, and Roberting branches which bear no fruit, son's Key to the Hebrew Bible, on

they will be in danger of being the same word. This appears


from God's altar, by ciently to have been the usual


of covenanting

* Psalm lxxviii. 36.

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He may

discipline or by the judgments of to remove to their country, which God. Having not on a wedding is about 300 miles distant, and garment, they may soon be preach the word of life among bound hand and foot, and be cast them. We held a Council with into outer darkness : soon be cut our old people, all of whom exasunder and have their portion pressed their determination to with hypocrites, where is wail. | follow us. Accordingly we set ing and gnashing of teeth. out in May, 1801. Brother An

What grievous afflictions Gods derson, who had joined us some own children may bring upon months before, preceded us, with themselves by violating his com- part of our property ; Kramer, mands, and not walking stedfast- Scholtz, and myself followed at ly in his covenant, hath been al- a distance, with the bulk of our ready suggested. For this cause, people. In the course of our he may take from them their journey we found the country far dearest enjoyments.

more populous than we had conlay his hand heavily upon them. ceived. He may send darkness and hor- One of our company whose ror into their souls. Like He- name was Katjee, was taken so man, while they suffer his ter- 1 ill on the road, that we expected rors they may be distracted. He her dissolution every moment. may visit them with distressing In this critical situation she was pains and sickness of body, and greatly alarmed, and admonishlike the Corinthians, many a-ed the people, in very affecting mong them may be weak and strains, not to trifle with their sickly, and many may sleep. souls, nor to think real converBesides, it is by a circumspect sion an easy work. Her discourwalk with God, that Christians ses on this subject made lasting enjoy communion with him, impressions on myself and othpeace and assurance in life, joyers; but, I am sorry to say, after and triumph in death. How im- she recovered her health, and portant is it therefore, that their was out of danger, she relapsed hearts should be sound in his into her former carelessness. statutes and stedfast in his cov- Proceeding on our journey, enant!

were joined by Cornelius (To be continued.) Koopman, who had not been

with us more than a single day, when he was struck with convic

tions while I was praying. When The Rev. Mr. Kicherer's Narra. I first saw him, I perceived so

tive of his Mission to the Hot- much pride in his carriage, that tentots.

I entertained a very unfavorable (Continued from p. 358.)

opinion of him ; but no sooner was his heart touched by grace,

than the Lion was changed into Visit to the Great, or Orange River.

a Lamb; the haughtiness of his EVERAL of the Corannas, deportmententirely forsook him ;

from the Great, or Orange and he appeared to be possessed River, arrived at our Settlement of that deeply humbled spirit, about this time, repeating the in- which I always considered as the vitation they had before sent us, most conspicuous token of real


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grace. He became remarkably ten had the pleasure to observe cautious in whatever he said, some of my poor people, one here, but discovered, at the same time, behind a rock; another there, that “ faith which worketh by under a bush, earnestly engaged love," in the exercise of which in private prayer : and seldom he enjoyed close communion did Cornelius fail to appear with with God. I recollect holding his two little ones in his arms, many a sweet conversation with or led by his hand, whom he Cornelius. “ Ah,” he would say, caused, with himself, to bow their “ how happy should I, poor sin- young knees before the Lord.

ner, think myself, were I as- How was my faith strengthened « sured that Jesus is my Jesus ; by such cheering objects ! I now " there would not be a more plainly saw that the Lord Jesus 6 blessed creature on earth than had begun a good work among

myself; I am so poor here, these poor heathen, and I was " that frequently I know not encouraged to hope, that he “ how to provide for my family ; would triumphantly establish his “ I would gladly clothe my poor church in this country, and cause “ children, were it only in sheep his blessed word to be preached “ skins, but alas ! I have no sup- to the children, and children's “ plies, for my few, sheep are children of the present genera. " all gone ; yet had I rather tion.

starve here, where Jesus is Another person, named Roe.

