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Ch. 6. Hoso beautifull in Christs eyes. 315 with the Ordinances of God in the Church. And Isaiah foretelleth that Kings and Queenes shall bow downe their faces towards the earth unto the Church, and licke the dust of their feet; both their interpretations stand well together.

First,this doch shew us how to come vjer. and appeare beautifull in the eyes of the Lord Jesus : which is when wee turne our feet from the estate and wayes,

and bondage of sia and Satan, and come out of the captivity into the liberty of his children, when wee claime our Inheritance of the Kingdome of heaven, seeking after it above all earthly blessings, and walking towards it, when we walke confidently in a Christian course, then Christad. mireth our beauty. How beautifull are thy goings with shooes, O Princes daughter / Yea, Christ then eftecmeth us as Princes children : what matter then if foolish Men account 'us Peafants, and our going with shooes as straight in the insteps but wee ftand not, nor fall not to their judgements,


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216 Fear of reproacb should not discourage.

but to his who shall judge us to eter

nall happinesse, or mifery at the latt Mat, His word must stand when heaven 2 Tim.2.21 and earth shall fall : If he account us

veffels of honour, we are so indeed, who is it that dishonoureth us ? If men should cast a vessell of gold or filver into the mire, and tramp'e upon it, yet the vessell is still a veffell of honour, good, and rich, and precious ; the mire may easily be washed off from such vessels. Be not discouraged then from Chriftian courses by foolish feares of reproach: The truth is, if we goe on in fin, Christ esteemech ofus as base peasants, as ugly and abominable in his sight, naked, bare, deformed, and defled ; yea, he esteemech our goings as going barefoot, which either, first, brawneth our feet with a thicke skin, that thereby we grow infensible and feele nothing: or secondly, pricketh us with unneceffary seru.

ples and fears. Ofe 2. Secondly, we may

from hence obferve to whom the praise of the conversion of the forwardest Christians is




Ch. 7. Anabaptists confuted, 217 due ; to wit, to the hands of a cunning workman, the God of power and peace. We might be also called as often to returne, as the Shulamite in the last verse of the former Ghapter : and


unlefse this cunning workman put the bones of oar thighes into joynt, wee shall not returne to

Further, fee here the use of Bap- Use 3. tisme, even to Infants. The Anabaptists object that Infants can receive no Baprilmes benefit by it, because they yet receive no understanding, no benefic by the word : As if Infants cannot receive nourishment by the Navell though they can neither take, nor chew, nor fucke meat with hand or mouth : Baprisme is the Navell by which Infants are nourished in the Church.

Fourthly, from this Navell, never wanting liquor ; observe, there doth never want just matter of inftru&ion and comfort to be fetched from our Comfort baptisme against all temptations.Doch in BapSatan detaine thee from obeyingthine


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118 Comforts from our Baptisme. Ch.7.

effe&uall calling : Remember in Baptisme from thine Infancy thou waft admitted into the family of Chrift; doth hee trouble thee with feares and doubts, that thy sinnes are not pardoned > behold thy baptisme is full of liquor of Christs blood,to justifiethee from all thy fiones : Doth Satan rempt thec to defile thy felfe with any fione? Behold thou art washed solemncly in baptisme from all finne, and wilt thou defile thy selfe against thy baptisme ?

Fifthly, in the Lords Supper, see what plenty of excellent found and

sweet' nourishment is offered to us, lohn bss. even an heapof wheat : Christs fieso is

meat indeed, and his blood is drink in. deed. There is al-fufficient nourish. ment for an hungry foule ; this serveth to quicken our appetite to this hea

venly banquet. Use bo Sixthly, observe what manner of

persons should bec admitted to the Lords Table, and how we should prepare our felves thereto. This heape of wheat is not to bee set about with stinking weeds, but with faire lillies :


Ch.7. Ministers must not be dry brefts, 219 Cleanse wee ourselves then from all scandalous finnes, yea, and from all secret finnes, to our best endeavours, so shall we be fit to be set about this heap of wheat, the Lords Table.

Seventhly, note that Ministers to be use7. like Roes, skipping up and downe to gather and suckle the children of the Church, is fitter for a Church in gathering, than convenient in a Church constituted; for then the brests haog in their place like clusters of Grapes upon the branches of the Vine,v.7,8. But they must be brests giving fuck,not dry nurles; that istheir duty in every estate of the Church. Or if their people bee growne up in Christ to fitnesse for strong meat, then They to be full in a stronger liquor than milke, as clutters of grapesz full of wines,

Eightly, see the beauty and com- fes. mendation of three cardinall graces :

First, Faith, to be
First, strong,

Secondly, precious, applying the precious promises and making us rich withi them.


Heb. 5.12.

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