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Clatbrus, fcarlet, curious account Dancing, art of, prohibited by

of the motion of the fibres the Methodists, 570.
of that wonderful little plant, Desfontaines, M. his observations

on the lotos of Lybia, 518.
Coffee, the cultivation of, in our Digitalis purpurea, its medical
West Indies, recominended, atcributes, 166.
147. Methods of, ib.

Dog, fidelity of chat bonest ani.
Coins, question proposed by mal poetically noticed, 123.

the National Affembly of Du Hamel, M. his memoir on
France, relative to an inva. the art of feparating filver
riable standard of, 508. Re- from copper by means of lead,
marks on that subject, by five 516.
gentlemen of the Royal Aca-
demy of Sciences, ib.

Conyng bam, Hon. Mr. his de-

East Indies, tracts relative to the
fcription of the theatre at Sa. war there, and the Company's
guntum, 296.

trade, 50.98. 108. 250. 424.
Cooke, Mr. his description of a . 443.
tteam engine, 66.

Eclipse, the famous race-horse,
Cooksey, Mr. his design of writ- his form and proportions, 469.

ing the history of Worcester- Electricity, experiments and cal-
fhire, 320.

culations relative to, 512.
Corrifpondence with the Review. Elephant, the power and fury of

ers, viz. LAVENENSIS, on a this animal, when hard-prefi-
passage in Aristotle's Poetic, ed by the hunters, 422. Re-

markable instance of, 423.
Ex, on a " New help to dis- Etna, Mount, its high antiqui.
course," 120. R. S. on the ty, according to the accounts
dilatoriness of Reviewers, ib. of Recupero and Brydone, dir
LUCIUS, concerning a paper puted, 322.
written by Dr. Cleghorn, on a
• Case of inverted uterus,"

240. R. Y. on the exorbitant Ferrar, Mr. Nicolas, his emi.
prices of pamphlets, 3ro. LA- nent character, 258.
VENENSIS, on Cypress, Cy. Ferriar, Dr. his account of a care
prus, Cyparisus, Camphire, &c. of the hydrophobia, 157.

Ferris, Dr. his account of a case
Coulomb, M. his fixth memoir of petechie fine febre, 158.
on electricity, 512.

Fires, in buildings, new inven-
Cowper, Mr. his particular de. tion for extinguishing, 281.

fign in translating Homer, 432. Fleurieu, M. fuppofed to have
Observations on, 433. Gene.

been affaflinated in Paris, 552.
ral character of his tranila. Flintoff, Mr. his letter to Mr.
tion, 434. Specimens of the Robson, on the motion of the

work, with remarks, 435. fibres in the clarbrus, 184,
Crumwell, Lord, his letter to the Ford, Mr. his account of a ca-
Earl of Shrewsbury, 4.

theter left in the bladder, &c.

159. Ofan imperforated rec-
Dalby, Mr, on the longitudes of Foucby, M. De, his eulogy, 509.
Dunkirk and Paris, 56. Fougeroux de Bondarny, M.' his


tum, ib.

scribed, 255.

memoir on the detonation of Gellieu, M. De, his, description
falt of glass, when thrown, of a new kind of bee-hive,
while in fusion, into water, 489.

Gentil, M. his observations on
Fourcroy, M. de, supplement to the species of fucus growing on

his elements of chemistry, &c. the coast of Normandy, 518.
by whom written, 170. His Astronomical papers by him,
memoir on azotic gas, &c. 171.

in the last vol. of the Acad, of
His memoir on the combur-

Sciences at Paris, 520.
tion of some substances in oxy. George II. bis character, 29.
genated muriatic acid gas, Grain, Mrs. Phillips's observa.

His memoir on


tions on the high price of, 471.
phenomena which take place Granary, public, ac Geneva, de-
on the precipitation of metal-
lic folutions made by ammo- Granite, effay, on..che formation
niac, 515.

of, 487
Fox-glove. See Digitalis. Graves, Dr. his remarks on an
France, the new conftisution of instance of meteorismus ventri-
government there highly com-

culi, 158.
mended, 271. Mode of con- Guards, foot, observations relative
ducting general elections there, to, 100. Reform of, urged, ib.,
greatly preferable to the Eng-
lih, 273. Happy effects of

the abolition of tithes there, Hassenfratz, M. on hydrogenous
276. The protestant religion gas, 171.
greatly promoted by the re- Haüy, Abbé, his memoir on the
volacion there, 281. Eng. douole refraction of Iceland
lish churches publicly encou- cryftal, 510.
raged at Dunkirk, Bologne, his analytical method of
and in Paris, ib. Observa- resolving problems relating to
tions on the present politics of the structure of crystals, 523.

