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shall rest from their labours, and their works shall follow them.

Great part of the Revelations, as well as other mysterious scriptures, is livingly known in the work and progress of regeneration, and therein found very pertinent and descriptive, in regard to the many exercises, pangs, probations, and deliverances, which attend the soul in its seasons of refinement, and gradual renovation. And all this hinders not, but well consists, with the more outward meaning and fulfilment of such parts of sacred record, so far as they really respect things outward : but I am firm in the faith, that many are musing and gazing after outward fulfilments, to the very great, and sometimes injurious diversion of their minds from the only work, and fulfilment of many passages, which they may ever properly expect to experience. The scripture is a sealed book; it is abundantly wrapped up in parable, metaphor, and mystety-yea many, very many things in it, which men whose minds are outward will read and understand of outward things, are mainly meant of internal operations, discoveries, and overturnings, which God in his dealings with the foul, leads it along through. He that hath an ear, let him hear-is a very proper intimation, and is therefore often repeated, that the mind may be directed to an inward hearkening, in order to a right understanding : for many have eyes, but see not; and ears, but hear not. and ear that fees and hears divine things rightly, must be divinely opened. Many are blind because they think they fee; and deaf, by reason of their confidence that they hear. Christ's coming was, and is, that those who fee and hear may be made blind and deaf ; and that the blind and deaf may sec and hear; and blefled are these who are inade blind and deaf by him ; for it is as needful to true seeing and hearing, to be first made blind and deaf, as


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wounding is necessary to healing, and killing, to being made alive. He that will be wise, must first become a fool that he may be wise, and he that will see and hear, must first become blind and deaf.

O, it is a great thing to know that eye and ear closed, that ever sees and hears amiss, and to keep them steadily shut up; and the fingle eye and ear properly open. Keep to that in thee, O inward traveller, that shuts the wrong eye and ear, and opens the right; then wilt thou be in the number of such as our Lord pronounceth blessed, saying, bleffed are your eyes, for they fee, and your ears, for they hear.'*

* Matt. xiii. 26.



The folly of self-importance. The author's concern,

that himself and Others may experience an entire reduction of self, and perfect resignation to the die vine will. His visit to Friends of Oblong and Nine-Partners, in the state of New-York.

178.4-2. I clearly feen the great folly of think

bih mo. 12. ing ourselves of much importance, either in religious fociety, or in the world. O may my soul dwell ever in true abasement ; for blessed and happy is he that knows a being brought down, yea down low, and there abiding; for until all self-exaltation is entirely rooted out of our minds, we are not what God would have us to be ; and his turning and overturning in us, is in order, if not resisted, thus to make us ; and until we do, from the centre of our souls, give him all the glory, there remains in us a source of unhappiness, disorder, and confusion. -O inan ! how great is the work of thy salvation ; how many

deaths Thou hast to die, before that comes to reign in thee, which lịves for ever ;-for know thou, that thou canst never fully enjoy that life which is hid with Christ in God, until thou diest to thy own selfish life. It is he that loses his life for Christ's fake, that shall find it : yea, our blessed Saviour declares, if any man baie not his

own life, he cannot be my disciple't-and at this juncture of time I fincerely think I do fo.--Lord God Almighty, carry on thy great work in my soul, bow every exalted imagination, and lay all that is not of thy own immediate begettings in me, level with the duft, that I may altogether, and at all times, hate my own life, with perfect hatred, until I come livingly to know that it is thy only begotten, in whom thou art well pleased, and with no

K 3.


+ Luke xiv, 26.

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The affairs of this meeting were conducted in a degree of the favour of truth.

Fourth-day uth, attended the select quarterly meeting to pretty good satisfaction. I felt truth's dominion over all in my mind, and rejoiced in the loving-kindness of the Lord

Sth-day 12th, attended the quarterly meeting for worship and discipline at the same place where the two foregoing select meetings were held. The 13th, a meeting was appointed for us at Oswego, which was a pretty full meeting, in which the current of gospel love, power, and utterance, flowed freely and refreshingly; it was indeed a precious opportunity, and ought to be remembered with thankfulness to the great Opener and Leader, who, out of weakness, makes strong.-Blessed be the Lord. The next day were at a meeting at Appoughquague, and igth, being first-day, we were again at meeting at Peachpond, on second-day at the valley, and third-day at one called the uppermeeting, held at Isaiah Hoag's, which was a very exercising meeting; but, after deep travail, we were aflisted and enabled to sound an alarm among them in a degree of gospel authority; and though I believe we felt truth, and the feed of life under oppreffion; yet as we lay low with it, and were made willing to suffer with it, we were enabled to witness it to reign in dominion over all.

Fourth-day, 18th. Were at the monthly meeting at Nine partners; some close exercise attended the fore part of this meeting, in filent suffering with the fuffering seed, but truth rose into dominion to the joy of our souls, wherein we had to call the people to an inward, awful stillnefs, and attention, left they be disappointed as to meeting with the master of our assemblies, and also as to being benefited


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