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The lewes shall be terrible and to whom. 195 the refreshing of themselves and o. | La 66.10.13 thers.

Terrible as an Army with Banners.] Read Revel. 19.14. 21. The Armies of the Jewes shall bee terrible to the Turkes and Tartars, and to the false Exck.38.

& 39. cha Prophet then driven from Rome by ten Christian Princes, and associating himselfe to the Turke for succour.

I went down into the Garden of Nuts.] The Jewish Synagogues, so called, because of that voice of hardneffe and blindnesse drawne over their hearts, as it were a hard Nut-shell over the Rom. 11, Kernell.

To see the fruits of the valleys.] Val- 14.15. leyes lying in the shade between two mountaines, bring forth fruit late: so the Jewes are long before they bring forth fruit unto Christ.

To see whether the vine flourished, and the Pomgranates budded.] The Jewes, that for hardnesle of heart, are like a Garden of Nuts; yet when their conversion shall bee

wrought, will bee as Vines and Pomgranates, bring forth sweet and wholesome fruits to the




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196 í be lewes shall appeare unexpe&tedly. lud3-9.13. refreshing of God and Man.

Or ever I 9.15 aware, my foule made me like the Charets of Ammiradib.] Or set me upon the Charets of a willing people ; not that any thing commeth at unawares to Christ in his owne person; but because to his Ministers,that intis Name fball goc into this Garden of Nurs.

The Jewes shall appeare unexpe. Etedly, prepared to embrace Christs calling: they shall finde the Jewes as Charets of willing people, ready to march with them, whethersoever in Christs Name they shall call; their foule should no sooner desire it, but they should bee fer in all readinesse ; where also is intimated the willing rca.

dinesse of a willing people among the Isa; 66.20. Gentiles, to convey the Jewes into 8:47.23.24. their owne Countrie, with Clarets,

and horses, and Dromedaries. Perfe 13

Returne, returne, o Shulamite: rex turne, returne, that

we may thee: wat will ye see in the Shulamite ? as it pere the company of two armies,

looke upon


The lewes called, shall march in armies, 199 Returne., returne,

o shulamite, returne.] This call so often repeated doth Fai 62.67. imply,

First, the earnesthesse of the Ministers that shall call them.

Secondly,the hafte that they would have them to make in going through with their conversion.

That we may looke upon thee, or behold thee.] It is the desire of the Ministers, and of all the Faithfull, to behold this glorious Church when shee shall be called.

what will gee see in the Shulamite ?] But, as it were, the company of two Armies, or the hoste of Mabanaim.

Gen.32.1, This is spoken, either because the Jewes shall, presently upon their conversion, marshall, or ranke themselves into Armies against Gog and Magog, where she is said to arise terrible as an Army with Banners. Or elle taking the word properly ; the holy Ghost compareth the Jewes to an hofte of Angels, which lacob faw at Gen. 32. 1. Mahanaim

Zccin.12,8 ; as indeed the feeble in that day shall be valiant as the Angels


How to know a true Church.Ch.6. of God. This Interpretation seemeth to me to be the more likely, because her warlike provision was before mentioned, ver. 10. Or otherwise, the holy Ghost may allude to the hoste of Ifraeland Judah, which went to bring up

David from Mahanaim to lerula. lem, after the Israelites were brought

to see their errors in cafting him off 2 Sam. 19 for Absalem ; So shall the Jewes at 9.10.14-43* their conversion, affemble for the

establishment of the Kingdome and Throne of Christ among them, after they (halbe brought to seetheir foule errours in cafting off Christ so unwor

thily so long a time. Ofer. The first Use of this is for discer

ping a different estate of all Christian Churches and Congregations, and triall of our owne parishes. In one of these rankes every Congregation is found, cither a Queene, a Concubine, a Dimosell, or a Dove : If we have freely consented to the entertainment of a faithfull Ministery, comming to us in the Name of Christ; if we bring with us to him a sufficient dowry for

Ch. 6. How to know a true Church.

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his maintenance ; If the word of God shall be powerfully dispensed amongst us, and the opening and shutting of the Kingdome of Heaven, and withall the key of Discipline bee noc neglected : If our Congregations bring forth many children to God, partakers of the Heavenly. Inheritance, then are our Congregations as chiefe wives, as Queenes to Jesus Christ. But if our Ministers finde not conjugall and free acceptance from us ; if we be not willing to provide for them comfortable and honourable maintenance ;. If the word be not so dispensed that the people may finde themselves either in good or evill eltates; Ifour Congregations bring not forth regenerate Christians to partake of the heavenly Inheritance, then are they butas Concubines in the light of God: If we have yet no Ministers that wooc us, and beseech us to be reconciled to Christ; or if they doe, yet we coily put them off with delayes, of refuses; then are we Dimofels, but neither Queenes nor Concubines, But if

2 Cor.soze

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