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did I see that the true wrestling-feed of Jacob can never rejoice, but through sufferings ; abound but through abasement; nor live and reign with the Lamb that was dead and is alive, but through death. I then was given to behold as it were around me, as I rode on the way,an innumerable multitude of glorified spirits ; and it was said in the center of my soul, these are they which came out of great tribulation, have wash.

ed their robes, and inade them white, in the blood of the Lamb;'I their ever-living Redeemer. I saw that I must yet longer endure the cup of sufferings in this house of clay, if I would join the songs of those ransomed souls in never-ending anthems of praise ; to which I bowed my head and heart, saying Lord, let not thine eye pity, nor thy hand spare, until thou hast done away all that offends in me, and brought forth judgment unto victory in my soul: and when I had thus submitted and offered up body, foul and spirit, into his holy hands, a willing sacrifice, it was thewed me how good it had been for me that I had so deeply fuffered; and that, had it been otherwise, I should have milfed of this feast of fat things. Next it was shewed me, that though I had not altogether done the best that I might have done while on this vifit, yet that I had been preserved in the meekness, littleness, and humility; and, to my inexpressible fatisfaction, I was also thewed, and made to see, feel, and know, that nothing was laid to my charge as an offence to stand against me; but feeling there was now no condemnation to my soul, I was inade to join the heavenly harmony; and, in that angelic spring of adoration which I felt, my soul within me leapt for joy, and, at the end of this transporting chorus, my inmol language was' sing praises,

sing praises, fing praises, Amen, Ainen, halle• lujah!' At which it seemed as if the whole expanse of heaven rang with acclamations of joy,


thanksgiving, Rev, vii, 14.

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thanksgiving and praise ! After which I again had freedom to enter into innocent and pleasant conversation with my two friends, which I had not done for miles before, as we rode on the way; but I kept the vision pretty much to myself, save what of its effects they discovered in

my countenance, and the tears I had shed, which I had not power to restrain. Lord, never suffer me to forget thy favours and divine communications but as thou hast begun to clothe my mind with humility, be pleafed more and more to center me deep into it ; that I may wear it as a garment for ever.

We rode over the green mountain this day, in the state of Vermont, through which it runs, the name is taken from it, importing a green mount ; it is called about thirty miles over. --Lodged in Townfend. 7th day 11th, we rode near forty miles to Richmond. ist day 12th, we attended Friends meeting at Richmond. 2d day 13th, we rode forty-five miles, and on 3d day 14th of gth month, home. Was thankfully rejoiced to find my dear wife and family well, having been from home eight weeks yesterday, rode about eight hundred miles, and attended religious meetings forty days.



Profpeet of visiting Friends of Pennsylvania and

New Jersey. Exercises and fickness preceding his journey, and occurrences therein.

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FTER my return from the foregoing visit to

Friends of Oblong and Nine-Partners quarterly meetings, I had to pass through much probationary leanness and inward want, and at times through deep and various exercises ; but I had not been long at home, before a concern began to revive and spread in my mind, which I had had some view of for several years, to wit, to make a visit to Friends of Pennsylvania and New-Jersey; and at times it was fresh with me, but without a clear prospect of the time when. Thus time passed on ; and in some of our meetings for worship, the weight of the service would reft upon me as something almost too great for my weak state : but I was inoftly favoured to see that ability for such services was not in the creature, but in God; and then I could cast my care on him alone, and give up; and thus submitting, I felt or saw but little about it for some length of time ; but about the 4th, 5th, and 6th months, 1785, it was much with me; but yet I could not see clearly about the time when to proceed. And at our yearly meeting at Newport, in the 6th month, as I sat in a meeting for worship one day, it revived with the most clearness that I had ever seen it, insomuch that I had a query in my mind, whether it would not be ripe to proceed to the yearly meeting at Philadelphia in the 9th month following, but this passing off, I thought I would not yet open it to any person. But after this meeting my dear friend Joseph Mitchell asked me if I had not some thoughts of going to Pennsylvania &c. on a religious visit. I answered him, I have • had such thoughts, but believe nobody would yet

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• have known any thing of it, had not the queftion * been put to me.

He told me he felt such an engagement to ask me, that he believed it was right for him so to do, and then he opened his prospect of such a visit, which agreed with mine ; and told me it had been with him in the meeting we had just fat in, more feelingly than at almost any other time. So we concluded to keep our prospects very much in our own bosoms ; and after a few days we had a few words more together, when I found he had felt but little of it since we conversed about it ; but before our yearly meeting ended, I had some fresh revivals of it again.

About this time I had some trying exercises in the course of my practice of physick; but I found patience was good in these cases, and that divine wisdom was profitable to direct therein. I think I may also mention, that, after all my past experience of heavenly good and divine favour, I had to oncounter some of the most trying and potently pressing temptations of my soul's enemy' that ever I endured ; even so that I often for months almost despaired of overcoming. Let him that thinketh he standeth, be not high-minded; but fear. Let none think themselves safe off the watch, because of any degree of attainment and favour. The watch-tower remains to be our place of safety ; neither let honest mind be too much disheartened at the assaults of Satan.-There is a power above him, and he that cleaves close to it shall know a victory over all the powers of darkness, and therein witness that there is no enchantment against the rightly wrestling Jacob, nor divination against God's faithful, dependent, persevering Ifrael. This I think my soul has a right to set its seal to, as I have ever come off victorious, when I have not turned my back upon the light, our divine Leader. Sing, O ye heavens ! and Oye pilgrims on the earth rejoice,



and triumph! for strong and invincible is the God of our Salvation; and abundantly sufficient for our help is the grace afforded us !---let all but keep to it, and then safe are their steppings, and sure their preservation-for, however severe their trials, the Lord will be near them ; and indeed in the midft of temptation he will often lift up a standard that shall vanquish all the influence of every evil spirit, and set the soul on the everlasting foundations, that cannot be shaken.-0, how often did the unslumbering Shepherd of Israel, the great Bishop of souls, arise for my deliverance, when I seemed to myself just ready to fall a victim to the grand adversary! how did he, not only give power of resistance ; but fill my soul with the overflowing of his love, beyond all expression ! worthy for ever to be waited for, worshipped, and obeyed, is the Lord, the God of Israel ; the mighty Friend of the faithful !

My prospects of a visit to Pennsylvania, &c. continuing, and the time to proceed therein appearing to me to be some time preceding the yearly meeting at Philadelphia 1786, I endeavoured to be given up to it; but the thoughts of parting with my dear wife, and tender little children, wrought so upon me, that I seemed to hold back again, after giving up several times, until in the winter preceding faid yearly meeting, I was visited with severe sickness for a month, insomuch that inany thought I should not recover. In the time of this illness 1 intelligibly heard in the secret of my soul, in silence and stillness, this awful language, fet thine house in order, • for thou shalt die and not live.'* This, though plain and alarming, did not at all strike my mind with a belief that I was soon to leave the body; but two things seemed specially to be set before me: ift, Though I had a written will by me, very nearly agreeable to my mind, yet as it was not quite fo


fense 2 Kings XX, I.


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