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that he would have many good of the Dayton schools. The child things to report to the educators read the story and then related it to of Ohio at their next meeting. the school. Minor defects in lan

In the afternoon the members of guage were not noted. The child the Association enjoyed a trolley was encouraged to feel perfectly ride to the National Military free. Results were gratifying Home, where a very pleasant re- "School Libraries, Pictures and ception was tendered them. After Books Aids in the Schoolthe band concert they met in Put- room” was the subject of an adnam Library of the Home, where dress by Miss Agnes Bruce. Anthe afternoon meeting was held. other phase of the subject was preIn the absence of Mr. F. W. Ash- sented in a paper by Miss Lila P. ley, of the Morley Library of Hall. She emphasized the importPainesville, excellent paper

ance of choosing safe books and that he had prepared was read by books suited to the grade of the Martin Hensel, of the

of the Public pupil. "Goody-good" books, as School Library of Columbus, sub- well as those of a questionable charject, “Some Obstacles to be Over- acter, should be avoided. The come in Starting and Managing a discussion of this topic was conSmall Library." The paper was cluded by Miss May Crowell, who discussed by Miss Mercer, of described the methods of book Mansfield, and Miss McElwain, of distribution in the Dayton schools. Xenia. Considerable interest was At present the Public Library furmanifested in the statement by the nishes to the schools of the city, latter that the Xenia Library con- for distribution under the direction tains five thousand volumes, that of the teacher, one book for every it has thirteen hundred names on two pupils. its list of contributing members, "Reading Without Tears” was that it receives no support from the subject of a very thoughtful and taxation, and that the Reference original paper by Miss May PrenDepartment is free to all who tice. She dwelt at length upon choose to visit the library. Others the importance of careful selection participated in the discussion. the first picture books that are After a vote of thanks to the offi- put into the hands of little children. cers of the Home for courtesies ex- The picture should leave a pleasing tended, the session adjourned. impression on the mind of the

The program for the evening in- child. It should not bring tears to cluded a very pleasant visit to the his waking eyes or hideous visions Dayton Public Library and an in- to his dreams. The mind never spection of its interesting museum. loses its impressions. We do not The evening session was held in forget. The mind of the little child the assembly room of the library. is wonderfully receptive. Pictures

Four of the Dayton teachers that fill it with terror have more participated in the work of the influence on the future life than evening. Miss Lelia A. Thomas most of us imagine. The child read a paper, “The Child and the loves fun, and the things that apStory," in which she gave a most peal to the infant sense of humor interesting account of some expe- can do no harm. Miss Prentice riments in the primary department illustrated her address with a number of drawings and several cheap year.

State Librarian Galbreath picture books gathered at random reported that over 400 of these had from store counters.

been sent out from the State LiThe evening session closed with brary. They had gone to the puba paper by Miss Linda A. East- lic schools, granges,

women's man, entitled, “The Children's clubs, Sunday schools, and other Room." The public library should organizations. make special provision for the Within the past year Librarian children. It should be made at- Whelpley presented to the Cincintractive to them. It should be nati Public Library a bust of his managed by an assistant acquainted life-long friend, James Murdock. with their needs and inspired with Mr. Porter, President of the Lithe love of children.

brary Trustees of that city, spoke Thursday morning's session was of the gift and said many compliheld in the parlors of the Beckel mentary things of the venerable House, President Conover in the donor. chair. A committee on Library "The Duty of the Trustees to the Extension was appointed and made Library” was next considered. to include Hon. J. F. McGrew, Mr. Shuey, of the Dayton Library President of the Ohio Library Board, thought that the trustees Commission.

could learn much by visiting the Public Libraries, of Chicago, was library between meetings and made the official organ of the As- studying its needs. This led to a sociation. A full account of the discussion on the choice of books. proceedings will be published in Mr. A. Sheldon, of Norwalk, that journal. State Commissioner next presented a matter that may of Common Schools, L. D. Bone- lead to very important results in prake, who was present, was called the educational history of the State. upon for remarks and responded The traveling library system, so in a strong address. Formerly the successfully introduced by the child was punished for bringing Ohio State Library, he thought other than text books to school. could be taken up by counties, Now he is supplied with attractive with the county seat as a point reading matter and his natural from which books could be distribthirst for knowledge is directed to uted. The suggestion was very fauseful ends. Mr. Bonebrake ex- vorably received. The State Lipressed great interest in the library brary would favor such a plan. It movement now so perceptible in would supplement the work it has different parts of the State.

already undertaken.

