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bited, 331.

cism of, 577

Saguntum, theatre of, by whom Struve, Profeffor, his observa-
described, 296.

tions on M. Born's method of
Saugnier, M. his shipwreck and amalgamating gold and Giver
captivity, on the coast of Af-

ores, 488.
rica, 560. His deliverance, Sugar, thoughts on the present
561. His second voyage to high price of, 101. Hints for
Africa, 562.

new regulations in the trade of,
Saxius, his learned work, Ono- 102. Case of the sugar colo.

mafticon Literarium, &c. com- nies, 215. Great prospect of
mended, 552

receiving ample supply of fu-
Series, Infinite. See Waring. gar from the East Indies, 328.
See Vince.

Sunday, arguments for and againit
Servitude, in America, genuine the sabbatical observance of,

account of the Itate of, 125. 355
Sheep, the manifold uses and ex- Suffex, Earl of, his complaining

cellence of that animal, 329. letter to Sir W. Cecil, 9.

Wool-trade summarily exhi- Swedenborgianism, Itrange inyíti.
Sbrewfoury, George Earl of, his Swift, Dean, not the author of

wife's unfavourable character, the Tale of a Tub, 320.
6. His account of the hard. ---, his remark alluding to the
ships' which accrued to him, utility of common sense, 407.
from having the Queen of
Scots in his cuftody, ib. Far-

ther account of his losses on Talbot papers, where preserved, 2.
that occasion, 7:

Taunton, in Somerset Mhire, hilo-, in Africa, how car- rical notices relative to chac
ried on, 89.

Lord Mun- town, 262.
caster's sketches of, 215. Sen. Teft-axt, history of, 412.
timents of a Welt-India mer- Tingry, M. his analyfis of the
chant, relative to, 217. Opi- waters of Amphion, 489.
nions of other writers, 218. Tippoo Saib, his military abili-

Smeaton, Mr. his account of the Translation, of books, the prin.

late improvement of Ramsgate ciples of, 361. Rules of, in-
harbour, 109. Great import- vestigated, 362. Chief diffi-

ance of, to the public, ib. culty of, 368.
Smith, Dr. Edward, his botani. Trinity, doctrine of, its general
cal merit, 563

disbelief seriously lamented,
Somers, Lord, said to have writ-

ten the Tale of a Tub, pub- Tunbridge water, chemical ana-
lished as the work of Swift,

lysis of, 341.
Somnambulism. See Levade.

U and V
Sparrow, Mr. his account of Vander Meersch, M. his excellent

cases of extraction of the ca. character, and eminent abili.
taract, 157. His pleasant story
of a woman who could not Van Hemert, Professor, his dif-
diftinguilh a letter in a book,' sertation, which gained the

Teylerian theological prize,
Steam engine. See Cooke.


ties, 52.

ties, 524.

tions, 55:

death, 327

Van Reenen, M. his journal of of the Philofophical Transac-

his travels in search of the
wreck of the Grofvenor India. Wasps, observations relative to
man, 421.

Hardships and the Natural History of, 484.
difficulties of this journey, Watson, Col. memoirs of his life,

325. His skill as a mathema.
Villeneuve, M. his teftimony, re- tician and engineer, 326. His

larive to the state of the na-
tives of Africa, in their own

William Ill. See Orange.
country, 89.

Wirbering, Dr. his letter con-
Vince, Rey. Mr. his new method cerning the medical efficacy of

of investigating the sums of in- the Digitalis, 168.
finite series, 62.

Women, their sexual character and
Vines, the proper season for prun- capacities vindicated, against
ing, 489.

the prevailing prejudices of
Vineyards of Baccharah defcribed, mankind, 199. The folly of

the present mode of education,
Umfreville, Mr. his charges 200. The laws, with respect

against the Hudson's bay com- to matrimony, highly injorious
pany refuted, 136.

to the female character, 206.
Unitarians defended from the Plan for the improvement of

charge of fuperftition, 375. female educarict., 207.
Vos, M, de, his Teylerian Prize Wool. See Sbeep.
Differtation, 542.

Worcester, Earl of, his account of

the ladies who attended the

Queen of James the First, 10.
Wake Robin, its medicinal vir. Worcestershire. See Cookfey.
cues, 165,

World, antiquity of, greater than
Wallis, Dr. John, particulars of that of the human race, 15.

his life, and eminent learning,
188. His character as a theo.

logian, 190.

Young, Rev. Mr. his essay on the
Waring, Dr. his paper on Infi- origin and theory of the Go-
nite Series, in the latt volume

thic arch, 70.


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