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Tkë lewes willingnesje to ferde Cbriste 285 to what is found in the naturall beauty of the body.

First, a compleat integrity of all the Members of this Church ; where aný Member is wanting, there is deformily; bcaury is blemished. Tbis Church shall want then no Ordinances of God,

such Members to whom the dispensation of each Ordinance belongeth.

Secondly, a fit proportion of all the Members of the Church one to another; no swellings, no convulsions,

Thirdly; a good colour in the outward face of things, all carried 'decently, and in order : How faire! It implyeth admirable beauty in all thefe respects.

Hom pleasant for delights!} This word implyeth a ready willingnesle of this Church to the publique worship of God, which is here called delights; as being the marriage bed wherein Christ moft familiarly folaceth himfelfe with his Church.

This ready willingnefse of this Churcly was foretold, and the willing- PD, 116.3.


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226 The lewes willingnesse to serve Cbrist.

nesle of this people to any service of 2. Cor.9.7.. of his is pleasant to him.

O love?] As if the Church were fo lovely ; that it 'were even love it felfe.

The five former verses described the Church in her feverall Members a part. This verse considereth the whole

body met together in publique duties. Vorf.7.

This they ftature is like to a palme-tree, and thy brests to clusters of grapes.

This thy stature is like a palme-tree.] This tree is eminent,

First, for her straightnesfc.

Secondly, for her tallneffe. Ier.17.8. Thirdly, for her perpetuall green

nelle and fruitfulnesse, as that

Fourchly, for her thriving under weight pressing it downe.

Fifthly,for her easinesse to be clim.

bed, having many boughes, whereon Plin.lib.13. to stay hands and feet: So shall the

Church bee eminent for uprightnesse thererein, for growing up even against all oppofitions of Gog and Magog, for ready entertaining of all the faithfull that shall come to her.



Ministers like clusters of vinegrapes. 237

Thy brefts are like the clusters of the vine-grapes.]Their Ministers such like in foure refpe&s,

First, not few, as afore, two young Roes, but 'many,as clusters.

Secondly, not stirring up and down as Roes, from place to place, but hanging in their places.

Thirdly, full of strong liquor of found Doctrine.

Fourthly, requiring some pressure in urging (though little) before they empty themselves, but upon easie preffure doing it plentifully.

I said, I will goe up to the Palme-tree, Verleg. I will take bold of the boughes thereof: now also thy brefts Sall be as clufters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples.

I said, Iwill gøe up to the Palme-tree, I will take hold of the boughes thereof.] Christ speakes of himselfe to imply the readiness of his Members to resort and flock to this Church of the Jewes; for what Christs Members doe by the guidance of his Spirit, he accountech it his owne a&tion. This forwardnesle

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228 Christs a&tion what his people doe.

of the Gentiles to afcend and resort

to lerusalem, is elfewhere foretold * Zech. 8. more plainly *

Non alfo iby brefts as the clusters of tbe Ilai.6o.

vine.] And that is notwithstanding the plenteous acecfse of the Gentiles to the Churcb.Here shall be no defect of Ministers to teach and feed them all but there shall be still a large supply of store, sweet and plentifull Teachers, as clusters of grapes to refresh them all.

And the smell of thy nose like apples.] Notwithstanding this plenteous accesse of the Gentiles, the life of con mon Christians intainted with Heathenish & Popishunsavory pollutions; yer the Chorch her selfe, and they that live in it shal (mel a fragrant savour of the good conversation of the people.

The Smell of thy nose.} Not which the nose yeeldeth, but which is yeelded to the nose,to thy favoury discerning shal be sweet and comfortable as that of Apples

Before, when this Church confifted of her owne people, her smell wasas chat of Lebanon, v.4.& now by the ac


Che cup, as Prov. 23• 31. which here

The lewes ne loosers by the Gentiles. 229 ceffe of the Gentiles it (hal not be corrupt. Indeed when the Israelites came outof Egypt, the mingled of the Gentiles with them, drew them away to murmuring and lufting; for this compare Exod. 12.38. with Numb, 11.4. But no such contagion shall accrue to this Church by the mingling of the Gentiles with them.

And the roofe of thy mouth like the best mines, for my beloved, that goeth donne sweetly, causing the lips of those that are Verse 9. sleep to speak.

And theroofe of thy mouth like the best wines, Hebr. Like good wine, going to my beloved most straightly and rightly.] That is, the Doctrine of the Church shall bee as ever any most sweet and powerfull , and comfortable, and generous wine ; it shall ever goe, or

end dirc&ly to Christ, alwaies aiming at the preaching of him.

To goe rightly, or straightly, imPlyeth the strength and generousneste of wine, when it sparklech upward in

exprefleth the lively vigour of the



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