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How to know a true Church.Ch.6. we finde all the properties of Queenes belonging to us, and withall, finde a love and care to keepe our selves chaste to Christ, and innocentio min, and undefiled, and unspotted, both of the World and of Rome; then are we Doves to Christ Jefus, choycest children of the true Catholique Church.

A second Use is for a discerning of a differenteftate of all Christian souls, and triall of our Owne eftates before God; if our hearts have never yet beene called and knocked at by the lively word of Gods Ordinances, or if we have coily put

off our Repentance to this day,

or refuse to hearken to Christ, then are we Damosels. If we bring forth seed of Righteousnesle to Christ, by reason we are under thegovernment of such who will require it, andwell mày command it of us, we are but as Concubines. But if we freely condescend to receive and embrace Christ into our hearts with entire conjugall aff-Aion, and give up our selves to him to bring forch the fruits


How to try wbether we be Spouses. 201 of his Spirit, and are enabled to governe our felves and families after his will, then are we Royall Spouses unto Christ Jefus : And if beyond this we grow up to a holy jealoufie against our selves, and keepe our selves to Christ chafte, innocent, and undefiled, and endeavour to cleanse our selves from all filihines of flesh and Spirit, then are we 2 Cor.7.1. ás Doves unto Jesus Christ.

A third Use to dire&t and instru&t Use 3. Ministers and people how to approve themselves and their Congregations in best fort unto Christ. Ler not Ministers thrust themselves upon their people against their consents, but let their people freely accept them, and comfortably maintaine them: Let the Ministers bee faithfull in dispensing Gods Ordinances, and the people obedient, to give up themselves to Christ and his truth , till both grow up to keavenly and holy purity of worship and life ; fo bhall our Congregations bee as Quecnes and Doves to Jesus Chrift.



202 Innocency not disgracefull. Ch.6. use 4.

A fourth Use may be to encourage men to wayes of spotlefse Innocency; they are not disgracefull, but blessed of the Faithfull,and praised,even of them that are without.

Fifthly, to reprove the children of the separation, who reproach the Church in stead of blessing, or praising them. Sixchly, this


teach us to exVf6 6. pea a powerfull and glorious calling

of the Jewes in all the particulars before described : say, they bee now, as Gideons Fleece, dry , when the Gentiles are moyftped with heavenly dew, they shall againe be moystened, when we shall seeme dry in comparison of them. Though Leah step first into lacobs Bed, and so the lesse comely Church of the Gentiles into the fellowship with Christ 5 yet

the Church of the lewes, as beautifull as Rachel, shall in the end finde fellowship with Christ,

The glory of their calling appeares in the Text, because the holy Ghost describes her by comparisons, not


The glors and power of the leves calling. 20; fetched from earthly flowers, or metals, or jewels ; but from heavenly lights, the Morning, Moone, Sunne.

It appeareth further in their unexpected and free readineffe to embrace Chrift.

The power of their calling appears in their earnestneffe,and zeale of their Ministry in breaking the hard shell of their hearts wherewith they were formerly inclosed. ver.11.In stirring them up to fight manfully, and terribly Gods battels against the enimies of the Church, ver.13.

The Lord fpeedily haften the comming of this Shulamite, that we may behold her, Amer.






opened and explained.


CH AP. 7:



Ow beautifull arethy feet with Mooes, o

Princes daughter ! the joynts of thy thighesare like Jewels, the work of the hands of a cunning workmar.

2 Thy navell is like a round gobiet, which wanteth not liquor : thy belly is like an heap of wheat, set about with lillies.

3 Thy two breffs are like two young Roesthat are twins.

4 Thy neckeis as a tower of Ivory : thine eyes like the fish pooles in Hejhbon, by the gateof Bath-rabbim: thy noss is as the tower of Leba


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