France, 469. 548. 565. 567. Henry IV, of France, anecdotes
Franklin, Dr. Benjamin, his cha-

relative to, 248.
racter defended against a fan- Horne, Bishop, his serious lamen-
derous ftory, propagaced by tation on the general disbelief
one Landais,

of the doctrine of the Trinity,
Fraxinus ornus, botanical account 235. His censure of one of

of, 162. See allo Manna. our univerficies, ib.
Free Masonry, its beneficence ex- Howard, john, the reformer of
tended to the female sex, 582. prisons, memoirs of his life,

298. His death, 299. His

travels and writings, 302.
Gardenstone, Lord, his travelling Hudjon's Bay Company vindi.

memorandums, 253. His re- cated againt Mr. Umfreville,
commendation of milk warm 136.
from the cow,

Hydrophobia, case of, with ap.
Gaussen, M. his two memoirs on pearances on diffection, 157.
the comparative dilatation of

Observations on the prevention.

and treatment of, ib. See
mercury and spirits of wine,

also Rabie's Canina,


futed, 97

cy, 580.

I and J

James II. his accession to the Landais, Mons. his Nander of the

throne anticipated with horror, memory of Dr. Franklin se-
yet fuffered to take place with-
out oppofition, 417.

Lande, M. de la, sundry aftro-
Idolatry, Christian, its innocen- pomical papers by, in che me-

moirs of the Royal Academy of
Jeaurat, M. his observations on Sciences at Paris, 1798. 518,

an eclipse of the fun, June 4th 519, 520.
1788, 522.

Lalone, M. his eulogy, 509.
Jabnson, Dr. Sam. anecdotes re- Lavoisier, M. on the combuftion

Jative to, 72. His opinion of of iron in vital air, 170.
marriage, 74 On the uni. Lee, Gen. Charles, sketch of his
versities, ib. His account of character, 470.
she fhare which Cibber had in Le Gendre, M. his calculation of
the Lives of the Poets, contra- the triangles between Green-
dicted, 75. The person and wich and Paris, 522.

character of Dr. Johnson de- double integrals, 523.
fcribed, 79.

His opinion of Levade, Dr. his account of a
party-voting, 367, the note. species of Somnambulism occa.
Yonah in the whale's belly, spi. fioned by a blow, 483. His

ritualized and typified, 149. Report on a case of noci ambula-
Jones, Sir William, his view of tion, ib. On the nat, bift. of

the boundaries of China, 495. walps, 484. On the baths of
Of the chronology of the Hin. Louëch, 487
dus, 501. On the antiquity Lobsier, curious instance of the
of the Indian Zodiac, 505,

averfion of that animal to the
Ireland, method of ascertaining found of cannon, 127:

the population of, 69. The Loftie, Mr. his observations on
Roman Catholics of, defended, che prevention and treatment
343• 449. See also Beauford.

of the hydrophobia, 157,
Iron mask, the famous priloner Longitudes of Dunkirk and Paris

in the Baftile so disguised, fup- deduced. See Dalby.
posed to have been the elder Lonsdnle, Lord, Peter Pindar's
brother of Lewis XIV. 557. conciliatory verses to, 211,

Lotteries, fate, a favourite mode

of gambling with the common
Krarney, Dr. his remarks on the people of Rome, in the present

history of alphabetic writing, age, 225. Ruinous effects of,

Kentucky, in N. America, its pro- Louëch, account of the baths of,
duce, 293. Principles on which

that Hare intends to complete Lunes, Cardinal, his eulogy,

its system of jurisprudence, 398. 509. His freedom from bi.
Kirwan, Mr. his experiments on

the alkaline substances used in
bleaching, and on the colour.

ing matter of linen yarn, 63. Manna, account of its produc.
His letter to Lord Charlemont, tion from the Aowering ash,
on coal-mines, 66, See also &c. 162. Medical properties

of this fubftance, 165,


goiry, ib.

scale, 425

Manfion-house, old, in ruins, po- '518. His observations on the

etic lamentation over, 121. folfticial altitude of the sun, ib.
Manuel, M. censured for his col. Morveau, M. on the dilatability

lection of Mirabeau's letters, of air and gas by heat, 171.

Mufcular motion, animal, pro-
Map of the world, attempt to perties of, 401,
conftru&t ore, on a very large Mysore country described, 51.

Mystery, inquiry into the scrip-
Marck, M. de la, his memoir on ture meaning of that word,
the nutmeg-tree, 517.

Maresal powder, jest concern-
ing, 566.

Marseilles, the inhabitants of, Negroes, their easy state of servi-

uncommonly prosperous and cude in North America, 126.
happy, 254.

