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34. The doors of commerce were opened, by which riches grew abundant till all were enriched

by it.

35. The land has been full of public conveyances in consequence of large growth in commerce, and the world-circumscribing ocean with ships. 36. Thus Her Kingdom among others has become as brilliant as the sun of the forenoon among the stars of the night.

37. In Her diadem there shines a mount of light, like itself in brilliance; which dazzles both men and genii.

38. Although Her residence is in a very distant land and Her dwelling in the most removed of all countries from us,

39. Yet affectionately on Her part for us and to watch us She sends Her sons, through whom she inquires about us.

40. Once She sent to us Her Son Prince of Wales (the future) Emperor possessed of a most exalted position.

41. At another time from among Her Sons the Duke of Edinburgh visited us, the greatest of them in mental abilities.

42. So also the Duke of Connaught from among Her Sons came, destroying the enemies in battles with swords and spears.

43. And by the visit of Her grandson Prince Albert Victor this year our dwellings have been filled with joy.

44. And every year she sends from among Her countries men of wisdom, each with a mind as brilliant as the sun.

45. Such as the Viceroy of India (Lord Lansdowne)


who occupies a rank of which India is so proud, and which makes him independent of others in ruling.

And such as His Excellency Lord Reay, the most accomplished of men with a high resolution, and with an aquiline nose (i. e. a high sense of nobility).

47. May the Lord of Creation reward Her (Majesty) well, for by Her the blood of thousands of people has been saved.


She fills the hearts of Her subjects always with joy, and so may the Lord of the World keep Her court full of joy.

49. O Lord, make Her reign perpetual, and grant Her a long life with Her issue in a most happy condition.


And grant us all our hopes in Her, and the enjoyment of what She bestows on us of kindness, benignity, and justice.

51. And keep our eyes through Her calm (with peace); destroy Her enemies; and smite their eyes with a burning (uneasiness).

52. Hoosamoodin (the chief Moolajee of the Borahs) presents this (poem) as a mark of his approaching to Her the nearer with loyalty.

53. He guides in matters of religion one-fifth of a million of people on our calculation.

54. And (Khan Saheb) Abdool Hossain (Abdoolally Moochala), a man of a courageous heart, is at present my Honorary Secretary for giving effect to my orders and he presents his reMajesty ).

spect to Her

55. The verses of this poem correspond in number with the years of Her Most Gracious Majesty's reign, and the metre of Tavil is its rhythm.


Her court was pure; her life serene;
God gvae her peace; her land reposed;
A thousand claims to reverence closed
In her as Mother, Wife, and Queen.


Victoria, the Good. Victoria the Good; good in all the various phases and stages of her long life; good as a girl in the simplicity of her good mother's home; good and simple and self-possessed when in the tender years of maidenhood, a kingdom's crown together with a kingdom's responsibilities was placed on her head; good and loving when she gave her heart away to the man of her choice, good and a perfect model for society at large as a true, loving wife and a mother of so many children; good and patient throughout the long years of widowhood; good and true in the domestic circle, not less good and true as the Queen and Empress of an Empire on which the sun never sets, a Queen and Empress with a heart big enough to hold millions, a Queen and Empress good and true to the rich and the poor, full of sympathy with every sorrow and calamity in the nearest and most distant parts of her Empire; good and true to all without any distinction of caste and creed.

Translation of Arabic Verses in token of loyalty and devotion by His Holiness The Moolajeesaheb, High Priest of Borah Mahomedans. A. D. 1890.


The one great unfailing trait of the character of our beloved Queen Victoria was her readiness to hear appeals of distress made in any part of her kingdom or dominions; and it was her intense personal sympathy that made itself felt throughout the whole of the realm -even the most distant of her subjects did feel that as far as possible he or she had some part of her sympathy, and that she enjoyed that love and reverence which it was not the lot of any monarch in the history of the world to have done. *


True heart! Brave heart! Great Britain's noblest

Thou reignest still o'er those who loved thee best;
Still thou art here, robed with unearthly sheen,
Still thou art near, though gone unto thy rest!


Oh! prince, my highest wish for thee

Thro' all thy earthly span

That thou be great and aye retain

The love of god and man.

Hail, Noble Prince! to India's coral strand,

Where thou may'st sure our hearts and arms command!

See, how beneath our Empress-mother's reign,

This fallen land hath risen once again.

A dreary winter reigned o'er all the land,
Locking the springs of joy in icy band!

Reported in The Advocate of India of the 6th January 1904.

At length, with pity moved, the Sovereign Lord
To Britain gave the all commanding word:-
"Go thou, old Ocean's Bride, go wear yon gem,
Yon glitt'ring jewel in thy diadem! "

Inspired with noble aim and purpose high,

The Queen of th' azure deep came sweeping by.
At her approach dissolves the gloom away,
The sun of knowledge bursts and cheers the day;
The Arts spring up beneath her witching tread,
And o'er the varied scene their blessings shed;
The Lightning-spirit bears her words afar,
And Giant Steam propels her iron car;
Fair cities rise where hamlets stood before,
And Peace and Order reign from shore to shore !

Thrice-blessed Prince! into whose destined hand
Shall pass the sceptre of this classic land!
E'en Philip's son ne'er owned a realm more fair
Than what Heaven wills should form thy future care.

Albert Edward! England's Son and Heir!

Happy Heir to glorious Râma's throneKingliest of kings-beyond compare

Perfect name that in the Orient shone ! Welcome to the land that nursed thy dream, To her gorgeous shows, her glow and gleam!

Son of Her, our Mother as she 's thine,

Son of Her, whose spotless life and fame, Redolent of graces sweet-benign,

Have fill'd the world with Victoria's name! Thrice welcome to India's sunny shore,

Where that name we loyally adore!

Welcome him, O Indians! welcome him!


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