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Ch.3.Fearfull Christians not to be discouraged.95 which will not bee good for it.

Secondly, in regard of fearefull Chriftians, for they will start away; many are willing to come into the Church,but if the profession of Christ be troublesome and hot, they will not abide it : therefore this charge is needfull that we may walke holily, that Christ be not ftirred up, nor these fearefull Christians discouraged. See this handled, Chap.2. verfe 7. Thus farre the first part in the time

of the Maccabees : Now Secondly of the estate of the Church in

John Baptift's time. This is first to shew us, that God can use 1. raise up a Church even in the wilder-Verse 6. neffe, to the admiration of observers:and fo hce can raise up our neighbour Churches, now brought to a wilderneffe, This may comfort us in regard of them; for though they be now defolate, yet we may hope a time will come when they shall rise againe.

Secondly,fee here is a part of the duty ure 2. of ancient Chriftians, not to maligne the grace of God in those that come after ther, but to admire them *, Who is it *Verse 6



10. -14•

96 What graces requisite in a Minifter. Ch.3.

that commeth out of the wildernesse like pillars of smoake, perfumed with Myrrhe and

Frankincense, &c. use 3.

Thirdly, this shewes what gifts and graces are most requisite in a Minister, and doe most adorne him, even zeale in his Ministery, and fervency in prayer,

and all sorts of sweet graces to seafon Verse 6. and direct all sorts of his people in their * Luke 3. severall callings, as Fohn did *, when the

people came and said, what shall we doe? He answered and said, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none, &c. So Föhn was perfumed with graces for all men : for men must not come into the Ministery with judgement and learning alone, for these may come from nature; but they must come perfumed with graces, to keepe themselves and others from putrefa&ion; yea, they must labour for those graces which will give a strong fent to save themselves and others.

Fourthly, this shewes us the manhood and Godhead of Christ, Christs humane nature is the Temple, or bed wherein the Godhead resteth bodily,

and the Godhead made this Temple or Verse 7,9. bed for himselfe, no earthly facher for him.


use 4

II, I 2


Ch.3. All things needfull in Christ. 97

Fifthly , see here the protection and. Use 5. ardiance the Angels give to Christ, and n him to the Church and all his mem- Pfal.34.7. pers, ver fe 7,8.

Sixthly, wee may here fee in Christ Heb.2014. whatsoever is behoovefull for all our Rev.s.11. alvations. In regard of his Priestly of- &7:11. ice hee is pure as silver , to cleanse our mpurity, and to abide the fire : In egard of his Propheticall office hee is recious as gold, to enrich our poverty: n regard of his Royall and Kingly ofice he is glorious as purple and clothed Verse 10. vith it, to advance our baseneffe : His reart,or middest,iseven paved with love >fus : His heart is an hearth ( for so the word signifieth ) whereon the fire of his ove towards us burneth continually; let is then love the Lord Jesus againe, and eceive the seeds and fruits of his grace, nd then shall we see his heart Aaming vith love to us : and then whatsoever

efals, bloudshed, warre, captivity, &c. Il comes from love; his whole heart is aved with love.

Seventhly, let us take up our use 7. houghts and meditations about Chrift; i us goe forth and behold him; let his H



98 We must give our felves to Chrift. Ch.z.

abundant graces fill our empty soules. use 8.

Eighthly, if thou beeft a daughter of Sion, thou art contracted to Christ; and know it by this, Dost thou read his letters? art thou delighted with them and doft thou rejoyce to speake to him again by prayer: If thou dost, it may be the joy

of thy heart for ehy estate is good.
9. Lastly, this doth exhort us all to give

up our selves as spouses to Christ, and
that with all gladnesse of heart , since he
is affected to us, who yet' hath nothing
from us but debts and beggery: and they
that doe give themselves Christ,
need not feare wanting comfort; for no
spoules shall finde such comfort as they:
Shall he be glad to have us a company of
beggars ; yea, as I may say,a company
of deaths and was it the gladnesse of his
heart to be espoused to us, which was
when his Father contracted him to us,
and shall we think it a day of deading to
set our feer intoChrifts bed: Althe mer-
chants cannot set forth our excellency,
when he shall pay all our debts,and adorn
us with all his graces ; therefore let us go
forth,and bring him home to us, we shall
then finde him comfortable to us in the
day of espousals.



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Ehold thou art faire my love, behold, thou dri

faire, thou haft döves eyes within thy lockes:thy haire is as a flock of goats that appear from mount Gilead.

2 Thy teeth are like a flocke of sheepe that are even shorne, which came up from the washing': whereof every one beare twins, and none is barren

3 Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet and the speech is cemely : thy temples are like a piece of a pomegranate within thy lockes.

4 Thy necke is like to the tower of Davidybuilded for an armory, whereon there hang athousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men.

5 Tby two breasts are like two young Roes that

simong them?

H 2


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