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31, 32a

68 Cyrus ordained to deliver the Church. Ch2

is, hee giveth some glimps of hope, of further enlargement to the Church.

He sheweth himselfe through the lattice.] As in the originali, any place burned through in the siege of Babel, Cyrus diverting the course of Euphrates another way,'

which before came through the midst of the City, burning up the reeds, and drying up the water passages, hee

shewed himselfe through the place, and * Ier, 30. entered the City *.

My beloved spake and said to me, Rise up Ver. 10.

my love,my faire one, and come away: ] That is, Cyrus made open proclamation for my

departure out of Babel, and returne into † Ezra 2. into mine owne countrey

t. Though Cyrus was an heathen, and knew not * Efay 45. Christ the beloved, * yet the Church in 495.

Cyrus faw the hand and voyce of Christ,

using Cyrus as an instrument for delive* Ezr.1.7. rance; whence Ezra faith, the Lord

the spirit of Cyrus. Ver. 11. For loe the winter is past, the raine is

over and gone.]

That is, first , partly it was now spring time of the yeare, the winter and raine were now over, which else might have hindered travaile.




stirred up

Ch.2. Returne from captivity in the Spring. 69

Secondly, the metaphoricall winter of Babels captivity, and all the stormes of it were blowne over; whence it is the Caldean word is here used to signifie this winter, not the common Hebrew word.

The flowers appeare on the earth, the time Ver. 12. of the singing of birdes is come, and the voyce of the turtle is heard in our land:] Which, with the words following, is,

First, partly a description of the spring time, which invited them to this journey.

Secondly, partly a setting before them of such conveniences, which, like to the spring time , might invite them to this journey.

The flowers appeare on the earth:] That is, even they of the people of the Countries amongst whom they sojourned; they both,

First, praised God for their deliverance *.

* Pf. 126. Secondly, furnished them with gold 1.-3. and silver, and other usefull things for their journey t.

+ Ezr.1.4. The time of the singing of birds is come:] To wit, that the Priests and Levites

F 3





70 Ifrael backeward to leave Babel. Ch.2.

should now fing and praise God in their owne Countries

which they † Pfa.137. | thought unseasonable to do in a strange

land 7.

The voyce of the turtle is heard in our land.] That is, of Christ the faithfull spouse of his Church, who is mourning

in Judea,because he findeth not his Mate Ver. 13.) (the Church) there.

The fig-tree putteth forth her greene figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell,] That is, the chiefe of the Fathers and Elders of the people, they shew themselves forward to countenance the journey, and to prepare for it.

Arise my love, my faire one, and * Ver. 10, away.] Being twice repeated *

gueth the people were slacke to leave their states, which they had planted themselves in at Babel, and therefore stood in need of calling on againe and againe.

O my dove, that art in the clefts of the rocke, in the secret place of the stayers, let me see they countenance, let me heare thy voyce, for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance comely.


it 3r


Ver. 14

Ch.2. Who fostes to the Church. 71

O my dove.] That is, my chaste,innocent and faire spouse."

That art in the clefts of the rocke), in the secret place of the stayers, ] That now doft worship me in holes and corners.

Let me see thy countenance, let me heare thy voyce:] Let mee see thee assembled into the face of a Church, in my Sanctuary, let me there heare thee calling upon mee, singing praise to mee, speaking my word.

For sweet is thy voyce, and tby countenance comely.]

First, the voyce of the Church, at one and the same time,

First, rejoycing in Gods wonderfull mercy.

Secondly, weeping and bewailing, partly,

a Pfa. 14. First, their owne unworthinesse.

Secondly, the decâyes of the Church, 50.4, 5.& in regard of former times a.

Take us the foxes, the little foxes that 13 spoile the vines, for our vines have tender 6 Ezra 4. grapes.] That is, restraine (the foxes, the 2.-4. little foxes) the enemies of the Church, S:3: of greater or lesser power ;

b such as were the Samaritans. These spoiled the Heft. 3.


6.1, 3. with Ier.

Ezra 3.

Neh. 4• 1.3

vines, 8, 9.

e Ezra 6. 11.-13.

72 The foxes of the Church deftroyed. Ch.2 C Ezr.4.49 | vines, chindered the proceeding of the 50 239 240 building of the Temple, and the peace

ofthe Church. And therefore Tobiah said truely of himselfe and his fellowes, that they, as foxes, going upon the weake

foundation of the walls of Jerufalem, dNeh.4.3 | might easily demolish the same d: Yet

these foxes in the end were taken and restrained, First, partly by the Edi&of Dariuse : Secondly, partly by the hanging of Haman and his sons, and the de

struction of some other of the Jewes fHeb.7.

enemies f.

My beloved is mine and I am his. ] The Church enjoyeth familiar and comfortable Communion with Christ, these

enemies being quelled * * Neh, 8.

Shee feedeth among the lillies.] That is, among pure and faire Christians all corruptions being weeded out, both of strange wives *, of usury, of right of the Levites maintenance and mini

stration, t and prophanation of the SabNeh 13:

bath. Ver. 17.

Untill theday breake,and the shadowes flee away : turne my beloved, and be thou like a Roe or a young Hart, upon the mountaines of Bether.


10. &9. 14.-16 Ver. 16.

* Ezr. Jo.

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