The Message

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2005 - 240 pages

Who's keeping your children? Do you trust that person? Could you truly trust someone with your child fully? I'm a childcare provider and I just can't believe how some people could just leave their child with someone, from eight to thirteen or, more hours a day and not once check up on their child. By me doing childcare I meet a lot of people throughout the weeks, who always have a story to tell, about their experience with a provider, or, a parent. From their kids being exposed to an adult tape at daycare, to being locked in a room at a center, to a provider finding drugs in a diaper bag, to someone bringing their child molesting boyfriend around, the list goes on. No one seems to care about what predicament you may be putting a child in. It's sad that the main concern of a parent especially, is their job, their money. I'd rather lose a job, or, a days pay, than my child. If asking personal questions, brings uncomfort, to the provider and or, the parent than there shouldn't be any business or, relationship started. I wrote the words between the pages, just to spark that interest, that concern in someone who should be paying more attention, better attention to their child, even the children around your child. The business of doing any form of respectable childcare is very necessary, just like ones full attention to the child is, from both parent and provider.

People say that they don't know why the wrong of childcare is being discussed, instead of the good. No one's having a problem with the goodness, the wrong of it all is the concern, no one trying to correct the wrong is the problem. I hope that you all gain something from reading my writings. I hope that you all use the diary left for you in the back of the book. What you're letting your mind ignore, about your provider and or the parent, your over all being won't when you read it back to yourself.

Do you love your children? Than care enough, get involved.

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