The matter Hon. J. F. McGrew, of the Ohio was referred to the Committee on State Library Commission, fol- Library Extension. lowed with remarks full of sympa- In the afternoon the Association thetic interest in the library move- visited the factory of the National ment, and pledged hearty support Cash Register-the sociological to the “laudable work of the Asso- wonder of the United States. Here ciation."

many of the hopes of Bellamy are Maps were exhibited showing the realized under our present indusdistribution of traveling libraries trial system. No description that through the State within the past we can give here will do this wonderful institution justice. It must - G. B. Bolenbaugh has entered be seen to be appreciated; men upon his new work as assistant have traveled thousands of miles to principal of the twenty-fourth dissee it and have felt amply repaid. trict school, Cincinnati. He is lo

The College Section met at the cated in the Lincoln Building which hotel late in the afternoon. The was dedicated September 14, and classification of books was dis- which is one of the finest buildings cussed, and officers were elected in the state, the cost being $75,000. for the coming year.

— J. D. Holcomb of Rio Grande Robinson Locke, Trustee of the

has been appointed county examToledo Pablic Library, was elected

iner in Gallia county. The other President of the Association;

members of the board are W. H. Charles Orr, of the Case Library, Vanden of Addison, and A. C. SafCleveland, was re-elected Secre

ford of Gallipolis. tary. The next meeting will be held in Toledo.

- The next annual session of the Thus ended the fourth annual

Belmont County Teachers' Insti

tute will be held at Bethesda August meeting of the Ohio Library As

21 to 25, 1899. The instructors will sociation,--the most successful, in

be Dr. S. C. Schmucker of West many respects, in its history. "The

Chester, Pa., Supt. Frank R. Dyer prevailing thought,” said Superin- of Wichita, Kan., Miss Margaret tendent Jones, "seemed to be, how

McCloskey now of Edinboro, Pa., shall we get good literature to the

and Miss Loretta McGrannahan of people?"

Wheeling, W. Va. President It was an ideal meeting and the

Brown has appointed Miss Bessie Association found Dayton an ideal

Nizum of Barnesville county secreplace for it.

tary of the O. T. R. C. W. C. Bow

ers is chairman of the executive FIELD NOTES.

committee. - The Redpath Lyceum Bureau -Supt. E. J. Shives is very happy' announces a new popular lecture on in his new work in Pennsylvania. "Hypnotism in Business, Society He will dedicate a new twenty-one and Politics" by Dr. A. E. Winship room school building in the near of Boston. The subject is very sug- future. His address is Station D, gestive and no doubt the lecture is Pittsburg fully up to the standard.

--- Prin. W. M. Henderson of the Supt. W. H. Cole of Hunting- Lisbon, O., high school who atton, W. Va., writes in a very inter

tended the O. S. U. until his senior esting manner of his new work. A year has just finished his course in large and successful City Institute Chicago University. The degree of was held in September at which Bachelor of Arts was conferred on Prof. S. D. Fess of Ada was the him October 1. principal instructor. The corps of G. W. Brumbaugh of Dayton has teachers numbers fifty-two, and the been reappointed county examiner schools are growing very rapidly. in Montgomery county – a well We are glad to publish in this issue merited recognition for valuable an article by Supt. Cole which we services. The O. T. R. C. in that are sure will be read with interest county is booming the county and profit by all.

examiners are leaders in the work.


