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affectionate remembrance. Each succeeding generation will embalm their memory, and time will waft its fragrance until time shall be no more!


The patriot's reward has its counterpart in the traitor's doom. There are chapters in the history of this contest of loyalty and treason among the darkest in the annals of the human race. If we had an enemy on earth, we could wish for him no sorer punishment than that which is in store in the righteous judgment of posterity for all those who have plotted, instigated, aided, abetted, or in any way, at the South or in the North, helped on this godless and heaven-defying rebellion.

Of the two classes,—those at the South who have openly aided and fought for it, and those in the loyal States who have secretly or openly aided it while enjoying the protection of the Government,—the latter are infinitely more abhorred, both on earth and in heaven. Posterity will accord with this judgment, now universally entertained among the loyal. Every dictate of human reason and every principle of religion declares it.

“ The memory of the wicked shall rot,” is a saying of Holy Writ. This may prove true of the “wicked” in this rebellion. Tie Scripture does not state when the process shall begin or when the work shall be finished. We trust the period in this case will be distant. Valuable purposes to this nation and to mankind will be served by holding their “ memory” up to the gaze of men.

We wish our children and our children's children to know when, how, for what, and by whom, this rebellion was begun and prosecuted. We wish them to know, from the words of the rebels themselves, that it was begun with no sufficient reason, that it was to overthrow lawful authority, that it was to extend and perpetuate human bondage. We wish them to know the agency of the Church in this work, the zeal of the ministers of religion, and the organic indorsement of ecclesiastical bodies. We wish them to know the truth, and the whole truth, that they may understand the awful guilt of men, and watch more narrowly the interests which God has consigned to their faithful keeping.

Future Bancrofts and Prescotts will write the elaborate histories of the rebellion; and we hope some Peter Parley will tell its simple tale in the pages which will be read in every school-house and rehearsed at every fireside.

Let its story thus go abroad over the wide earth and among all people, until the sun shall no more rise upon a master nor set upon a slave; let it go down through all the generations of men to the end of time; and then, LET THE MEMORY OF THE WICKED BOT!

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