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Chap.1. Solomon honour'd for his wisdome. 19

That is, First, honourably esteeme thee.

Secondly, affect thy sight and fellowship.

Thirdly, seeke after thee. * This was fulfilled in Solomon: His owne people 28. &4.

i King reverenced him, even all of them ; his 31, 34.8 name was famous in all nations round a-5.7.& 10

1.7,8,9. bout him : all the Kings sent to him, and of all people some came to heare his wisedome. * The Queen of Sheba commeth from the uttermost parts of the earth to heare it, and counteth his people happy under it: † Hiram King of Tyret 1 King. blessed God for his wisedome.

Draw me.] It may well be the speech Verse 4. of Solomon to Christ , praying that Christ would draw him to the Father, neere unto him in holy duties, and promising to bring all the people to runne with him after God : Or it may be the speech of the Church to Solomon,

defiring him to draw them together, by publicke edicts and proclamations, to the solemne duties of Gods worship, and promising to come freely, to run toge ther willingly in the times of such assem blies; which was done. a



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What meant by Chambers. Chap.I.

[The King hath brought mee into Verse 4.

his chambers: ] That is , into those
bride-chambers, where Christ famili-
arly converseth with them; which were

First, the Tabernacle of Gibeon.
Secondly, the Arke at Jerusalem.
Thirdly, the Temple.

Into these * Solomon brought the

whole congregation of Israel to folemne 1. King.&. facrifices. 5.-14.

The words following in this verse, fhew a threefold refpect which the people beare to Solomon:

First, they rejoyced in him.

Secondly, they remember his love better then wine.

Thirdly, the upright love him. b 1. King,

Their rejoycing in him, is recordedb: their remembrance of his love more then wine, is there also implied; for,departing from the meeting with such glad hearts, they afterward remembred the comfort thereof, as more blessed then the peaceable living under their owne Vine and Fig-tree: The love of the upright to him continued all his time, even when his wives, and hollow-hearted sub


8. 66.

Chap... Solomon a type of Christ. 21 jects Aartered him, and enticed him to toleration of Idolatrie.

But consider further, that Solomon, when hee is here set forth as the desire, praise and blessednefse of all his people, hee is then a type of Christ, greater then Solomon ; whose heavenly fellowship and instruction the Church desires above Verse ?. wine: whose graces are excellent and procuring him love and renowne, of whom the Church prayeth to be drawn, and who leadeth us to fellowship with God in holy worship ; whom therefore the people rejoyce in, and remember his love above wine: the upright love him.

This first,doth shew us the happy estate use 1. of a Church or Common-wealth, when men of place labour not for preferments or worldly profits, for honour or long life, but for wise and understanding hearts, that may goe in and out before the people in their callings; when they desire to be kissed with the kisses of Gods mouth, that he would breath into them such

graces as bee needfull for their places.

Secondly, this sheweth what procures Use.2


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How to get a good name. Chap.1. la Magistrate love and reputation; when, being enriched with Gods graces , as sweet oyntments, hee manifesteth the sweet favour thereof in all his administrations. If any man desires a good name,if any man desires love and respect, this is the way to get it ; Fill your hearts with the good gifts and graces of God: let Gods grace shew forth it self in your speeches, in your answers, in your practices; this oyntment will bee stronger to get a good name, then any other noysom

thing to hinder it: The Virgins will love c, for they rejoyce at your faith ;

by faith our elders were well reported of. By these Solomon got a good name all the world over.

Thirdly, this is to teach a Magistrate to draw on the people to holy duties, by all meanes he can, by his proclamations, lawes and examples.

Fourthly, to shew that the greatest comfort of subjects, and the strongest love to knit them in all hearty affections to their Prince, is his forwardnesse in drawing them on, and leading them an

end to the holy duties of Gods worship. Verse 4. Draw mee, and I will runne after thee.]


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Chap.. How the Church is black.

23 If Solomon once be drawne, all the people will come after rejoycing, when they Ihall see the Magistrate come.

Fifthly, to shew us a signe of a true Use 5. spouse of Christ ; such a one preferreth fellowship with him above all things,de- Verje 2. lighting in his company, in his ordinances : Thus did Paul, d I count all things d Phil. 3. Loffe and drofse for Christ:So David,e Whom

ePl.73.25 have I in Heaven but thee?

I am blacke, yet comely, &c.]

In these verses is described the estate of the Church.

First, of Israel and Judah, in the last dayes of Solomon, and then of Reho- Verse 5. boam. Secondly, of Judah alone.

Verse 6. Thirdly, of Israel alone after the Apostacy of the ten tribes.

Ver.7,8 Fourthly, of Judah alone, in respect of his civill condition under the service

Verse 9. of the King of Egypt.

I am black, &c.] The Church is set Perfe s. forth by a double adjunction, the one contrary to the other, I am black, yet comely ; and both these by compari

Blacke. First, black, as the tents of Kedar.




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