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copies, are very gratifying and en- that a majority of the counties couraging. We trust this number have taken like action. Moreover

it is learned from the State School may also prove helpful, and that

Commissioner that there is such a the Thanksgiving Program by Miss

constant demand for additional Sutherland may at least be sugges

copies, that the publication of antive to teachers in their preparation

other edition seems well-nigh infor a suitable celebration of the evitable. All this is additional evioccasion which will no doubt come dence of the influence which on the last Thursday of the month,

Boards of Examiners are exerting or November 24. While the day is

throughout the state, and also a a national holiday, and as a rule prophecy of what these Boards can

accomplish for our schools by vigschools will be dismissed, the chil

orous, hearty, reasonable and condren in the schools should have certed action. As Mr. Corson has their attention called to its signifi- often said before institutes and ascance, importance, and sacredness sociations “The people can have by suitable exercises. Intelligence just as good schools as they want,

and they will have just as poor is an important factor in true

ones as they will permit.” No senthanksgiving, and the public

tence that he ever uttered showed schools should do everything in a keener analysis of existing contheir power to develop intelligent ditions in the educational field of appreciation of all the blessings we

Ohio nor a truer prophecy of enjoy, personal and national.

what we may attain under the right sort of leadership. If we want su

pervision we can have it, provided THE GEOGRAPHY SYLLABUS.

the people through the instrumen

tality of teachers, make it evident The reception which has been our legislators that such enactaccorded the syllabus on Geog- ments would meet a popular deraphy is gratifying to the commit- mand. Legislators do not care to tee who were charged with its stultify themselves by advocating preparation. No sooner was it dis- measures that will prove to be tributed than Hamilton County dead-letters, and that will exist onadopted it as the basis of examina- ly on the pages of the statute tions in Geography for the year, books. It is not a long journey and this example was followed by from the office of Examiners to the other counties, in rapid succession; Legislature. Moreover, it is the so that now, from the best informa- safest route to travel when we tion obtainable, it seems probable want to help on school legislation.


If we need school libraries, it is of the waste-basket, but it is clearly only necessary for the Examiners within the realm of possibilities that. to set about the work patiently yet those who thus dispose of their perseveringly, and, in time, every first copy will seek eagerly for a school in the state will find itself duplicate before the return of anin possession of a collection of other August if Examiners and Exbooks, all its own. If better equip- ecutive Committees exert a fair dement for the teaching of Geog- gree of pressure about once every raphy is needed, let the Examiners thirty days throughout the year. but take the initiative and very It would be unseemly for the soon the teachers will fall into line, writer to extol the virtues of this and the whole procession will syllabus, but he can assert, without move rapidly forward to the con- arrogating to himself any superior summation of their desires. There information, that the subject of is no doubt that those who give to Geography is rapidly advancing to this syllabus the attention and a position of importance among study that this department of edu- the branches (so called) of educacation really merits, will find that tion, and that the teacher who negtheir present equipment of books lects this study will sooner or later and apparatus is quite inadequate, find himself relegated to a place and this discovery will be quite im- in the rear that will be found unportant. When we find that we comfortably lonesome. He may actually need something in order to rail at the examinations in Geogdo our work satisfactorily to our- raphy as abominations to the gaze selves, we are very apt to develop of civilized

as being a sufficient genius to get it. But, hodge-podge of Geology, Botany, first, we must want it. We shall Astronomy, Meteorology, Chemprobably discover a need for phys- istry, Physics, Minerology, Anthroical maps - and then will get pology, History, and what-not them; or we shall realize that some but the passing of those examinaof the many books on Geography tions will be a prerequisite to his that are named in this syllabus are teaching school just the same. It a necessity in order to the best re- will be found that a knowledge of sults, and forthwith these books the subject includes more than the will be ordered — and, strangest of mere location of places on the all. when they arrive the money globe — because the location itself will be in hand to meet the bill. depends upon so many other things

It can hardly be hoped that all than mere locality. The Cincinnati the copies of the syllabus that have Commercial-Tribune recognizes this been issued will escape the rapacity fact, and has that masterful ob


server and writer, Frank Carpen- Arithmetic, Algebra, Geography, .ter, traversing the whole continent English Grammar and Composiof South America, and supplying tion, History of the United States its columns every week with an ar- including Civil Government, Genticle on this comprehensive sort of eral History, English Literature, Geography.

Physiology and Hygiene including We want Ohio to be in the van, effects of Alcohol and Narcotics, in this as in other matters, and if Physics, Theory and Practice of all the counties of the state will Teaching, and such other branches, but enter upon this matter of geo- if any, as they may elect. graphical study with the same zest Applicants for High School Certhat characterizes the work in tificates, in addition to the abovemany of the counties, there can be named branches will be examined no doubt of the fact that at no dis- in Geometry, Rhetoric, Civil Govtant day other states will inquire

ernment, Latin, Psychology, Hisfor the Buckeye Method of teach

tory of Education, Science of Eding Geography.

ucation. Also three branches se

lected from the following: ChenSTATE CERTIFICATES FOR TEACHERS. istry, Botany, Zoology, Geology,

The Ohio State Board of School Astronomy, Trigonometry and its Examiners issues the following cir

