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34 Who beautifull in Christs eyes, ... Chi

But he penned it after his fall,to assure us the more of his salvation, which fome make doubt of.

Seventhlys this thewes us such foules are the fairest and most beautifull in Christs eyes (as not resting in the commandements of governments touching matter of Religion,but doe seeke for the true Church and pure worship of God,

and follow it, though with neglect of * 2 Chro. their suburbsfand possessions, Christ 13.14.16. calleth thofe, the fairest among women Mat. 19.

who here enquire after him and felly, all

to follow him ; fo these that want means 22,28.

of falvationat home are desirous to seeke afterthem, and where they finde them;

and part with any thing to enjoy the purity of Gods worship and ordinances; these in Gods

Scaccount are the worthiest Christians.

9919.1 Eighthly, here is shewed two marks

of the true Church of God, doe any 1 Kin.så. doubt whether God be God or Baal,and

doe halt betweene two opinions, not

knowing whether to joyne with Rome Verse 8. or England ? Goe then out by the foot

steps of the flocks, where the faithfull hearing Christs voice resort, and will not


21,27 Luke 18.

Mar. 10. 2 1,28.

there they goe;

uce 8.


Ch.1. The Church forsakes God, and he her. 35 heare any voyce but Christs, follow those: now times are such (blessed be God) as every one may finde out where the Church is, but in the case of blacknesse and darknesse, enquire then

First, for such as will heare no voyce but Chrifts, and follow then the footsteps of the flocke : see where they feed, there joyine your felves. :

Secondly, where you finde faithfull ministers Priests, as Aarons sonnes, and Levites anointed with heavenly graces : Thither carry your kids, there plant your families to bee fed under such shepheards.

Lastly, wee may see here when the use 9. Church neglects Gods service, God Verses gives her up to the service of forraine Princes, to draw as horses in Pharaoh chariots : And

yet being humbled for this, God will have mercy on her, and so dispose of it, that her service shall not be base, for God will make them to draw his yoke, though they draw it in the yoke of forraine Princes, as Rehobaam and his people did. f

Thy checks are comety with rowes of 8,92 jewels,] the estate of the Church is here: Ver. 1

D 2

described, leo end.

f 2 Chri

12. 2, 4,


What meant by cheekes. " described, as it was in the dayes of Abijam, in these words, Thy checks are come ly with Jewels, and as it was in the dayes of Afa, both in the fame words, and in the words following to the end of the eleventh verse.

Thy cheeks, Jthat is the outward face of the Church are comely with rowes of Jewels; that is with keeping their right place, and order, and manner of Gods owne ordinances.

This Abijam proclaimeth himselfe to & 2 Chro. all the house of Israel; ! But as for us 13.10,11, (faith he) the Lord is our God, wee have not

forsaken him, the Priests which minister'unto the Lord are the sonnes of Aaron, and the Levites wait upon that businesse, and they burne unto the Lord every morning and every evening burnt facrifices and sweet incense the Shew bread also they set in order upon the puretable.

It was not fo with the House of Israel, Ver. 8,9. * though Abijahs heart was not so

upright as Davids; yet the ouèward face of the Church, her cheeks (as it were) were comely with the orderly keeping and observing the ordinances of God: yea and comely also was the face of the box




h : King


Ver. 10.

Chap... The benefit of Wholesome Lawės. 37
Church, looking up to God in distresse,
i which moved him to deliver you from 12 Chro.

13.12,18. Thy necke with chaines of Gold.] Chaines of gold are wholfome lawes, binding like chaines, to keep the worship of God and true Religion pure as gold; such Lawes are called chaines :k This k PC:1498 was done in the dayes of Afa, when hee 8. removed the Altars of the strange gods, pulling downe the high places, breaking the Images, and cutting downe the groves ; commanded Judah to seeke the Lord God of their fathers, and the people willingly submitted themselves I to enter into a covenant or law, that upon paine 14.293;43 of death all the people should seeke the 5.& 15. Lord onely.

Wee will make thee.] This sheweth the Ver. Il. forwardnesfe of the people to joyne with Asa in reforming Religion, and adorning the Church, as is recorded m.

Borders of gold:] That is the borders ?S. of the kingdome, pure as gold by clen- Ver. 11. sing and putting away all the Idols out of ait quarters of Judah, yea and of Benjamin also, and mount Ephraim, the very skirts, and frontiers, and borders of the kingdomen.

Studs! 15.8.

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m 2 Chro.

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n 2 Chro.





40 Christ as Camphire saihis Cburich. Chap].

therefore themselves laid to teach in the + 2 Chro. cities of Pudaht. This these Princes

were as a bundle of Myrohe amongit the Priests and the Levites, to decide all controversies amongst the people, both in matters in concerning God and the King; to preserve the people, and one

another free from corruption in all mat u : Chro. ters, whether of Religion or civil Justiceou

Yea, and Fehofhaphat himselfe reprefenting Christ the Churches wellbeloved upon earth, he rested in the bofome of the Church as a bundle of Myrrhe, sweet, and strongly preserving the people from corruption :: from Beerfbeba to mount Ephraim hee went, about, throughout all the people to bring them

backe againe to the purity of Gods wor, 2 Cho.

As a cløfter of Camphire.] Camphire is a fhrub for fmell like unto Spikenard, wasting the obstruction of the fpleene, and by the very fmell of it making men

végeftiores and firmiores, more lively and Plin. lib.

more strong 3 year, and available alfo & gainst the biteing of lerpents: fuch was

Christ to his Church, when the chil2. Chron. dren of Moab and Animon and mount


ship. *


Ver. 14



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