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Shall mourn no more as heretofore

because of her ill plight; Although he see her now to be

a damn'd forsaken wight. The tender Mother will own no other

of all her numerous brood, But such as stand at Christ's right hand

acquitted through his Blood. The pious father had now much rather

his graceless son should ly In Hell with Devils, for all his evils,

burning eternally.



They wring their hands, their caitiff-hands,

and gnash their teeth for terrour; They cry, they roar for anguish sore,

and gnaw their tongues for horrour. But get away without delay,

Christ pities not your cry: Depart to Hell, there may you yell,

and roar Eternally. That word, Depart, maugre their heart,

drives every wicked one, With mighty pow'r, the self-same hour,

far from the Judge's Throne. Away they're chast'd by the strong blast

of his Death-threatning mouth: They flee full fast, as if in haste,

although they be full loath. As chaff that's dry, and dust doth fly

before the Northern wind : Right so are they chased away,

and can no Refuge find. They hasten to the Pit of Woe,

guarded by Angels stout; Who to fulfil Christ's holy will,

attend this wicked Rout.

Then God most high should injury,

by sparing him sustain; And doth rejoice to hear Christ's voice

adjudging him to pain. Who having all both great and small,

convinc'd and silenced, Did then proceed their Doom to read,

and thus it uttered.




Ye sinful wights, and cursed sprights,

that work iniquity, Depart together from me for ever

to endless Misery; Your portion take in yonder Lake,

where Fire and Brimstone flameth: Suffer the smart, which your desert

as it's due wages claimeth. Oh piercing words more sharp than

swords ! what, to depart from thee, Whose face before for evermore

the best of Pleasures be! What? to depart (unto our smart)

from thee Eternally: To be for aye banish'd away,

with Devils company!

Whom having brought as they are taught,

unto the brink of Hell, (That dismal place far from Christ' face,

where Death and Darkness dwell: Where God's fierce Ire kindleth the fire,

and vengeance feeds the flame With piles of Wood and Brimstone Flood.

that none can quench the same.)


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What? to be sent to Punishment,

and flames of Burning Fire, To be surrounded, and eke confounded

with Gods Revengeful ire! What? to abide, not for a tide

these Torments, but for Ever: To be released, or to be eased,

not after years, but Never.

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Dy fain they would, if dy they could,

but death will not be had. God's direful wrath their bodies hath

for ev'r Immortal made.


They live to ly in misery,

and bear eternal wo; And live they must whilst God is just,

that he may plague them so.

Griefs water-course, and sorrows source,

are turn'd to joyful streams. Their old distress and heaviness

are vanished like dreams.



But who can tell the plagues of Hell,

and torments exquisite? Who can relate their dismal state,

and terrours infinite? Who fare the best, and feel the least,

yet feel that punishment Whereby to nought they should be brought,

if God did not prevent. The least degree of misery

there felt's incomparable, The lightest pain they there sustain

more than intolerable. But God's great pow'r from hour to hour

upholds them in the fire, That they shall not consume a jot,

nor by it's force expire.

For God above in arms of love

doth dearly them embrace, And fills their sprights with such delights,

and pleasures in his grace; As shall not fail, nor yet grow stale

through frequency of use: Nor do they fear Gods favour there,

to forfeit by abuse. For there the Saints are perfect Saints,

and holy ones indeed, From all the sin that dwelt within

their mortal bodies freed: Made Kings and Priests to God through

Christs dear loves transcendency, There to remain and there to reign with him Eternally.




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I walk'd and did a little Mole-hill view Full peopled with a most industrious crew Of busie Ants, where each one labour'd

more Than if he were to bring home Indian Ore; Here wrought the Pioneers, there march'd

the Bands, Here Colonies went forth to plant new

Lands: These hasted out, and those supplies

brought in, As if they had some sudden Seige fore

seen: Until there came an angry spade, and cast Country and People to a Pit at last.

Again, I viewed a Kingdom in a Hive, Where every one did work, and so all

thrive; Some go, some come, some war, some

watch and ward Some make the works, and some the

works do guard. These frame their curious waxen cells,

and those Do into them their Nectar drops dispose : Until the greedy Gardner brought his

smoke, And, for their work, did all the workmen

choke. So here, frail Mortals may fit Emblems

[blocks in formation]


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They weary out their brains, their strength, I gain'd these Lordships, and this Soul I their time,

lost, While some to Arts, and some to Honours My greedy Heir now hovers o're my pelf, climb:

I purchase Land for

him, Hell for myself. They search earth's bowels, cross the rag Go on you noble Brains, and fill your ing seas,

sight Mortgage their Souls, and forfeit all their As full of learning as the Sun's of light; ease,

Expand your Souls to Truth as wide as Grudge night her sleep, and lengthen out Day,

60 the day,

Know all that Men, know all that Angels To fat those bags, and cram those chests say: with clay,

Write shops of Volumns, and let every They rack and charm each creature to Book explore

Be fill'd with lustre as was Moses look: Some latent Quintessence, not known be Yet know, all this is but a better kind fore:

Of sublime vanity, and more refin'd: Torture and squeeze out all its juice and Except a saving knowledge crown the rest blood,

Devils know more, and yet shall ne'r be To try if they can now find out that blest. GOOD

Go on, ambitious worms, yet, yet aspire, Which Solomon despair'd of, but at last Lay a sure scene how you may yet rise On the same shore of Vanity are cast;

higher : The spade stops their career of Pride and March forward, Macedonian Morn, add

And calls them from their Clay into their Gaza to Tyre, Indies to Babylon;

Make stirrups of the peoples backs and
Leave off your_Circles, Archimede, away, bones,
The King of Terrour calls, and will not Climb up by them to Diadems and

Thrones : Miser, kiss all your Bags, and then ly Thy crowns are all but grass, thine was down;

the toil, Scholar, your Books; Monarch, yield up Thy captains come, and they divide the your Crown:

spoil. Give way, Wealth, Honour, Arts, Thrones, Except one heav'nly Crown crown all the back, make room,

rest That these pale souls may come into their Devils are Poutentates, and yet not blest. doom.