Applications, Logic, Greek, Gercular of information to persons de

man, and Political Economy. The siring to become applicants for

Board advises applicants not to atState Certificates:

tempt to pass an examination for The Board will hold an exam

the Common School Life and the ination in Columbus on Tuesday, High School Life Certificate at the December 27, 1898, beginning at

same examination. 8:00 a. m. and continuing Decem


EXAMINATION. Under the law, the Board can James's Briefer Course in Psyissue none but Life Certificates. chology, (Holt); Ladd's PsycholoFor the present the Board will gy, Descriptive and Explanatory, issue but three grades of certifi- (Scribners); Preyer's Mental Decates, viz: Common School, velopment of the Child, (Appleton). High School, and Special Certifi- Recommended for reference: Bowcates.

ne's Introduction to Psychological Applicants for Common School Theory, (Harpers); Sully's PsyCertificates will be examined in chology, (Appleton); Baldwin's Orthography, Reading Writing,

Reading Writing, Elements of Psychology, (Holt).

HISTORY OF EDUCATION- minimum grade for High School

branches, 80. Compayre's History of Peda- All applicants for certificates of gogy, (Heath); Quick's Education- either grade must file with the al Reformers, Revised Edition,

Clerk of Board, at least thirty days (Appleton); Painter's History of

before the date of examination, an Education, Appleton). Recom- application blank filled out and mended: Krusi's Life of Pesta- two satisfactory testimonials that lozzi, (American Book Co.), Aris- they have had at least fifty months' totle and Froebel, of "Great Edu- successful experience in teaching, cators Series" (Scribners).

and for Special Certificate at least

fifty months' experience in teachSCIENCE OF EDUCATION-

ing the Special Branch. Also file REQUIRED

last county certificate or certified White's School School Management,

copy thereof. (American Book Co.); Lange's These testimonials should be Apperception, (Heath); Rozen- from educators well known to the kranz's Philosophy of Education, Board. (Appleton). Recommended: De The holder of a Common School Garmo's Essentials of Method, Certificate may receive a High (Heath); McMurry's General School Certificate by passing exMethod, (Public School Publishing amination, at one meeting of the Company); Page's Theory


Board, in all the additional Practice, (American Book Co.). branches, as above stated, and fur

Applicants for Special Certifi- nishing satisfactory evidence of cates will be examined in Special continued success in teaching. Branches, and in addition thereto, No branch will be added to a Physiology and Hygiene including Common School Certificate after effects of Alcohol and Narcotics, the date of its issue; but, when Psychology, History of Education, issued, such certificate shall name and Science of Education pre- the additional branches, if «any, scribed for applicants for High upon which the applicant has School Certificates.

passed a satisfactory examination. Special Certificates will be Eminent attainments in any pargranted in Penmanship, Drawing, ticular line of study will receive Music, and Physical Culture, only. due consideration in determining

The standard for both classes of an applicant's qualifications. certificates is as follows: Mini

As an

essential condition of mum grade for Common School granting a certificate of either branches, 60; average grade, 80; grade, the Board will require evidence that the applicant has had the greetings of the Akron teachmarked success as a teacher, and ers to the visitors. He referred to has a good knowledge of the sci- the fact that the public schools of ence and art of teaching.

Ohio had their inception in Akron. Each applicant for a certificate He showed how from the bill shall pay to the Board of Examin- passed in the forties, known as the ers a fee of five dollars at the open- "Akron School Law," the public ing session of the examination, and school system of Ohio had been dethe Clerk of the Board shall pay veloped. to the State Treasurer all fees re- President Kinnison briefly received.

sponded to the address of welThe Neil will be headquarters come, thanking the Akron people during the examination. Rates of for their careful preparation for $2.00 and $2.50 per day have been this meeting and referring especialsecured, according to the rooms se

ly to the beautiful potted plants lected. Other accommodations and cut flowers with which the may be found convenient to the room was decorated. Capitol. The examination will be After the reading of the minutes held in the Hall of the House of of the Oberlin meeting by Supt. Representatives.

Kirk, Secretary of the AssociaAddress all inquiries to the tion, a class lesson in Nature Study Clerk of the Board, C. W. Benneti, was given by Miss Elizabeth E. Piqua, Ohio.

Peny, Principal of the Akron train

ing school. Before bringing in her NORTH EASTERN OHIO TEACHERS' pupils, Miss Perry stated that in ASSOCIATION.

this lesson she hoped to bring out Reported by W. H. KIRK.

the five steps of the Herbartian The N. E. O. T. A. held the first method of teaching, viz., preparameeting of this school year in the tion, presentation, comparison, beautiful auditorium of the Akron classification and application. The High School, October 22, 1898. lesson was about fruits, and in a The meeting was called to order pleasing way, Miss Perry brought by the President, Supt. R. H. Kin- out the different facts about the nison of Wellington.

structure and growth of the pear Prayer was offered by Rev. Ira and compared it with other fruits A. Priest, President of Buchtel previously studied in the school. College, after which a selection of Then a classification was made of music was given by one of the these and other fruits. Accuracy, Akron schools led by Prof. N. L. method, and thoroughness were Glover,

insisted upon throughout the enSupt. Thomas of Akron extended tire lesson.

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