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P R E F A C E.

ALTHOUGH they, who are departed

hence in the Lord, can receive no addition to their happiness by any testimonial of their surviving friends, however just; yet to the wise in heart, precious is the memory of the truly pious and upright, whose humble walking in the fear of God has livingly witnessed against the appearance of evil in its various transformations ; their conformity in spirit and practice to the holy law of the Lord, evincing the delight and benefit to be found therein; for “ Verily there is a reward for the

righteous, verily he is a God that judgeth " in the earth." Psalm lviii. verse 11.

" What scene in this life more dignifies

humanity ? what school is more profitably • instructive than the death-bed of the right

eous, impressing the understanding with a

convincing evidence, that they have not followed cunningly devised fables, but solid " substantial truth; that there is a measure of “ divine light and grace in man, which if duly “ minded and obeyed, is sufficient to preserve

through all the vicissitudes in life, to give “ him the victory over his fpiritual enemies, " and in the end over death, hell, and the

grave ?” *

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iy P R E F A CE.

It is right, therefore, that the remembrance of those should be preserved, whose lights have fo shone before tmen, as to excite the beholders of their good works to glorify God, the original, and fource from whom all good is derived ; and though being dead, the lustre of their pious example through life, and on the approach of death, may continue to fpeak the inviting language,

66 Follow us as we have so followed Chrift: ","ly:"/ c: With this view our yearly-meeting, cona fidering that many memorials of our departed friends lay dormant 'on the records, directed a Collection to be made of Inch of them as were moft likely to be of general benefit by publieation, which the committee appointed for the service having performed to the best of their judgment, it is now presented to the readers, foine of whom will be reminded of the fincere pietyand virtue of their ancestors, who through the dangers and difficulties to which they were subjected, in their removal from their native land, and forming a new settlement in a wilderness, were happily preserved in a steady attention to their religious duty, and many of them faithfully engaged in promoting the cause of truth and righteousness among mankind, to whom others succeeded, who through obedience to the powerful influence of divine grace, became alike eminent in their day; and serviceable in the church.

The following Collection is affectionately recommended to the defcendants of those worthies, to the readers in general, and particularly to the youth, who may derive profitable indoc



P R E F A CE, ftruction by a serious observation of the happy effects of an early devotion of heart, and the inexpressible advantages of embracing the mer ciful visitation of the Most High, to fecure their true comfort in this life, and enduring felicity in that which is to come.

Though the language and style of these memorials may not be calculated to please such curious readers, who, in their estimate of the value of a Book, are too much amused by the display of wit and literary accomplishments in the composition, ito give due attention to the instructive import of an artless account of the Christian experiences of those, who have not been so solicitous for the approbation of men, as to be found humble followers of Christ, their meek and lowly Pattern and Redeemer; but it is hoped, that there are many to whom the contents of this Collection will afford information, edification, and encouragement in the pursuit of their most substantial interest, a life of true wisdom, piety, and virtue; and that the number of such may increase is the design of the following publication, .

{thin Philadelphia, 13th Month, 1785.

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John Bevan


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88 Thomas Brown

167] John Eckley Obadiah Borton 195 Rowland Ellis

85 Rachel Brown

368 Jofeph Elgar 10610 Anthony Benezet 38. John Eltaugh

Cadwalladar Evans des

121 C Evan Evans

128 John Evans

163 Vincent Caldwell char? 54 Elizabeth Eftaugh 195 Aaron Coppock

60 Ellen Evans ponosi 5218 Hannah Carpenter 79 Margaret Ellisbio 1:8226 Thomas Chalkley

96 Mary Evans Esther Clare

101 Mary Emlen John Cadwalader wit 110 Thomas Evans Hannah Cooper

147 Joseph Cooper


Fun! bailes Betty Caldwell 172

MIS ron Hannah Carleton -181 Abraham Farrington sol 1782 Isaac Child

4249 Peter Fearon Grace Croasdale 2258 Josiah Foster

ko 1960 John Churchman 2:'1300 William Foulkes our 309

til 1919918 Hannah Foster noi si 331 D0145110 Rachel Farquhar

342 23:181219 - William Farquhar 357 John Delaval .:01 09 16 David Ferris

362 James Daniel, feniori:4 260p):

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