Our God: Truth and Order

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AuthorHouse, 2005 M11 7 - 184 pages

Our God: Truth and Order displays a simple view of Godís pattern for mankind.

Orderliness in a believer expresses a godly disciplined life.† Godís creation articulates His intensions to have an everlasting communion with man. The LORD first introduces that He alone created the heavens and the earth. Before a man can understand himself, he must first understand who is his Creator. Can one understand the mysteries regarding God? God revealed that He is Truth and there is none like Him. He simply gave us some of His own qualities through which He can express Himself to mankind. Order has one boundary - Truth. When we stand on truth, God is our witness.

This book captures key topics on the Authority of God in relation to the first and the last Adam. The basic make-up of man gives an overview of how universal sin transpired and perpetuated throughout mankind. Water and blood have a spiritual significance both physically and spiritually. It solidifies the reconciliation by the infilling of the Holy Spirit, an action that moves man closer to God and allows God to operate through man.

The spirit of the churches in Revelation displays the position of the church age (moving from order (Pentecost) to disorder (compromise).† The candid overview of the various churches will help you recognize if you are in order with God or in disarray. Finally, the patterns are consistent with (1) Truth from God, (2) Love to restore mankind† through grace, (3) Faith being the response to Godís grace, (4) The outward manifestation of the infilling Spirit, (5) Carrying out the work of God by charity (love expression), (6) Producing fruit by applying the Word of God in living it and (7) Hope, futuristically looking for Jesusí return.

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About the author (2005)

I was born son of Ezekiel and Ellen Collie in Hollywood, Florida. This was my first and natural birth. However, my life really began after I was born-again (baptized in Jesus name and filled with His Holy Spirit) June 11, 1987 in Oxnard, California. This is my spiritual and second birth.

I am married to my soul-mate, Alessa Collie. The Lord has blessed us richly with His love, His presence and His Word. It is through prayer, fasting, the studying and applying of Godís Word, by the teaching of His Holy Spirit, Truth is revealed and spiritual wisdom gained.† I also give God thanks for the knowledge He so graciously bestows and for giving me the wherewithal to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree, together with the diligence I needed to attain it. I praise You Lord Jesus for the blessings of a godly wife, a sound mind, health, and strength. I give You Lord Jesus all the glory for the miracles You have done, and for what You are about to do in our lives.†

ďThank You Lord Jesus.Ē

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