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Teachers are both fortunate and Absolute rest in the summer unfortunate in having such long months is needed by few teachers, vacations. Those who have not but some change is needed by all. more than two months and are not If a man is simply to attend to the pressed with financial cares, art proper running of a machine, he fortunate in that the time can be may be better for a change, a rest spent more profitably and return of some kind; but it is not essential, a much richer investment in health perhaps, for the machine that he and good spirits than comes from have it; but he who is to guide the the hurried week or ten days that development of something so comthe business man, lawyer, or doc- plex, so varied, as the soul of a tor, takes feeling all the while child needs inspiration from many about as guilty as if he were taking sources. He who exhausts nervous something that did not belong to energy in the multiplicity of schoolhim.

room duties needs rebuilding and On the other hand, those who a storing up of force for the duties are on a very moderate salary for

of the next year. only seven months of the year are I have known a great many wounfortunate in that they are so long men teachers and I have studied not occupied in that which ought to them very closely, because I am be the main business of their lives fond of observing life and reflecting that they are forced to seek some upon my observations and because other kind of employment as a I have a very intense desire to have means of subsistence. This has others get as much joy out of their a two-fold disadvantage in it:- it work as I have gotten from mine. leads to the service of two mas. Herbert Spencer says "that it has ters, - the proverbially impossible been justly observed that the first thing, -and it is apt to leave no condition of success in life is to be time for the recreation that all need a healthy animal.” Those teachto keep them finely-tempe If ers, - particularly those who have the world could realize the inesti- been engaged during the year in mable value of abounding health the instruction of the little ones of body, mind, and soul, for those and who whether wisely or unwho are to supply the atmosphere, wisely have stood a great deal of light, and heat for the development the time in the schoolroom, — whu of the most precious human flow- feel the need of “resting the backers, I think it would see to it that bone” may take the advice which remuneration for services would be is so often given to lie on a lounge sufficient to allow re-creation, up- and take it easy all summer. But building of vital forces.

for the reasonably strong woman

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and the one who is only righteously magnificent in body and mind, untired such a course is not necessary. til his eighty-third year. And yet She does not need "to mix her Lewes says: "He was, like Napoblood with sunshine and take the leon, a giant worker, and never so winds into her pulses"; and if happy as when at work.” And our forced to remain at home all sum- own greatest American poets furmer she may skim away on her bi- nish us such splendid examples of cycle, climb hills and walk through the value of healthy, mental labor. dales, get close to Nature, and I do not think it wise to spend a come back to her schoolroom in vacation in the worry and fret of September sunburned, rejuven- getting ready for a teachers' examated, with a glow and sparkle of ination. When one has not taken health which will do much to make the legitimate way of getting away all glad for her coming. If she is from this that many regard as a near to the seashore, a whiff of the severe ordeal, — taking the examiocean will be a tonic, and I am go- nation for State Certificate, - it ing to propose this later as a de- ought to be gone through with in light to be added to something that the winter or spring. will in itself be very good.

A summer school held at some But not even for physical health pleasant resort on lake shore or is total abstinence from mental la- at the sea-side, with an inspiring bor necessary; and this is where I set of teachers, with commonthink so many err in giving advice sense enough not to allow one to to teachers. Sometimes I used to take too much work, is often good be told "Shut up your books and for one in every way. Here there don't open one the whole summer," ought not to be too much preparbut as I never obeyed the com- ing of work for the next year. The mand people have either become mind needs change. A healthy tired of giving useless advice or diet for it implies a wise variety. they have concluded that I am a The most unwise thing that a pretty good example of the wis

teacher can do is to remain home dom of enjoying study in modera- year after year in order to spend tion every summer.

more money on dress or to hoard I propose as a subject of inves

money for the rainy day. The rainy tigation the beneficial effects of day never comes so soon to any study without hurry or worry. 1 teacher as to the one who spends have been deeply interested lately too much thought in preparing for in special study of a life that has it. The ambition to build a house always interested me — that

of too soon sometimes destroys the Goethe — for a paper I have been tenant who is to live in it. Keep preparing. You know he lived, yourself well and happy and bright and you will live longer and make a those who planned a summer in great deal more money in the end. Europe will have to give it up this A great many of us have admired

