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What do we often drop, but never stoop to take up?

Ans. A hint.


A good maxim is never out of season.


Thou whom chance may hither lead,
Be thou clad in russet weed,

Be thou deckt in silken stole,

Grave these maxims on thy soul.

The following contains all the letters of the English Alphabet :

"Keep ever brave, courageous, and on the alert, showing zeal with fidelity, mixed with prudence and sincerity, and you need never quail nor fear the judgment of any man.

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Think well before you give your opinion.
Be humble and respect others.

Boast not yourself or your possessions.

Always protect the weak.

Neither believe nor repeat an ill-report.

Never impute bad motives to others.

In youth and health lay up for old age and sickness.
Consider the feelings and the wants of others.
Never be idle.†

Imagination is the best exciter, Reason the best calculator; what the first throws in, the second weighs and appreciates.‡

*From One Thousand Answers.

+ From Chambers's Infant Education.

From William Danby's Ideas and Realities.

I have often wondered how it comes to pass that every body should love themselves best, and yet value their neighbour's opinion about themselves more than their own. We stand more in awe of our neighbour's judgments than our own.


Deliberate with caution, but act with decision, and yield with graciousness, or oppose with firmness.


Look ere thou leap, see ere thou go.


Look before you leap and behind after you have leapt.

Say what is true, speak not agreeable falsehood,
Treat no one with disdain, with patience bear,
Reviling language; with an angry man

Be never angry; blessings give for curses.*


At all times and under all circumstances speak the truth, avoid all slander, idle or impure remarks or tales, tale-bearing and mischief-making.


Cast no dirt in the well that gives you water.

Conquer a man who never gives by gifts;
Subdue untruthful men by truthfulness;
Vanquish an angry man by gentleness;
And overcome the evil man by goodness.


* From Indian Wisdom bg Monier Williams.

Bear railing words with patience, never meet
An angry man with anger, nor return

Reviling for reviling, smite not him

Who smites thee; let thy speech and acts be gentle.


Let every one sweep the snow from his own door, and not busy himself about the frost on his neighbour's tiles.

The ripest fruit will not fall into your mouth.

The pleasure of doing good is the only one that does not wear out.

Dig a well before you are thirsty.

Water does not remain in the mountains, nor vengeance in great minds.


Get justly, use soberly, distribute cheerfully and live contentedly. "

Beware of him who regards not his reputation.


Contradict with respect, and be complaisant without fawning.


Be not ashamed to ask, if you doubt, but be ashamed to be reproved for the same fault twice.


Believe not all you hear and report not all you


* From Indian Wisdom by Monier Williams.


Be cautious of believing ill, but more cautious of reporting it.

Be ever vigilant but never suspicious.

Believe nothing which is unreasonable, and reject nothing as unreasonable without proper examination. -BUDDHA.

Pry not into the affairs of others.

He who peeps through a hole may see what will vex him.

There are three companions with whom you should always keep on good terms:

1. Your wife

2. Your stomach

3. Your conscience..

Never deceive your physician, your confessor, nor your lawyer.


The six cardinal "don'ts" are,
don't drink, chew, smoke, swear,

deceive, nor go security.*

-DR. W. W. HALL.

Do not drink any kind of spirituous or malt liquors, nor use any tobacco, narcotics or stupefying drugs unless administered medically.

From How to Live Long.

Rise early, live soberly, and apply thyself with industry.

When two parties come before thee, never pronounce in favour of one until thou hast heard the other.


Contemn not poor acquaintance, nor flatter rich friends.

Powers should not be employed to do wrong, but to punish the doers of wrong.

If thou art a master, sometimes be blind; if a servant, sometimes be deaf.

Despise not your inferiors.

Thou shalt not do to others what thou likest not



If you throw a stone into filth, it will fly into your



Do not close a letter without reading it, nor drink water without seeing it.

"Never advise another about investments, John," said an old lawyer to his nephew. "Why not," asked John. "Because," he replied, "if he should be successful he would give you no thanks, and if unsuccessful, he would charge all blame on you."

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