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Use 2.

14 2. Sam. 7. 12. &c. opened. Chap.1

he tooke from Saul; for even from So

lomons posteritie the kingdome was cut 2.Sam.7. off in Jechoniah: The promise therefore 12,13,14. of mercy to Solomon above Saul reach

eth to the bestowing of an heavenly kingdome upon him. Besides, in that place two blessings are promised,

First, Adoption, I will be his father, &c.

Secondly, Establishment in Gods house and kingdome: so that if the latter promise should not evince his perseverance, yet the former doth.

Secondly, this is to stirre us up to the reading and meditation of this booke, the more for thePenmans fake.

The 2.3.&4.verses sing and shew forth the estate of the Church in Solomons time. Verse 5. the estate of the Church as well in Solomons time as in Rehoboams: The verses following to the ninth, the estate of the Church in all the time of

Rehoboam. iolomons In the Church of Solomons time ime four foure passages are chieAy observable. hings

First, Solomons choyce of heavenly wisedome, by which chiefly wee enjoy fweet and familiar fellowship with



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verse 3


Chap.1 What meant by kisses of his mouth. 15 God, 9 1 King 3.5. to 10. This is expref-1 9 Pro. 8. fed, verse 2.

Secondly, the sweet sayour and fame of Solomons gifts and graces, to the winning of the love and admiration of the sonnes of men.

Thirdly, the drawing and gathering of all the Kings chambers, the verse 4. Courts of Solomons Temple : or his care to bring on his people to the publick worship of God, and their respect of him in regard thereof.

Fourthly, the fall and deformity of 4 the Church, by Idolatrous worship, and toleration thereof in many; and

yet the keeping of the native beautie of the Church in many others.

Let him kisse me with the kisses of his * verse 2. mouth,&c.] It is a prayer of the Church, or(which is all one)some chiefe member of it, for a pledge of Christs sweet and familiar acquaintance, and love, and fellowship with her: Kisses are pledges and incentives of love. < Men Mall kifse his : Pro. 24. lips that answereth upright words. This is the effect of upright Anfwers, men kisse his lips; but God kiffing a mans lips, is the cause of mans answering upright


verse se


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Kisses of his mouth,what. Chap.i.

words ; his breathing into our mouths
a right answer, maketh us fpeake accor-
dingly:as,on the contrary, when one an-
swers perversly, unjustly, erroneously,

Satan then hath kissed them with his * 1. Kings kisses, hee hath sitten as a * lying spirit 22.23, 24. in their mouths.

[The kisses of his mouth,] which is more then the kisses of his lips ; the one is a silent gesture of love, the other implieth also amiable speeches, when Christ

First, by the voice of his word, or

Secondly, by the breath of his spirit, doth either

First, put wisedome or grace into our 98.-100. hearts, or

Secondly, speake peace or comfort to our foules.

f I create the fruit of the lips, peace, peace, &c. Solomons wisedome is the grace of God, as wickednesse is folly; i The beginning of this wifedome is the feare of God, u the end of it is the keeping of Gods Com.

mandements : This wifedome whofo + Pro.8.

findes, findes Christ, * the wisedome of

the Father, in whom God is well pleased * Math. 3. with us, and in whom hee (as it were) kifseth us; This wisedome doth not onely



Pfal. 119.

(Ifa. 57. 19.

[ Pro. 17.

1 Eccles. 12.13

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Chap.1. Spirituall wifedome brings peace. 17
enable us to walke godlily to our salvati-
but likewise fits us to goe

in and out before our families, before our people, and so enlarges us to all duties of our callings : And to walke in the wayes of this wifedome, brings peace to our soules, and to those that live under

All her y Pro.3.1 paths are peace.

For thy love is better then wine.] The favour of God in giving wisedome, and thereby peace to a mans selfe and others depending on him, is more worth then wine, (that is) then whatsoever makes the heart of man * glad. This prayer * Pfal. 104 was powred out by Solomon, the chiefest 15.& 4. member of the Church in this time, Pro. 3.13. when he prayed for wisedome, tand pre-1-15. and ferred it before long life, riches, victory 3:637;! over his enemies, &c.

Or else this whole verse may expresse 59,11. the desire of the Church to Solomon, 2-Chron. that he would expresfe his love to her by Pro-16.10 his divine fentences, * and bookes, and songs, which are better then their civill | 12.9. peace, * then the fitting under their own

*1King4 Vine and Fig-tree.

Because of the favour of the good oynt- Verse 3. ments.] Good oyntments are the gifts C


Jud. 9.13. f King-3

* Eccles.


Isay 61.3.

*fo do they.

18 Spirituall graces called oyntments. Chap.i · Ioh. 2.27 and graces of Gods fpirit, a But the anoja.

ting which ye have received of him, &c. so

called, because they heale a broken heart 5 Luk:10. as boyle: the oyle of Gods grace heales

the bruises of the foule.

Secondly, as oyle doth make the face * Pfa.104. to shine

Thirdly, t as by the holy oyles all the 1. Ex.10. vessels of the Tabernacle were consecra23. - 31. ted; so by these graces all the vessels of

mercy are consecrated to God. † i Sam.

Fourthly, by the oyntment were a16. 3. & noynted to their offices + Kings, c Priests, c Exod. d and some Prophets; e so by thefe graces 40.13,15. are wee annointed to God our Father in d 1 Kings Christ, f Kings, Priests and Prophets. e AA.1.3. Savour is the manifestation of these &2:437. graces, as oyntments are manifested by

Eccle. 8.1.

fRev. 1.6. their favour.

Ioh. 12.3.

Verse 3. Thy name is as an oyntment powred

forth:] that is, precious, sweet, and famously renowned ; therefore doe the Vir. gins love thee. The Virgins in this song are

such as Christ hath not yet espoused to * Can.8.8 himselfe, * nor spoken for in way of * Can.6.8 niarriage; * such as carnall Jewes, or the

Love thee:]


Verfe 3.

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