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In desert wilds, in midnight gloom;
In grateful joy, in trying pain;

In laughing youth, or nigh the tomb,
Oh! when is prayer unheard or vain?
The Infinite, the king of kings,

Will never heed the when or where;
He'll ne'er reject the heart that brings
The offering of fervent prayer.

-ELIZA Cook.

A prayer-less heart may be considered as a defenceless citadel, lying open and exposed to the incursion of every foe; whereas the heart of one truly devout is like a castle in which the Lord dwells, and which is garrisoned with the Divine Presence.

Lord, let us to thy gates repair
To hear the gladdening sound,
That we may find salvation there,

While yet it may be found.


There let us joy and comfort reap:

There teach us how to pray,

For grace to choose, and strength to keep

The strait, the narrow way.

And so increase our love for Thee,

That all our future days

May one continued Sabbath be

Of gratitude and praise.


Let all be ready,-watch and pray,
For none can tell the hour,
When God may call his own away,

And use His sovereign power.

Let Childhood lift its hands to heaven,
And sing its Maker's praise;
Let Youth remember, Life was given
To walk in Wisdom's ways.

Let Manhood think that death may come
When least it seemeth nigh;

And, though content, with his bright home,
Yet be prepared to die.

Let Pilgrims bend with fervent zeal,
Whose race is well-nigh run;

And ask their Father, while they kneel,
To bless their setting sun.

Let all be ready,-watch and pray-
Trust not health, strength, nor gold;
For none can tell us what a day

Brings forth for young or old.

-ELIZA Cook.

O Thou eternal One! whose presence bright
All space doth occupy, all motion guide;
Unchang'd through time's all-devastating flight;
Thou only God! there is no God beside!
Being above all beings! Mighty One!

Whom none can comprehend, and none explore!
Who fill'st existence with Thyself alone;

Embracing all,-supporting,-ruling o'er,—
Being whom we all call God, and know no more!

In its sublime research, philosophy

May measure out the ocean-deep,-may count
The sands, or the sun's rays; but God! for Thee
There is no weight nor measure :-none can mount
Up to Thy mysteries; Reason's brightest spark,

Though kindled by Thy light, in vain would try
To trace Thy counsels, infinite and dark:

And thought is lost ere thought can soar so high,
Even like past moments in eternity.

Thou from primeval nothingness didst call
First chaos, then existence ;-Lord! on Thee
Eternity had its foundation :-all

Sprung forth from Thee

of light, joy, harmony,

Sole origin all life, all beauty thine.

Thy word created all, and doth create;

Thy splendour fills all space with rays divine,
Thou art and wert, and shalt be! Glorious! Great!
Light-giving, life-sustaining Potentate!*


Thou whom I love, but cannot see,

My Lord, My God! look down on me;
My low affections raise;

The spirit of liberty impart,

Enlarge my soul, inflame my heart,
And, while I spread thy praise,'
Shine on my path, in mercy shine,
Prosper my work and make it thine.


The life that makes the heart to beat,
The light that from the heavens doth shine,
My daily strength,-the bread I eat,-
All, all, great Lord of life, are thine,
Then let me seek Thee daily Lord,

At morn, at noontide, and at even;

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• The above is only the opening of the celebrated poem (Ode on God) translated by Mr. Bowring.

And do Thy will, and know Thy word,
That I may be Thy child in heaven!


Merciful Father! Thou protectest me in all conditions, and in grateful appreciation of that favour I beg to offer Thee this morning tribute of praise and prayer. At night Thou hast protected me in my defenceless condition and I am thankful to Thee that I feel fresh energy and strength to enter upon the duties of another day. Thy infinite kindness, glorious providence and protecting power are visible in all things. Before engaging myself in the pursuits of this day, I throw myself at Thy feet, and resolve to devote all my strength, bodily and mentalto the carrying out of Thy commands. Confer on me the necessary strength to successfully encounter the allurements that are awaiting me during the day. Thy well, meant counsel and Thy good precepts alone can regulate my mind. May Thy love warm my heart, may thy holy form be manifested to me and may it dwell constantly in my memory.

Oh Source of infinite mercy! Dismiss all impure desires and vicious tendencies from my heart, and sanctify my emotions and aspirations by leading them towards Thyself. In discharging my various duties, and in all my dealings with the world let my heart be pure and unsullied. Kindly help me Divine Father! that sensual desires and worldly temptations may not shake my confidence in Thee and in all the vicissitudes of life I may cleave firmly to Thee. Teach me to remember that the object of my existence is to obtain Thy love and Thy favour, and help me that I may spend this day and the following days with the above object constantly in view. Everlasting Father! Enable me to

grow continually in purity and faith that each day may find me nearer to Thee. Thy mercy is infinite; I seek refuge with Thee; so give me right understanding and absolve me from sin.


mercy Thou hast showUnder Thy auspicious happiness, and the time

Lord of the universe! I bow to Thee repeatedly out of gratitude for the infinite ered upon me during the day. care I have passed this day in of rest has arrived again. But before I make use of that occasion I surrender myself to Thee with a devout heart. Thou alone, oh Merciful Father! art my protector and Thou alone givest me joy and peace. I who am helpless have no support except Thine. All the blessings I have enjoyed during the day bring to light Thy benign motive and give rise to a feeling of gratitude in my heart. Thy fatherly care has been with me all day and has protected my body as well as my mind. I thank Thee for all the means and opportunities of doing good and religious deeds which Thou hast given me to-day. I congratulate myself on every holy thought and aspiration that has sprung up in my heart and dedicate to Thee every good deed Thou hast enabled me to perform.

Omniscient God! All the sins and all the transgressions I have committed to-day in carrying out Thy orders, are known to Thee, and so with a heart full of penitence I pray to Thee for Thy sweet grace, Thy mercy, and Thy favour. Purify my soul and arm me with resolution not to fall into such sins again. Without Thy help and support I cannot subdue low desires and tempta

* From Îshwaropåsand by the Ahmedåbåd Prårthanâ Samáj.

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