year; so let us look to the making the Chicago teacher who is re- of some other plans. I scarcely ported to have gone to Europe need to declare my loyalty to the with a single gown in her wardrobe State Association; but I may urge because she could not afford any attendance especially upon the lady more, and to have come back with teachers of Ohio. We are going to renewed vigor, increased culture, meet at Put-in-Bay; and let us get and sunny memories to gladden together in large numbers and have many dark days. It seems to me a good time as well as a profitable that no one ought to live a long time. I am willing to trust the exlife of teaching without the sum- ecutive committee for a good promer trip across the ocean. It is gram. We are promised, too, that great folly to say that a patriotic all difficulties of refreshing the inperson will travel over his own ner man will be removed and that broad land before going abroad. everything will be done to make our He may be a very loyal Buckeye stay on the Island pleasant. Perand yet not think it necessary to sonally I have declared that I visit every farm, village, town, and should rather go to Put-in-Bay, city in Ohio before seeing our great where we can all be together, and metropolis New York, our Athens live on crackers and water (alof America Boston, or the delight- though I am willing to admit honful city to which we are all going estly that that is not my favorite this summer, Washington. An- diet) than to be scattered all over other foolish thing to say is that if a hot city where one of the best one cannot stay longer than five features of the Association, — 50or six weeks on the other side, he ciability, — is largely eliminated, at had better remain at home. I can least for the ladies. The young conjure with the names Ireland, men in our State pretty thoroughly Wales, England, France, Belgium, realize that to be professional they Scotland, until that wizard Imagi- must identify themselves with edunation recalls scenes and makes cational movements; that to adme live over days of delight thai vance in positions and salaries they seem full as some ordinary years, need to enlarge their acquaintance. and yet I traveled over those coun- Do our young women sufficiently tries in the order named in just realize these things? Or is it that one summer vacation.

they by nature are more closely held But with the dark cloud of war to the place of their birth and early hanging over us it may be that even surroundings and not caring to

change homes (unless to take one To be simple and natural and to of their own) care less for profes- show courtesy to every one is to sional advancement?

attain that "behavior which is the I should like to tempt them to

finest of the fine arts." come to our yearly gathering by And now I wish to join in the the delight that comes from friend- hearty cry already given of “On to ships strengthened by meeting, for. Washington.” Ohio has been fait is ever true "Presence is still a mous for a good many years for powerful deity."

having a good many of its citizens When at Put-in-Bay, or at any

in the capital of our Republic. We place else in your vacation, do not wish her to have one of the largest fear that you will lose any dignity representations when the N. E. A. worth having by a merry laugh, a

meets there next July. Washington little genuine fun. Of course, a

is certainly one of the most beautitrue lady or gentleman is never ful and interesting cities in our coarse; but there is no rest without country. I spent nine days there unbending, no exhiliration where one spring; and if it was not exself-consciousness is painfully pres

actly a "nine days wonder," it was ent. Even the great Goethe says:

nine days of delight in the beauty

of the streets, of eye-opening to the "We mortals are most wonderfully wonderful system by which the aftried;

fairs of this great country are carWe could not bear it, were we not

ried on, of curious pleasure in the endowed By Nature with a kindly levity.”

picturesque markets with colored

people yet carrying about with them I shall never forget with what much of the poetry of the Southern mingled feelings of amazement and plantations without the terrible indignation I saw a principal from prose of slavery, of thrilling intera city in another State traveling: est in seeing people from all quarwith several of her teachers whom ters of the globe. In fact, I am a she tried to keep all the time in

little afraid that the attractions of the "sit-up-in-position" attitude. the city, the various department They all tried so hard to be buildings, the White House, the "proper" that they were not proper Capitol, the National Museum, at all. How I longed to beg them

Smithsonian Institute, Corcoran for just one half day, one hour, Art Gallery, and many other things even one minute to be natural! I might mention, will prove a How I longed to quote to them, strong magnet to draw teachers

and others away from the educa"For the natural way of woman

tional meetings. But no matter, Is so near akin to art."!

the intelligent seeing of such things will be an education in itself. Of those who do not stop at the headcourse, Mt. Vernon will be visited; quarters for Ohio, the Normandie, and apart from the quiet beauty of call daily at the room selected for the place one will be uplifted by its Ohio Headquarters and enjoy the rich associations with George and hospitality which would have too Martha Washington.

Washington. Arlington much sadness in it if it were exwill bring to us other pages of our tended by the retiring Commiscountry's history and there will be sioner but which coming in the a new dedication of ourselves to the name of the Editor of the MONTHLY work of fostering true patriotism will be heartily enjoyed. in the hearts of the children and Mingle with people of different youth of our land.

sections of the country, with peoDon't be frightened from Wash- ple of different occupations and ington by fears of the heat. Let us pursuits; touch life on many sides; hope for as pleasant a summer as remember its residents who remained in the city, enjoyed last season. The same

"Self-knowledge comes from know

ing other men: day last year on which the ther

'Tis life reveals to each his genuine mometer registered 95 deg. in Mil

worth." waukee, it registered 88 deg. in Washington. Of


Make vacation a great time for should take care of clothing and the culture that has joy in it; the diet, not expose himself too much culture that comes from travel, to the heat, not work too hard in good fiction, choice poetry, pichis sight-seeing, and take plenty of tures, music, and friends of noble sleep and rest.

touch. The particulars relating to hotels

“Like as a Star and boarding places, not previously

That maketh not haste, given, will be found in the com

That taketh not rest, munication from the State Director

Be each one fulfilling, and Manager, F. B. Dyer. Let His god-given Hest."


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