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210 W bo to be admitted to the Sacrament,

about with weeds, prophane and scandalous finners, but with Lillies, worthy Communicants.

Tby two brefts (the Teachers of that Church) are like two young Roes : For their agility, skipping up and down to suckle the converts ; implying that the first Ministry of the Jewes, at the converfion of that people fhall ratber be as the Evangeliits, bound to no certain place, than as Pastors fixed to any setled Congregation, which yet outwardly they thall be.

That are twins.]

First, for their likenesse io disposition.

Secondly, brotherly equality. Verf.4.

T by neck is as a Tower of Ivory: thine eyes like the fish pooles in Hefbbon, by the gate of Bath-rabbim : thy nose is as the tower of Lebanon , which looketh toward Damafcus.

Thy neck is as a tower of Ivory.] The neck (as above) is the faith of the Church, joyning Christ &his Church together, as the neck doth the head

Chap 4 verie 4

and body:

2 Pet. lol.

& 50.4

Ch.7. The lewes Repentance. 211

As a tower, for strength, of Ivory, for preciousnesse, for which faith is com- 1 Pet.1.7. mended.

Thine eyes are like the fish pooles in Hesabon, by the gate of Bath-rabbim.] For the abundance of water, meaning teachers, that they,fhall yeeld even tears of Repentance at their conversion, partly for the great wrong they had done our Saviour, partly to confi- Zech.12.20 der the unspeakable and undeserved ler. 3.8.9. kindnesle of God towards them.

Thy nose is like the tower of Lebanon, sobich looketh toward Damafcu.] There was a double house of the forrest of Lebanon, the one in Ierusalem, built by Solomon, so called by way of resemblance ; In which hee put his golden shields, whence Shishak taking them, King.7.2 is said to take them out of Jerusalem: 1 King. 14. of this house speaketh Isaiah, isa.2 2.8. 28,26.

There was another bousc built in the forrest of Lebanon as appeareth by this place, which is said to looke toward Damascus, to distinguish it from the orber which is in Ierusalem. Lebanon it felfe stood in the utmost





Lebanon how situated. Confines of Ifrael Northward towards Syria : and therefore this house built in Lebanon is said to looke toward Damascus the chiefe City of Syria. Now Lebanon being full of all manner of fweet and fragrant trees,

and shrubs, and spices; the Tower built in Lebanon must needs be compassed with the sweet smelling odours, to the great refreshing and delight of such as should lodge in it.

Hence the nose ofthis pure Church is compared to this Tower ; because they that dwell in this Church fall bee wonderfully refreshed with the sweet odours of the Ministry, which is the sweet favour of life unto life: as also with the favoury conference of good Christians,and their faithfull and godly conversation.

Thine head upon thee is like Carmel, and the haire of thine bead like purple, the King is held in the galleries. Tbine head


thee is like Carmel. Carmel excelled for fruit, and fulnesse in feeding Cartell, and therefore is reckoned with Lebanon , and Sbarox,

2 Cor. 2.




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Who the head of the Church under Christ. 213 and Basban, famous for fertility.

The head of the Church under Chrift & 35.4. is the Civill Magistrate. The meaning i Sar.ij. then is, that the Magistrate of this Church shall yeeld store of sound and sweet nourishment to the people, by giving and maintaining free passage to each holy Ordinance of God, and also by wholsome Lawes, and lastly by good example of godly life.

The haire of thy head like purple.] The haire ; whether it bee the common Christians of the Church that hang upon Chrift, or the Officers or Servants that hang upon the Magistrates of that Church, they are like purple.

First, not onely died in crimson blood of Chrift.

Secondly, but also of a royall hue, as purple is a princely die ; all of them cant.7.1. as Princes.

The Officers and Exacters shall beé R:1.16 12. Peace and Righteousncffe.

These Officers shall not basely fharke for bribes, nor exact for fees, nor oppresse for filthy lucre', nor pick holes in mens eftates to trouble the


Ifai.33.14 id 63• 1.


Ifai.60.17. and 18.

214 The duty of good Magistrates. Ch.7.

people and enrich themselves; but like purple-clothed Princes, be like their Minifters, and honour both their Ministers and themselves with Peace and Righteousnesse.

The King is held in the Rafters.] For

so the word is turned before, where the Cant.1.17

Rafters were understood partly of the Temple. Held, is alwaies (to my remembrance) used for holding by constraint, bound as a Prisoner. The meaning may be then, That the King, or chiefe Magistrate is bound to bee prefent at the Ordinances of God in the Temple, as any other private Christi

an; which is foretold exprcfly of this Ezck.46.

Church, when the people goe into the Temple, the Prince is commanded to goe in with them, when they goe out, he shall

goe out with them together ; he shall come in with the first, and go out with the laft: Or what if it imply that their greatest MagiItrates shall submit themselves to bee

bound with the censures of the Pfal.149.1 Church, according to that where the 618;&9.v. Psalmist telleth of binding of Kings Ifai.49.22


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