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To Britain fly, where gold enslaves

And venal men their birth-right sell; Tell North and his brib'd clan of knaves

Their bloody acts were made in hell. In Henry's reign those acts began,

Which sacred rules of justice broke; 10 North now pursues the hellish plan,

To fix on us his slavish yoke. But we oppose, and will be free,

This great food cause we will defend; Nor bribe, nor Gage, nor North's decree,

Shall make us "at his feet to bend.” From Anglia's ancient sons we came,

Those heroes who for freedom fought; In Freedom's cause we'll match their

fame, By their example greatly taught. Our king we love, but North we hate,

Nor will to him submission own; If death's our doom, we'll brave our fate, But pay allegiance to the throne.

Pennsylvania Journal, Sept. 14, 1774.


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How sweet is the season, the sky how

serene; On Delaware's banks how delightful the

scene; The prince of the rivers, his waves all

asleep, In silence majestic glides on to the deep. Away from the noise of the fife and the

drum, And all the rude din of Bellona we come, And a plentiful store of good humor we

bring To season our feast in the shade of Cold


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Then peace forsook this hapless shore, Then cannons blazed with horrid roar; We hear of blood, death, wounds, and

gore, The offspring of the Congress. Imperial Rome from scoundrels rose, Her grandeur's hailed in verse and prose; Venice the dregs of sea compose;

So sprung the mighty Congress. When insects vile emerge to light, They take their short inglorious flight, Then sink again to native night,

An emblem of the Congress. With freemen's rights they wanton play ; At their command, we fast and pray; With worthless paper they us pay,

A fine device of Congress.

True Protestant friends to fair liberty's

cause, To decorum, good order, religion and

laws, 1 “Protestant was a term adopted by a circle of Loyalists." (Author's note.)

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