The Histories of Herodotus

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D. Appleton, 1904 - 568 pages

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Page 113 - them: each physician applies himself to one disease only, and not more. All places abound in physicians; some physicians are for the eyes, others for the head, others for the teeth, others for the parts about the belly, and others for internal disorders.
Page 17 - I know the number of the sands, and the measure of the sea; I understand the dumb, and hear him that does not speak; the savour of the hardshelled tortoise boiled in brass with the flesh of lamb strikes on my senses; brass is laid beneath it, and brass is put
Page 110 - the west, the trochilus enters its mouth and swallows the leeches: the crocodile is so well pleased with this service that it never hurts the trochilus. With some of the Egyptians crocodiles are sacred; with others not, but they treat them as enemies. Those who dwell about Thebes and Lake
Page 356 - different forms: the asphalt and the salt immediately become solid, but the oil they collect, and the Persians call it rhadinace; it is black and emits a strong odour. Here King Darius settled the Eretrians; who, even to my time, occupied this territory, retaining their ancient language. Such things took place with regard to the Eretrians.
Page 249 - A very remarkable circumstance, that was advantageous to the Persians and adverse to the Scythians, when they attacked the camp of Darius, I will now proceed to mention : this was the braying of the asses, and the appearance of the mules; for Scythia produces neither ass nor mule, as I have before observed;
Page 125 - though anxious to return hither because I did not offer perfect hecatombs to them." 3 He shows in these verses that he was acquainted with the wandering of Paris in Egypt; for Syria borders on Egypt; and the Phoenicians, to whom Sidon belongs, inhabit Syria. From these verses, and
Page 142 - Egypt, constructed the portico to Vulcan's Temple at Memphis, that faces the south wind; and he built a court for Apis, in which he is fed whenever he appears, opposite the portico, surrounded by a colonnade, and full of sculptured figures; and instead of pillars, statues twelve cubits high are placed under the piazza.
Page 131 - excavations! It is related that Cheops reached such a degree of infamy that, being in want of money, he prostituted his own daughter in a brothel, and ordered her to extort, they did not say how much; but she exacted a certain sum of money, privately, as much as her father ordered her; and
Page 356 - Two thousand of the Lacedaemonians came to Athens after the full moon, making such haste to be in time that they arrived in Attica on the third day after leaving Sparta. But having come too late for the battle, they, nevertheless, desired to see the Medes; and having proceeded to Marathon, they saw the slain; and
Page 1 - THIS is a publication of the researches of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, in order that the actions of men may not be effaced by time, nor the great and wondrous deeds displayed by both Greeks and barbarians

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