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Che Catbolique Church where it dwells, 255

Towit, I ler not out my vineyard to others, but I kept it my felfe alwaies ; let Solomon take his thousands for his fruits of his vineyard, and the Reapers their hundreds ; I will not so doe, but take all the paines to keep my vineyard, and


all the gaines of the fruits thereof to my felfe. The meaning is, when Christ hath gathered all these Churches of the Jewes, Affyrians, Egyptians, and neighbourNations, hee will then keepe his Church with his mighty power,

that neither Dragons, nor wilde Bores, nor Foxes shall bereafter root it up, or make havock of it, as in time past they have done : This is exprefly foretold, and Chall.come to paffe after the-destruction of Leviathan the great Turke *

Tbou that dwellest in the gardens, the Verse 13. companions hearken to thy woyce, cause me to beare it.

Thou that dwelleft in the gardens,] The Participle being of the Feminine Gender,sheweth that it isthe Church, not Christ that is here spoken to,



256 T be Catholique Church,wbere it dwells.

who is said to dwell in the garden ; to wit, in the particular Churches; as the fea dwelleth in each particular Countrey sea; the Germán sea, the Spanish fea, the Balticke sea, &e. So the Catholique Church is divided into particular Churches, or the Jewish Mother Church dwelleth by her authority and directions in all other Churches.

The companions hearkning to thy word (or voice) cause me to beare it.] So the words in the originall which implyeth eitber that Church would have the Mother Church of the Jewes, take care of allother Christian Churches, and give directions unto them, and yet not as anto her handmaids, but as to her companions ; or else if the words be read according to the tranflarion, The companions hearken to iby voice, cause me to beare it : They imply, that after the calling of these Churches, this shall bee their constant eftace to the worlds end, they shall all

First, embrace one another as copanions, not claiming Romish Suprcmacy:


Gentiles not caft off at the lewes calling. 257

Secondly, hearken to the voice and dire&ions of the Mother Church, (in Solomons daies for wifdome to him:)

Thirdly, continue in calling upon the Name of Christ without diffiparion and interruption to the end.

Make bafte my beloved, and be thou Verf.14. like to a-Roe, or to a young


upon the mountaine of spices.

This is the prayer of all the Churches'; Now that all things are accomplished the which Prophets and ApoItles have foretold, that Chrilt would haften his last comming as swiftly and quickly, as the swiftest of the creacures, the Roe, or young Hart, to take them up with himselfe into the higheft Heavens of the Mountaines of spices, where are all manner of spices, where are all manner of fweet and fragrant and pleasant things, even fulnefle

Pfal.16,1%. of joy at Gods right hand for evermore. Thus is the end of the Revelations, The spirit and the Bride, and evetý faithfull foule faith in like fenfe, come

Rev.22.176 Lord Iesus, come quickly. The use of this is, first, to teach us ufei. S




ver, 24

258 Gentiles nos cast off at the lewes calling.

that the Nations of the Gentiles (hall not be cast off from the fellowship of the Church, when the Jewes are called, as the Jewes were out of the

Church, that the Gentiles might bee * Rom. II. grafted in: ; but even after their cal.

ling, new Churches of the Gentiles shall bee brought in ; yea, their con

version shall bring from the dead into Rom: 11 the world : what shall the receiving of ver. 12,15. them be, but life from the dead = yea, the Revel. 25. Geptiles Sball bring their glory to it,

yea, the cursed Canaanite shall not be

excluded from partaking in this bles*Ezek.16. fing*. How much more may we hope 55.60. 61. then that these Churches of Chri

stendome,which have suffered so much with Christ, and for him, under the Dragon, and the Beast, and the Turk, shall partake with the glory of these Churches of the Jewes when the time

shall come. Use 2. Secondly, this doth teach us how

to attaine fellowship and holy familiarity with Christ, even by faith, leaning upon him as our beloved infidelity and doubting hinder our sweet


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brance of us; if wee labour to fubdue

Faith gives communion with Christ. 259 communion with Christ, labour wee therefore to abandon it from us.

Thirdly; "we may here fee the duty Ofe 3. of inferiour Magistrates what it is, even to see that the Church be raised up under them; how much more to countenance and protect it with their shadow,' and to comfort it with the fruit of their sweet and wholesome lawes and examples.

Fourthly, this may ferve for tryali vse 4. of the goodnesfe of our affe&ions to Christ; if we thirst afrer his deepe affection to us, and continuall rememour selves and all ours to him, if wee jealously warre against all that which might impaire our love to him, if weë

all our impediments, if no afflictions can discourage us from him, if no prosperity can fhake our intire desires after him,we are then wel affe&ted to him as this Church is : If we defire to have such deep place in Chrifts heart, it is a plain signe Chrift hath a deep place in our hearts.

burne up

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