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Ch.3. What the Churches bed. 85 death who had caused children to be circumcised, and hanged children


the neckes of their mothers, 1 Mac. 1. 2 3. to the end.

In my bed:]Not in my bed of ease and sloth, (as some take it ) for what ease could the Church take in the night time of calamity! but in my bed, that is, in Chap s. the place and duties of Gods worship, 16.8 3.7 the Temple and the ordinances.

I sought him whom my soule loveth.] I desired and endeavoured to have fellowship with Christ, but I found him not, the Sanctuary being polluted and the daily. sacrifice taken away, and profane Idols set up in the place.

In the streets of the City: ] that is, in the Verse 2. open assemblies of the faithfull, in the Synagogues, in the cities of Judea and Jerusalem ; but behold there Altars erected to Idols, and incense burned, and the books of the Law cast into the fire *: \ *1 Mac.i. Yea, behold the citizens of Jerusalem 37:-59. all fled and gone * : and the rest went in procession to Bacchust.

+ 2 Mac. The watch-men that goe about the citie:]) 6,7: To wit the Levites, who answered her Verse 3. with silence; but a little after she found


I Mac.


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2.4 2943:



How and where the Ch.3. fuccour at Modin, for the Priests, Mattathias and his sonnes, Fudas, Fonathan, and Simon, and the rest that went about to repaire the ruines of the Church and

Common-wealth; to these the faithfull * 1 Mac.

Church repairing, * and finding delive

rance and comfort, by. Endas especially, ti Mac.

or rather by Chrift'in himt, Shee left him 110t till shee had brought him into the Temple, where the foone after cleansed the Sanctuary, and restored the purity of Gods worship, and offered facrifice according to che Law, so that she found

great comfort and joy in the duties of * 1 Mac. Gods worship *. Thus againe found 4.42946.

they Christ in a typicall Saviour, held him by faith, and, with courage and zeale, brought him into the Temple and Sanctuary, the house and chamber of her mother; that is, of the former Church of Israel, or of the Catholike Church, for the Church of the former ages is the mother of the latter or the whole Church is the mother of each part in usuall phrase of Hebrew speech : The Temple is the house of both, the SanEtuary is the chamber of her that bare her.

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Ch.3. Church found Chrift.

87 I charge you , Oyee daughters of Ferufa-| Verses lem,by the Roes and by the Hinds of the field, that ye stirre not up, nor awake my love till

I charge you,&c.] See the same words opened, Chap. 2.7. The Church chargeth all her daughters, all her members, to take heed, left by their undiscreet dealing, or any wicked practise, they stirre up che neighbour Princes of Syria and Egypt; not to disturbe the peace of the Church, and to provoke Christ againe to leave them desolate; which though Fason and Menelaus and Alcimus broke t, t 2 Mac. yet they prevailed not so farre, but 14.14. Christ was still found in the Temple of the faithfull till his comming in the flesh.

Who is this that commeth out of the wil. Verle 6. derneffe lıke pillars of smoake,perfumed with mirrhe and frankincense, with all powders of the merchant ?

Who is this that commeth out of the wilderneffe.] This is a description of John Baptist, and of the Church gathered by ais Ministery in the wilderneffe: which is set forth,

First , by the admiration and inquisiivenesse of the old Synagogue after him

88 John Baptifts Mmistery bow foretold. Ch.3

and his baptisme: Who is this that com

meth, or ariseth, &c. which was fulfil*Ioh.1.19 led * : To whom the Jewes sent Priests Luk.3.15. and Levites to aske him, Who art thou?

and all men mused whether he were not the Christ.

Secondly, by the place of his arising,

and the Church with him in the wilder+ Luke 3

nesse 1. Mar. 1.3,4 Thirdly, by the manner of arising, like

pillars of smoake, which

First, ariseth from fire, as the Church arose from zeale and fervencie of Fohns ministery:

Secondly, ascendeth on high, as the propagation of this Church did, even to Jerusalem t.

Thirdly, fils the countrey, as the Church did with rumour and increase of


+ Mar. 3•


* Mat. 3.

it *


Fourthly, by the excellent fragrancie

and sweetnesse of the graces thereof per+ Chap. 1. fumed t, preserving from putrefaction: 13.

such was the powerfull zeale of Fohn and his ministery, strongly fragrant as Myrrhe; and preserving his hearers from pharifaicall hypocricy ; Frankincense is of like strong fragrancy, and of chiefe use

Mat. 3.

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Ch.3. Solomons bed what it signifies. 89 in making of the holy incense t ; by Exod.30 which prayer was signified *, to intimate * P4.14) the fragrancy and fervency of his pray-2. ers,who taught all his disciples to pray b. b Luk.. i

With all powders of the merchant.] to wit, perfumed with the sweet graces of God, filled with the holy Ghost a- cLuk• 1. bove all Prophets, yea above all that "5. were borne of womend, whence also he d Mat.11 seasoned all sorts of his hearers with 9, 11. graces and directions fit for their severall callings e.

Fifthly, by the doctrine of Fohn,who 10.-14 exprefly preached the Lord Jesus manifested in the Aesh.

Behold his bed which is Solomons, three- Verse 7 fcore valiant men are about it, of the valiant of Ifrael.

Behold his bed which is Solomons.] this doctrine the Church of that time received and beleeved: In which doctrine, that first Church first discerned and be. leeved,

First, the Temple of Christs body; |f Chap. 1 for the bed f was taken, as also it is here, 16.8 3.1 for the Temple, which was the type of Christs body.

g Ioh. 2. Now,this as Fohn pointedh, Behold the h lohn 1.

lambe 29,30.

19, 20.

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