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Chap.1. The Church faire under Hezekiah. 41 Seir gathered themselves together against the children of Israel in Engedi, for by the ministry of Fehaziel, he made Fehosaphat and his people,

First, more strong in fáith, to rest on 2 Chron. God and his word.

Secondly, more lively and heartily to praife God : yea , and hee saved them from their enemies, themselves not ftriking a stroke; though their enemies the breed of the old Serpent put them be verse 3. fore in great feare.

Behold thou art faire my love, behold | Ver. 15. thou art faire : ] The doubling of the words expresseth the superlative degree, by an usuall Hebraisme, faire, faire, that is, very faire ; which sheweth the estate of the Church in Hezekiahs time, who returned and set the Priests and Lévites in their courses, restored their burnt facrifices and oblations, fanctified the Priests,called all the people to the Paffe- 2 Chron. over, prayed for their healing , tooke a-29; & 30.

& 31. ver. way all the Images, groves, and high 1, 2. places.

[ Thou haft Doves eyes : ]That is, chast Ver. 15. and loathing uncleaneffe, as Pliny re- Plin. lib. ports the Doves to be, Hezekiah loa




42. The estate of the Church under Josiah. Ch.r.

thed even the monuments of Idolatrie, even the brazen Serpent, (though fometimes Gods ordinance;-) when once the people went a whoring after it: So by

this means,abuses crept into the Church, z King

in the dayes of Foram, Uzziah, Fotham,

Ahaz, are not recorded till they come to be cleansed, left the joy of the marriage song should be darkened by the mention of fo fad occurrences'; whence also it is, that the abuses that crept in after the death of Hezekiah, in the dayes of Manafseth and Ammon, are not mentioned till their cleansing came, recorded in the

dayes of Fofiah..." Ver. 16. Bebold thoù art fare my beloved, yea

pleasant ; talso our bed isi greene : ] This is the estate ofthe Church in the dayes of good Fofiah,who reformed it to the like eftate of purity and beauty as in the daies of Hezekiah, yea, in this hee exceeded

him, in taking away the high places 2 King. which Salomón had built for his wives 23. 13. Idols, as alfo fome other corruptions of

Ahaz, ver. 12. and besides, hee made all

the people to worship the Lord onely, * 2 Chro and to ferve him. [ Tea pleasant , ] It being more then



Ch.1. The estate of the Church under Josiah. 43 faire, fo young a man to worke so great

a Chr.34 a worke of reformation.

Our bed is greene, ] The house of God was the temple, the bed in the house were the ordinances of God, wherein God was wont familiarly to embrace his spouse, and she him.

These in Fosiahs time Aourished in greaterst purity, 7 fo that there was no lt 2 Chro Passeover like unto his.

35.18. Our bed is greene', ] It is an allusion to the spring time, when the worship of God began to Aourish againe, after a winter time of myrie and dirtie pollutions.

The beames of our house are Cedar, and Ver. 17 our Rafters, or Walls, or Galleries of Firre,] These words set out the beauty of the Church, in regard of the repaires of the 12 Chr.34 Temple made by Fofiah.

The use is to observe the severall use 1. beauties and ornaments of the Church, which are,

First, to enjoy each ordinance of God in his ranke and place : It is as if the checkes, or open face of the Church were decked with rowes, of jewels. Feroboam made Priefts of the baseft of



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44 Good Laws hinder nòr Chriftia liberty...Ch.1.

the people, and such defect or corfuption of Gods ordinances, is a blemisheon

fpicuous in the face of the Church. 4. Use.2 Secondly, good Kings ought to put

upon their people wholesome Lawes, and strait binding to the purity of Religion and the worship of God: It is no impeachment to their Chriftian liberty as Anabaptists dore, but an ornament to their beautie, making their neckes

comely as with chaines of gold. It was *2 Chro. the commandement of Afa* Whofoever

would not feeke the Lord God of Israel, should † 2 Chro. be put to death. And Josiah tooke away

all the abominations out of all the Countries risis that pertained to the Children of Ifrael, and

made all that were present to serve , even to ferve the Lord their God.

Thirdly, people to be ready to binde themselves by folemne covenant and oath to keepe fuch Lawes , and to assist their Princes in cleanfing their uetermoft borders and corners of the kingdome from Superftition and Idolatrie and it is no impeachment of Christian liberty to bow to Christian Lawes: yea, k is the bearity of a Christian Church to weare chose chaines, thofe Lawes, which


use 3:


Chap.1. Ministers fent out and countenanced. :45 were made for the good of the Church, and it was their profanefse and rebellion that say, * Let us breake their bands afun- * Pla.2.3. der, and caft away their cords from us.

Fourthly, Princesto fend forth favou- use 4. ry and gracious Ministers into all quarters of their dominions, that all their people may

taste and feele how sweet the preaching of the word is: This is the ornament of a Church, when Christian Princes so provide that all places may be furnished with preaching Ministers; this is to open a box of Spikenard that the smell thereof may flow forth, but to leave them relifhed with the dregs of Superstition, this isa blemish Dan

Fifthly, to fee that the nobles and Magiftrates countenancePriests and Levites, Ver. 13. and by their audhority to give the free paffage to the word, and to prevent difsturbances which elfe might be offered to Ministers in their Churches; yda all Magistrates to prevent corruptions in matters, whether of Religion or Civill Justice, is as ifa bundle of Myrrhe should lodge in the breafts of the Church.

Sixthly, the Lord Jesus to refresh and use 6. strengthen the hearts and spirits of his



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