New Tesiament, various paflages
Mary Q. of Scots, committed to in Mr. Wakefield's translation

the custody of the Earl of of, quoted as specimens, 243.
Shrewsbury, 5. His complaint Nobility, antiquity of, 555,
of expences incurred on that No&ambulation. See Levade.
account, 6. Her wine-baths,
ib. Oiher enormous charges,


Orange, Prince of, charged with
May, Dr. William, his corre- being privy to the Duke of

1pondence with Dr. Percival, Mon mouch's rebellion, 418.

on the phthisis pulmonalis, 138. Vindicated on this head, ib.
Medicus, M. Fred. Cafinir, bis
memoir on the formation of

mushrooms, 434.

Pemphigus, facts relative to, 159.
Memory, pleasures of, poetically Percival, Dr. his observations on
deicribed, 121.

the nature and treatment of
Metelin, fingular customs of the the Phthifis Pulmonalis, 138.

women there, who have ar- On the causes and treatment
rogated the privileges of the of the doopsy of she brain, 159.
men, 293. Supposed to have Phthisis Pulmonalis, remarks re.
formerly confticuted an Ama. lauve to che proper treatment

zonian commonwealth, 295. of that dangerous disease, 138.
Minish, Mr. account of his ma- Pindar, Peter, his satiric lines to
nufactory of bone-ath, 330, the Mr. Burke, 210. His conci.

liatory verses to Lord Lons.
Ministers, of Great Britain, sea- dale, 211. His patriotic ad.

fonable advice to, in regard to dress to Liberty, ib.
political reforms, &c. 373.

Pitt, Mr. advised how to pre.
Mirabeau, Count de, his extra-

revolution in this
ordinary character, 492. Au- country, 353•

See also Mi.
thentic edition of his letters, nisters.

Place, M. de la, his theory of
Moderation in enjoyment, recom-

Jupiter's Satellites, 520.
mended to young persons, 387. Poetical extracts in this volų me,
Monnier, M. his observacions on viz. From Mrs. Ratcliffe's Re-
che solar eclipse, June 15, 1787, mance of the Forest, 86.- The





Baviad. 94:- An Epifle to Mr.
Wilberforce, 104. Pleasures of

Memory, 121. Odes of Import Rabies Canina, hints respecting
ance, by Peter Pincar, 210. the nature and core of, 141.
Whitehouse's Ode to the me- Method of treating, 142.
mory of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Ramsgate Harbour, great im.
226. Stockdale's Poetic Views provement of, 109.
on the Banks of the Wear, 227. Razoumouski, Count, his obser-
Banter's Epifile of Condolence to vations on the arenaceous parts
General Gunning, 228. Poeti. of Switzerland, &c. 485. On
cal Efays, &c. 234. Jerning- the natural history of the circle
ham's Abelard to Eloisa, 310. of Bavaria, ib. On the falt-
Sonnets of Shakspeare, 333. works of Bavaria, 486. On
Bowles's Monody at Matlock, fossil wood, 487. On a new
334. Discarded Spinfier, 335. species of fone, ib. On the
Invitation, a Poem, ib. Cow- formation of granite, ib.
per's Translation of Homer, 434 Read, Mr. his meteorological
-443. Mrs. Robinion's Mo. journal, 56.
nody on Sir Tobna Reynolds, Reform, of the establihed church,
454. L'Avocat du Diable, plans of, 474.
455• A Poem on Discovery, Rennell, Mr. bis estimate of the
458. Christianity, a Poem, rate of travelling, as perform-

ed by camels, applied to the
Poetry, not translateable, 77. purposes of geography, 53.
Preacher, a fashionable one de. Reynolds, Sir Jolhua, elegiac
fcribed, 110.

verses in memory of, by Mr.
Price, Dr. his character, as a Whitehouse, 226.

political Reformer, vindicated, tures appreciated, 404. Mrs.

Robinson's monody to his me-
Psalms, different translation of

mory, 454
various pasiges in, 45.

Rhubarb, great importance and
Public Worship defended, against proper method of curing that

the objections of Mr. Wake. root in this country, 224.
field, by Dr. Disney, 33. Roman Catholics, of Ireland,

, by Eufebia, 36. their late application to the
by Mr. Wilson, 37•

Legillature, for relief, &c. de-
-, by Dr. Prielley,

Rufil, the poet, observations re-
-- by Mrs. Barbauld, Tasive to that genius, 405.
Pope, Mr. paffages in his trans-

lation of Homer, compared
with that of Mr. Cowper, 441 Sackville, Lord George, obser-

vations on his character and
Portpatrick, in Scotland, describ- conduct, as a public man,

ed, 285. Statistical account 407.

of the town and parish, 286. Sage, M. his analysis of the
Pouget, M. his letter to Mr. Kir.. prahus and chrysoprafus, &c.

wan on the condensations pro- 513. Of the aerated ponde.
duced by the union of alco- sous spar of Alston Moor,
hol with water, 67.



His pic-

fended, 343

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