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of the debased nature in me as well as the passions of my heart, that impression becomes fainter and fainter; avarice, longing for worldly things, and sensuality get an upper hand over my reason, deaden my spiritual aspirations, and like a blind man I go where the baser passions lead me till I am hopelessly entangled in many a snare. At such a crisis Oh world-protecting Divinity! I stumble here and there without Thy assistance. Without Thee to whom am I to look for support in order to subdue the passions and to strengthen my reason? Therefore Oh gracious and all-powerful Being! I supplicate Thee with sincerity and unflinching faith, to lead me along the right path. Help me to keep myself away from selfishness, avarice, sensuality, and such vices; keep aside malice, conceit, cupidity, and such other obstacles that hinder me and my fellow-brothers from performing the true duties: lend me Thy hand that I may ever act up to Thy wishes and laws. Guard laws. Guard me from sins and misfortunes, and eradicate all such desires and actions of mine as run Amen.

counter to Thy divine will.


Oh God! the all powerful, the all merciful, the lord of the world, I submit to you, and humbly place my head at your feet.

Oh God! do not abandon me though I may err in many ways. Forgive your humble child, and have for him in your mind kindness.

Oh God! Your deeds are mighty, your glory great, your mercy all comprehensive. I do not beg of you an elephant, nor a horse.

• By the Ahmedûbád Prårthaná Samáj.

Oh God! I humbly bow to your feet, which ward off all adversities.

Oh friend of the helpless! save me the humble. Oh Lord of the world! keep me by your side.

Oh Lord! I commit many sins every moment, still forgive them all. Oh all merciful! I am a very humble child. If you do not save me, then what help there

is for me.

Oh Lord of the world! you are the ocean of kindness. I humbly place my head at your feet. I am sinful, of bad ways, and fallen; you, in your mercy,

save me.


God should be praised, and not man in vain. God is a fit object of praise and not so the man.

All through the kindness of God I see with my eyes, hear sounds with my ears, walk with my feet, taste with my tongue, speak sweet speech, do many sorts of work with the hands and take sleep to have rest and wake up again.


Oh ocean of mercy! I crave for you; give me good mind. Do not give me evil thought. You can curb my mind.

You have given us life and you have given us food, and thus feed us. us mind and ask us to labour. You knowledge for our salvation.

protect us. You You have given have given us

are our pa

We are your children and you rent. We have no help except your mercy, Oh God. -"MODI READING BOOK, No. 2."


To Thee, O God, the adorable Author of my existence, I owe eternal thanksgiving. It is by Thee I live, in Thee I move, and from Thee I have my being. It is through Thy goodness that my soul thinks and reflects, in a healthy body; it is to Thee alone that I owe all the pleasures which the surrounding creatures afford It is by Thy command that all nature inspires me with joy. Thou waterest the earth, that it may be fruitful; and that I perish not through lack of sustenance. Thou art he whom I and all intelligent beings adore; Thy goodness, wisdom, and providence I bless, and recommend myself to Thy paternal care for the future. Thou knowest all men, Thou hast Thy eye upon them, and observest all their actions. Thou dost not desire that we should pass our time in darkness and distress; and that we should consider our existence as a curse; Thou permittest us to enjoy, with a grateful heart, the innocent pleasures of life.

When the bird in the air astonishes me with the rapidity of its flight, the elegance of its form, and the sweetness of its notes, is it not right that I should consider it as Thy work, that its songs are so many hymns to its Creator, and that they should excite me to praise Thee? Thou providest food for it as well as for me. It is nourished by seeds, which Thou causest to grow for it, as I am by the corn, which appears to rot in the earth, but which at Thy command, becomes the support of my life. Thou sendeth the rain and the beams of the sun upon the earth, to cause it to produce the most delicious fruit, while the utmost of my efforts could not produce a single blade of grass! It is not merely the necessaries of life which Thou grantest us, Thou givest us besides what the world calls fortune, riches, and happiness. Thou directest events so, that even those which appear the

most unfortunate, often contribute to our happiness. In a word, after having formed us in so admirable a manner, Thou preservest us by a continual series of miracles.

O that the precious though short hours of my earthly pilgrimage, those hours which can never return,—may be employed in such a manner as may best answer the design of my existence, that when I leave this world I may enter into a more blessed state, and be better able to fathom the mysteries of nature and grace!


God, my strength, to Thee I pray,
Turn not Thou Thine ear away;

Gracious to my cry attend,

While the suppliant knee I bend.

Grant me, Lord, Thy peace and light,
To direct my steps aright,

To protect, in trial's hour,

From the world's ensnaring power.

Cleanse me from the guilt that lies
Wrapt within my heart's disguise ;
Let me thence, by Thee renewed,
All presumptuous sin exclude.

Let my tongue, from rashness free,
Speak the words approved by Thee;
And to Thine all-searching eyes
Let my thoughts accepted rise.

Hear, and to my soul display
Mercy's all enlivening ray;
Let it lead, in faith and love,
Onward to a home above.*

From Mary Carpenter's Meditations.


Father of all! we bow to Thee,

Who dwell'st in heaven adored,

But present still, through all thy works, The universal Lord.

For ever hallow'd be thy name

By all beneath the skies;

And may Thy kingdom still advance
Till grace to glory rise.

A grateful homage may we yield,
With hearts resign'd to Thee;

And, as in heaven Thy will is done,
On earth so let it be.

From day to day, O may we own
The hand that feeds us still ;

Give us our bread, and teach to rest
Contented in Thy will.

Our sins O teach us to confess

And may they be forgiven;

To others let us mercy show

And beg the same from heaven.

Still let Thy grace our life direct,
From evil guard our way;
And in temptation's fatal path
Permit us not to stray.

The kingdom, pow'r, and glory-all

Alone belong to Thee;

Thine from eternity they were,

And Thine shall ever be.*

• From Chambers's Infant Education.

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