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of some ill-natur’d Over-lovers of Strong-liquors, the 1718. wbich balb been experienc'd by the Author, through some of the former Impressions ; yet they having found Juch general Acceptance in many Parts of the World, and being serviceable to People of all Perswafions, I, for the further Service of poor Mortals, adventure to put forth tbis Tenth Edition, with this additional Preface, in Order (if possible) to perswade all rational Souls to forsake so destructive and vile an Evil : Which gross Sin hath these bad Effects attending it (with many more that might be set down) which affeEts both the Aged and the Youth for wbose Sakes (viz. the Youth) it was at first chiefly intended, in order to stir them up to the 'Love of pure Religion, and pious and virtuous Living.

it tben, In the Aged, it bath those bad Effeels, viz. They are bad Examples to their Youth, who when repro. ved, may reply, My Father before me loved strong Liquors, as well as I: He loved a Glass of Wine: He loved a Bowl of Punch ; he loved good Cyder, and good Ale, and would be merry with it, and why mayn't I, as well as he? He was a wise good Man, when he was sober; and pray where is the Harm of loving good Liquor and being merry ?

I answer; The Harm is in the immoderate and extravagant Use of it. It is only the Excess which this Letter detests, and is intended to discourage. I have known some wbo bave quarrelled with publick Preaching, because they have been guilty of the Faults spoke against : And the Author expečls to be buffeted for this Publication, by some of these mighty Sons to drink Wine, and to mingle Strong Drink (i. e. Punch, Setterena, Tiff, Flip, &c.) 1 bad like to forget Sampson (as I have several others) which fo overcomes those Men of Might, as to get from them their precious Time (which cannot be bought with Money) and their Money, besides Health and Credit, Understanding and Reafon, and all. And pray where is the Difference then between the Man and ibe Beasi, though ibe Man be full of Days?

W bat


What can we say to the Youth of Juch Parents (ibat will avail) while their parents new them such evil Examples? And as it is in that, so it is in all other Evils, Parents Examples are very hurtful in evil Things, tbom very helpful in that which is good. If a Man fees a Youth to be out of Order, and reproves him for being in Drink, Evil-speaking, Pride, Covetousness,' &c. and be guilty of the same, bis Child may answer, Why, "Father, I had not done so, if I had not seen thee (or you) do it? And it being an incumbent Duty in a Fatber, Mother, Master, or Mistress, to reprove their Youth for

Evil; if we are not clear in ourselves of what we reo prove in our Children or Servants, and our Children or Servants miscarry through our bad Example, what a me. lancholy Reflection will that be to us, if rightly consider'd! which indeed would be this, I have been instrumental to my poor Child's Ruin and Destruction! A melancholy Reflection to any fober Christian !

Also, except there is a large Income, instead of taking Care to put the Youth in a reputable Way to live in the World, it brings them to Poverty : And if there is a large Estate, it puts them in the Way to spend it. And, Ob ! bow many are spending their precious Time in Taverns, and Ordinaries, and at the fame Time tbeir Wives and Children suffering and weeping at home? And some fober, modest Women (for the Men are mostly addicted to Drinking 10 Excess) would suffer unspeakable Hardships before they would expose their Husbands ; and indeed tbey that do it in such a modest Way, being forced to it by such ill PraEtices, are much more to be pitied than blamed.

2dly, Concerning the Youth, it mightily hurts them (as it doth the Aged also) as to their Religion, Reputalion, Health and Estate, &c.

ist, As to their Religion, it not only clouds their Understanding, and darkens the Nobility thereof, but it unfits them for all and every religious Duty.

2dly, Some wbo value a good Name, bad rather lose their Lives; than loje their Reputation i brough immoderate


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Drinking For if the Youth be single and addiEted to 1718.
immoderate Drinking, no wife and virtuous Person will
tie themselves to them for Life, by Marriages which
State of Life, to a wife and virtuous Pair, is far ex-
ceeding in Happiness all other Company or Conversation
whatsoever. It is better to be one of these than to enjoy
a Kingdom : And on the other Hand, 'lis better to be a
Slave in Turkey, than to be married to an intemperate

3dly, Intemperance destroys the Health of the Body,
wbich we generally esteem before Wealth. And if a Man
were a King, Prince, or Duke, if he did not enjoy bis
Health, what good would all his Honour, Power, and
Wealth, do bim? Ob! wbat Abundance of Young People
bave destroyed themselves by this Sin? As it is written,
The Wicked do not live out Half their Days :
And where this Sin is growing general in a Country, that
Country is growing to its Ruin and Destruction. It wastes
the People, decays Trade, and is very desiructive to Re-
ligion, and an Inlet 10 Atheism. Good People are afraid
to live in such a Country, bad People flock to it, and often
make their Exit in it.

4thly, And many a fair Estate hath been embezzled and spent through' Intemperance, which honest Parents with

great Labour, Care, and Industry, have got together, and left 10 their Sons and Daughters, who bave extravagantly spent it lipon their Lusts; and thereby bave brought Infamy on themselves, their Fathers, and their Posterily, whenever it has pleased God that they bave left any behind them ; besides (which is worst of all) dishonouring God, and bringing a Scandal on the Cbristian Religion.

Some of our wife Kings and Queens in Great-Britain, being forrowfully affected with the Heincusness of ibis great Sin, bave made strict Laws against Intemperance : And where the Legislative Authority makes little or no Provision against it, or when they do make any, do not take Care to put it in Practice, such a State or Colony


1718. must needs be in a declining Condition. And for particu

lar Families and Persons, we may see too much of this Evil in our Neighbourhoods, almost in all parts of the World, which causeth solid, sover, pious, virtuous, and truly religious Christians to mourn, and bumbly to bow before the most High God, begging of bim, for Christ's Sake, that be, by bis mighty Power, would be pleased to reform the ungenerate World.

This is the Prayer and fervent Desire of an intire Lover of Mankind, both Body and Soul, and who desires their Welfare in this, and the World to come.

T. C.


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T is long since I had a Line from thee ; but not
long since I thought of thee and thine, with
Friends of your Nation, where I know the

Lord hath a Seed, who loves him, and doch de-
light and desire to serve him, and are accounted to
him for a chofen Generation ; and that this Generati-
on may spread and prosper in the Earth, is my ear-
nest Travel in Spirit both Night and Day, at Times
and Seasons. There is also an Exercise upon my Mind
for the Offspring of this Seed, the Children of those
Men and Women, who have confessed the Name of
Christ before Men, in a holy, Self denying Life, and so.
ber Conversations and I do certainly know, that ma-,
ny pious Souls join with me in this Exercise, bowing
the Knee to the Lord of Sabbaths for the Peace, Pro-
sperity, and eternal Welfare of the present arising Gene-
ration. Oh! how exercising it is to good Men and
Women, to see their Youth take those Ways which
lead to Destruction, and go in Company with the
Wicked, whose Ways lead to the utier Ruining of
both Body and Soul, and whose Steps take hold on

It is a great Evil which many are prone to (i. e.) Keeping of vain and idle Company, which has brought many a young Man, and young Woman, co utter Ruin and Destruction, both Body and Soul. How many

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