preached, than return to serve loph, was a striking example of « those Christians, who never the power of divine grace. Have “ told me a word of God, or of ing been deeply affected under « Jesus, or of the way of salva- the reading of the Scriptures, « tion.” After this man had en- and praying in our morning sers tirely surrendered himself to the vice, I observed him sitting in a Lord, his whole walk and con- pensive posture on a waggon, versation bespoke the sincerity apparently in great distress of of his faith, and he became a pat- soul. I approached him, and tern of Godliness to all the com- enquired into the cause of his pany. Every day he would walk dejection; when he returned forth, three, four, or five times, the following answer : “Q into the solitude of the wilder- “ my dear Sir, never could I ness, (where I sometimes follow-“ have thought that I was so ed him unperceived) to hold con- great a sinner, such a monster verse with Jesus, by prayer.- “ of iniquity, and my state so Many a time have I watched" dangerous, as I now perceive! him, at a distance, wrestling" God is a holy and righteous with God, and was put to shame “ God, and I am such a vile sinby his importunity. It was also“ ner! Oh, the very thought his custom, about sun-set, to “ makes me tremble, that God take with him two of his chil-“ thus! thus! (meaning, by his dren, whom he tenderly loved, to motions, in the twinkling of an a solitary spot, that they might“ eye) may put an end to my be present at his devotions. And“ life! Oh, if God should not here I would make a general ob- “ have mercy for me, then must servation that, when sitting by “ I sink into the eternal pit. Oh, myself on some eminence, I of- “ I am greatly afraid, lest God

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from any

* should cause the earth to life ; some cried, and others open

her mouth, and swallow fainted under the preaching of me up a live. O Sir, what the word. must I do to be saved ?"

We found it necessary shortI answered his question, as to look out for another posiPaul did that of the Jailer, at tion, more distant from this danPhilippi—“ Believe in' the Lord gerous river, the inundations of * Jesus Christ, and thou shalt which are so sudden, that men “ be saved.” Let your fears, and beasts frequently perish in said I, drive you to the Saviour; its mighty floods. We pitched Jay fast hold of him as your Re- on a spot called Reed Fountain, deemer; and then you need not which some of us began immebe afraid. But, woe be to you, diately to clear for cultivation. if you seek peace

other While we were thus engaged, quarter, or try to find rest in the with about twenty Hottentots, things. of this world. Having the Corannas brought us regularapproved of my advice, he daily ly, every day, three sheep, and applied by faith and prayer to three hollow bamboo canes full Jesus, as a sinner who earnestly of milk, as a present. wishes to be saved by his free Here it was that sleeping one grace. But I know not the re- night with Mr. Scholtz and my sult of his profession, as he re- Hottentots, by the side of a little moved from us to a considera-cart, the barking of my spaniel ble distance among the Farmers. dog disturbed my rest so much,

About the close of the month that I was quite vexed at him. we reached the Great River, The Hottentots, however, unwhich, in the dry season, is about derstanding the little creature's half as

vide as the Thames at meaning better than I did, lookLondon Bridge, and which was ed carefully around, and soon

so much swollen by the discovered a Lion near us, who, rains, as to be impassable : we like a cat, was creeping along therefore were obliged to wait the ground, in order to make a for its fall. Our brethren Kra- spring upon us. Immediately mer and Anderson had previous- they snatched up their guns to ly crossed the River, and had fire at him ; but the Lion, findbegun to preach the gospel to ing we were so well prepared to the people, among whom they receive him, turned tail, and refound a considerable attention. treated with the utmost speed. While we waited for the subsid- As brother Scholtz and myself ing of the waters, with our people lay nearest to that spot from and cattle, some of our friends whence the Lion approached.. on the opposite shore, who were we felt peculiarly thankful to our bold enough to swim across, as- Lord for this new preservation. sisted us in constructing rafts. Being now comfortably set. By means of these, we were ena- tled, we soon found ourselves bled, in about a week, to get over surrounded by crowds of differ, the river, yet with great diffi- ent peopleCorannas, Nainaculty, for our raft sunk so deep, quas, Hottentots, Bastard Hotth I sat up to the middle tentots, and Boschemen, togethwater. Here we rejoiced to find er with their numerous fociis a great hunger for the bread of land herds. The Corannas and


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