Go on, base dunghil-souls, heap gold as No[w] shew vain men the fruit of all mire, that pain

Sweep silver as the dust, emulate Tyre, Which in the end nothing but Loss did Fill every. Ware-house, purchase every gain:

Field, Compute your lives, and all your hours Add house to house, Pelion on Ossa build up cast,

Get Mida's vote to transubstantiate So here's the total sum of all at last. Whate're you please all into golden plate;

I rose up early, sat up late, to know, Build wider barns, sing requiem to your As much as man, as tongues, as books heart, could show;

Feel your wealths pleasures only, not their I toil'd to search all Science and all Art,

smart. But dièd ignorant of mine own Heart. Except his Riches who for us was poor, I got great Honour, and my Fame did Do sweeten those which Mortals so adore; stream,

Except sublimer wealth crown all the As far as doth the Mornings shining rest, Beam;

Devils have nobler Treasures, yet not blest. My Name into a page of Titles swell’d, Cease then from vain delights, and let My head a Crown, my hand a Scepter held:

That solid and enduring Good to find, Ador'd without, but shameful lusts within ; Which sweetens life and death, which will With anxious thoughts, with saddest encrease cares and cost

On an immortal Soul, immortal peace;



your mind


Which will replenish and advance you

higher Then e're your own Ambition could as

pire. Fear your great Maker with a child-like

aw, Believe his Grace, love and obey his Law. This is the total work of man, and this, Will crown you here with Peace, and there

with Bliss. Be kind unto your selves, believe and

try: If not, go on, fill up your lusts and die. Sing peace unto your selves; 't will once

be known Whose word shall stand your judg's or

your own. Crown thee with Rose-buds, satiate thine


Glut every sense with her own vanities: Melt into pleasures, until that which Lust Did not before co[n]sume, rot into dust: The Thrones are set, the Books will strait

be read, Hell will her souls, and gravs give up

their dead; Then there will be (and the time is not

far) Fire on the Bench, and Stubble at the Bar.

O sinners ruminate these thoughts agen You have been Beasts enough, at last be

Men Christ yet entreats, but if you will not

turn Where grace will not convert, there fire

will burn.




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A JOURNEY FROM PATAPSCO IN And brightens into Pearls the pendent

APRIL 4, 1730

The Beasts uprising, quit their leafy

Beds, At length the wintry Horrors disappear, And to the cheerful Sun erect their And April views with Smiles the infant Heads; Year;

All joyful rise, except the filthy Swine, 30 The grateful Earth from frosty Chains On obscene Litter stretch'd they snore unbound,

supine: Pours out its vernal Treasures all around, In vain the Day awakes, Sleep seals their Her Face bedeckt with Grass, with Buds Eyes, the Trees are crown'd.

Till Hunger breaks the Band and bids In this soft Season, 'ere the Dawn of Day, them rise. I mount my Horse, and lonely take my Meanwhile the Sun with more exalted Way,

Ray. From woody Hills that shade Patapsco's From cloudless Skies distributes riper Head

Day; (In whose deep Vales he makes his stony Thro' sylvan Scenes my Journey I pursue, Bed,

Ten thousand Beauties rising to my View; From whence he rushes with resistless Which kindle in my Breast poetic Flame, Force,

And bid me my Creator's Praise proclaim; Tho' huge rough Rocks retard his rapid Tho' my low Verse ill-suits the noble Course,)

Theme. Down to Annapolis, on that smooth Here various Flourets grace the teemStream

ing Plains, Which took from fair Anne-Arundel its Adorn'd by Nature's Hand with beauteous Name.

And now the Stari that ushers in the First born of Spring, here the Pacone ap-

pears, "Begins to pale her ineffectual Ray ["]. Whose golden Root a silver Blossom rears. The Moon with blunted Horns, now In spreading Tufts, see there the Crowshines less bright,

foot blue, Her fading Face eclips'd with growing On whose green Leaves still shines a Light;

globous Dew; The fleecy Clouds with streaky Lustre Behold the Cinque-foil, with its dazling glow,

Dye And day quits Heav'n to view the Earth Of flaming Yellow, wounds the tender below.

Eye. O'er yon tall Pines the Sun shews half But there enclos'd the grassy Wheat is his Face,

seen, And fires their floating Foliage with his To heal the aching Sight with cheerful Ravs :

Green. Now sheds aslant on earth his lightsome Safe in yon Cottage dwells the Monarch Beams,

Swain, That trembling shine in many-colour'd His Subject Flocks, close-grazing hide the Streams.

Plain; Slow-rising from the Marsh, the Mist re For him they live; and die t' uphold his cedes,

Reign. The Trees, emerging, rear their dewy Viands unbought his well-tilld Lands Heads;

afford, Their dewy Heads the Sun with Pleasure

And smiling Plenty waits upon his Board; views,

Health shines with sprightly Beams 1 Venus.

around his Head,



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