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230 The zealous love of the Church to Cbrift.

First, Thee shall devoure all such things and bury them out of sight, And

Secondly, there hold them under for ever.

The coales thereof are coales of fire, which have a most vebement flame.] The ardency of this love shall as coales of fire,

First,enflame her in all her services to Christ :

Secondly, burne upas Aubble all impediments.

First, All inward green lusts. Secondly, outward entanglements,

(Vehement flame.) Hebr, Flames of God, that is, excellent or excraordinary ; for in Scripture Phrase, the things of God are transcendently excellent, as the Harpes of God*, the Trees of God *.

Flames of God, divine and vehement, and indeed this vehement love being kindled by Gods heavenly Spirit, cannot be quenched with earthly things.

Many waters cannot quench love, nejther can the floods drowne it: if a man

*Rev.15.2 "

Verso 7.


The cannot be drawn from Cbr.251 would give all the fubftance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

That is, neither adversities, though never so many, or deep, or strong, as many waters and foods, thall withdraw this love from Chrift ; nor all the creasures, and pleasures, and credit, which the substance of any, mans housc might procure us, shall be of any reckoping in comparison of Chrift, i to wichhold our hearts from bim. we have little sister, and she hath no

Verf. 8 breasts, what sball we doe for our sister, in the day when Sie shall be fpoken for. ciee bave a little fifter, &c.] The Church of iwdea and aßyria hearing of fomegood people growing up and comming on in Egypt, they are folicicous what course to take for them for their growth and establishment.

(A little fifter.) In comparison of Isa. 19. I the Jewes or Affyrịans, for but five Cities in the Land of Egypt speak ube language of Canaan, and one of them ball be called the City of de fru&tion. And se bath no breasts.] No Mini


282 The Church of Egypt why a little Sister:

fters to give to them the fincere milk Petonsa. I of the word or the meanes of confo

lation in their oppressions abd difa.gozo ftreffes.

In the day when she sbal be spoken for.] When the fulnesse of time shall come, that she shall grow up to such a multitude of Professors, as may bee fit to have a setled Church established amongst them; for there is a company grown up to be a fit Spouse for Christ. When there are so maoy good Christians as may constitute a

wellordered Church. Verje 9.

If she be a wall, we will build upon her e palace of filver : and if she be a doore, we will enclose her with boards of Cedar.

If she be a wall, we will build] That is, if Abé have a Christian Magiftracy; for the Magistrate is a wall.

First, high, to keep our invasions of enemie ; even so doth he keepe out forraigne evills from breaking in upon his people.

Secondly, clofe to kcepe in bis people within bounds from breaking out into disorder. :-;?

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Why the Magistrate called a wall. 753

Tbirdly, firme, whereon to reare (ifoccafion bé) « silver Palace, whereon to lay the frame of a good motion, or course to bee taken for Publique good.

..? Fourthly, a Wall of partition, to divide betweene right and wrong, to give every man his own.

We will build upox ber a silver palace.] We will make her garment honourable and wealthy

If she be a doore.] That is, if she have faithfull Ministers, which as a doore, open the way to Christ, that the people may go in and out, and find pafturc in him : we will enclose her with boards of Cedør. Cedar is a Timber that will neither rot, nor breed wormes, and so will endure alwaies ; Whence it was that the Heathen made thçir Simulachra Deorum, Images of their gods of Plin.lib.13 this wood, to make them secmne eter- cap: 5. nall. These Sister-Charches then promise, that if their little fister of Egypt have any faithfull Ministers, they will provide for their safety and peace, that they bee not discouraged,


254 Christ will himselfe care for his Church,

nor disturbed in their function. Verf.10. I am a wall, and my breasts like towers:

then was I in his eyes as one that found favour.

The little fister of Egypt resolveth her sisters, that shee wants neither Ghristian Magistrates, nor faithfull Ministers, fo full of wholesome Do &rine, as that her breasts fwell like Towers; wbich yet she acknowledgeeth to be a fingular mercy and favour of Christ, and ascribeth all her store to his praise : Then w28 l as one that

found favour in his eyes. Verfeir.

Solomon had a vineyard in Baal-hamon: A place fo fruitfull that for excellency it was called the Lord of a multitude, or the owner of great encrease. He let out the vineyard unto keepers, who paid him a great rent, even thousands for the fruit of it, and yet had a good portion, certain hundreds for their owne paines.

My vineyard which is mine, is before Verf 12. me: thou (o Solomon) muft bave a thoi

fand, and those that keep the fruit thereof, two hundred.


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