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The Children of godly Parents have much to answer 1718. for, in Slighting or Neglecting the wholesome Counsel, good Advice, and faithful Admonition, of their faithtul and careful Parents ; whom they Disgrace and Dishonour, contrary to the Command of God, who says, Honour tby Parents, that ihy Days may be long in the Land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee : And none can truly Honour their Parents, who Dishonour God their Maker.


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The fourth Instance of a young Woman who often ab

Jented herself from Meetings, for the sake of much bad
Company. .

HE fourth Instance, which I shall give thee, is

concerning a young Woman, of about 25 Years of Age, who was brought up very finely, tenderly, and delicately, with her Lockets, and Chains of Gold, and Waiting-Maid : But her Parents living too high for their Income, broke in Peoples Debt ; and their Children, as they grew up, were put to their Shifts. What pity it is ! that Youth are not brought up to some Business, whereby they may get a Livelihood in the World, it' their Parents should drop before them: And though Parents may have a handsome Interest in this World, yet it has been thought by some great, as well as wife Men, that to put our Youths to Trades and Business, is both profitable and honourable: Instances of the evil Consequences of the contrary, have been very many, as woetul Experience doth daily teach us ; and this young Woman was one :

Woman was one : For falling into evil Company, she ran into Debt, and was put into Prison ; where was a Murderer, whom, it is said, she was accessary to loose from bis Chains ; and for so doing was put in Chains herself, along with him, when he was taken again : And now, instead of her Gold Chain, she must take up with an Iron One ; and in a little Time, is to be tried for ber Life: And in Expectation

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1718. of Death, and being in great Distress, she sent for

me, and entreated me to come and see her die, and much lamented her Condition: 6. Oh! said the, “ that I might be a Warning to all young people, to be “ Careful that they keep not evil Company, and spend “ their Time which should be spent in Worship, in “ airy Company, and other vain Diversions, when " they should be doing their Duty to God." And then she would weep bitterly ; she being very penitent, it very much affected me ; and I told her, “ That I did believe, if she in her Heart was clear, " and no ways consenting to the Murder, her Life « would be given her : But then Woe and Misery “ would be her Portion, if she did not amend her

Ways.” And as I was leaving her, she charged me, 6 to warn young People that they might be careful that " they spend not their Time in Vanity, and to “ keep out of vain and wicked Company,” which she said had brought her to that Milery and Shame: « And that they should take the Couniel and Advice “ of good Friends (which if I had done, said she) I “ had not brought Reproach on my Friends, and on my Parents."

In a little Time after, she was brought to Trial, and acquitted by the Jury. I saw her once since, and reminded her of her Duty ; which, she said, " She “ hoped to perform; and that it should be a Warn“ing to her, while she lived in this World:” And that such · Examples may be a Warning to all People, is the earnest Desire of a Lover of Souls, and Servant of Jesus


INCE I wrote the above, there being a Person

in this place, who would be sometimes overtaken in Drink, I sent it him to copy over, hoping it might have some good Effect on him. And truly


before he had copy'd the Relation of the firft Person, 1718. he was so smitten with the Sense of the Judgment of the Almighty, that he cried out, even to Roaring, and said, “ He was a condemned Person, and that he felt the Fire of Hell.” He fent for me, and several . others, and begg'd of us to pray for him : He was told, “ That the Hand of God was upon him for his

Sin, and desired to take Warning in time, and " repent, left the Lord should cut him off in his Ini« quicy.” The Lord did accordingly cut off this Person, he dying suddenly, by hard Drinking, as I was intormed by a Letter from Barbadoes ; tho' he promised, “ if the Lord would spare him then, to be is more faithful for the Time to come ;” and was then under deep inward Exercise of Mind. I mencion this as a Corroboration of the above Instances, for further Admonition. This Person was in a considerable Post in that Goverment; His Name I forbear to mention, for divers Reasons. If thou and Friends see meet, I could desire, from the Exercise that is on my Mind, that this might be spread; paradventure it might be some Stroke upon some, for their Good.




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High SHERRIFF of Baltimore County, in the

Province of Maryland, and to other Friends there.


Barbadoes, if of the 12tb Mo. 1718, , Loving Friend AQUILA PACA,

EETING here with Captain Swaddle,

bound for your River, I found a Concern on my Mind to send a few Lines, re

membring the good Opportunities I had at your Meeting in that Neighbourhood, together with those few poor honest Souls that I met with there ; and I desire thee to give my dear Love in Christ to them.

Dear Friend, I am tenderly concerned in the Love of God, and his dear Son, to beg of thee, that thou let pot the World, nor any Thing therein, either the Riches, Pleasures, or Friendship thereof, draw thy Mind from that Measure of Grace which hath been manifested to thee ; for God hath visited thee in his tender Love and Mercy, as thou well knowest, and hath often begotten good Desires in thee, and convinced thee of the holy Truth, as it is in Jesus. Oh! faith my Soul, that thou may more and more grow

therein, therein, to thy bringing forth much good Fruit, to the 1718. Glory of God, and the eternal Good of thac Part in thee, which will never die.

Salute me to thy Wife and Children, and the Neighbours, and their Children also, all whom I wish well in this world, and also in that which is to come, the same I wish to all those who love Christ, so as to keep his Coinmandments.

If thou feest meet, thou mayst read what follows at the Close of your Meeting on a First Day, which Meeting I hope you keep up in order to worship God in Christ's Name; for lo fuch as meet in his Name, he hath promised to be in the Midst of them, where-ever they lo meet ; the which, he hath graciously fulfilled at many Times,

Dear Friends, it is in my Mind to visit you with the Salutation of Brotherly Love, in our holy Lord Jesus Christ, and may let you know, that though ! have been long absent from you in Body, yet have I been often prelent in Spirit with you, and you have been often in my Mind, with Prayers to the Lord for your Growth in the holy Truth which he hath been pleased to make known to you, and many times I have desired of the Almighty, that he would be pleased to preserve a Seed in your Parts that should serve him, and be accounted to him for a Generation. I have also desired that the Lord would visit your young Ones, and bring them to the Kowledge of his Truth ; And I pray God, that the tender Vilication that was on divers of them, when I was present with you, may by them never be forgotten, but that they may be Plants of Righteousneis, of God's own Right-hand planting.

And, Dear Friends, forsake not the Assembling of yourselves together, in the Name of Christ, remembring how you have been visited with the Heart-melting Power, and the sweet Presence of the Most High, in your filent waiting on, and worshipping him in his

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