- The thirty-first meeting of the paper on the progress that the pubJefferson County Teachers' Asso- lic schools had made in the past and ciation was held in the Logan school the opportunities for still greater building at Mingo, October 8, and, progress in the future. The paper although the association has held and the discussion that followed some lively sessions since its organ- emphasized the thought that in ization eight years ago, this meeting sparsely settled localities there must was pronounced a record breaker, be centralization of schools and uniboth in numbers and interest, by all formity of present. Supt. C. E. Oliver of . Papers on “Primary Reading" Mingo had a carefully arranged by Miss Zoe M. Day of Mingo and program that was well carried out Miss Grace D. Knagi of Toronto, in almost every detail.

fitly crowned the successful day's At the morning session Miss work. Here as elsewhere in the Kathryn

Goodlin presented proceedings the discussion was thoughtful and carefully prepared quite animated. Almost

every paper dealing with the difficulties method had an advocate. Worci, the teacher has to encounter from sentence, phonic, Tundenberg, and influences brought to bear upon the even old A, B, C coming in for a pupil outside of the school room. share of patronage. The forceful manner in which the A solo by Miss Maud E. Lisle subject was handled aroused a deep and a recitation by Miss Bessie Satinterest and the discussion that fol- terthwaite added to the interest of lowed was closed only by the time the afternoon session. limit.

Prin. W. H. Maurer and AssistPrin. E. S. Beacom of Blooming- ant Principal M. B. Whitaker of the dale followed in a talk on Geog- Steubenville High School were both raphy. Mr. Beacom believes that

present and were heartily welcomed better results would be secured if into the ranks of the association. we paid less attention to localities It was decided to hold the next and more to people, plants and ani- meeting in Steubenville at a time to mals, and he gave strong reasons be fixed by the executive commitfor his faith. This address like the

tee. one preceding it brought the asso

– C. E. Blue of West Unity has ciation to its feet and the discussion

been appointed county examiner in was continued up to the noon re

Williams county. The other memcess. It seemed to be the consensus

bers of the board are P. L. Warren, of opinion that relief maps are not

West Unity, and H. L. Goll, of much benefit to either teacher or

Stryker. pupil in the study of geography.

During the noon recess the mem- The Northern Pacific Railway bers of the assocition were taken in has just issued a new map of Yelcharge by the officials of the Ætna lowstone Park, that should be in Standard Steel Company, and pi- demand. It is a relief map in colloted through its mammoth plant, ors, is scientifically made, and is following the process of steel man- complete in topography and nomenufacture from the ore to the finished clature. The map is about 22 x 28 product.

inches in size and is printed on Upon reassembling Prin. J. H. heavy paper, thus making it suitable Lowry of Empire read an excellent for framing

The map is specially adapted for from which to select. Perhaps $175 school and class rooms and will be worth of books will be distributed mailed in tubes to any address by in the county, and this certainly can Chas. S. Fee, Gen. Pass. Agent of not fail to be productive of much the Northern Pacific, St. Paul, good. Can money be expended by Minn., upon receipt of ten cents. Fair Associations in any better

- C. R. Murray, a graduate of way? Surely this question is worth O. S. U. from Huntington, W. Va., careful consideration. is principal of the Middleport high [We trust that we shall hear school this year.

more of such exhibits in the future. The Wooster Summer School They can not fail to arouse interest is already announced for 1899. The among the patrons of the schools faculty is composed of twenty per- , which will be helpful to both pupils sons well qualified to give prac

and teachers, Ed.] tical instruction to teachers. A de

The fifty-third year of Mt. partment of methods in charge of Union College opened with the Miss Margaret W. Sutherland has largest increase in the number of been added.

new students for years. The new – The Canal Dover high school President, Dr. A. B. Riker, is provrendered a fine program on La- ing himself a capable and efficient fayette Day.

executive officer, and all the new The first bi-monthly meeting professors are meeting with favor of the Champaign County teachers and success. Recently there was association for the present year was organized by members of the facheld at Mechanicsburg, Oct. 15. ulty a lecture bureau, for the purThe address of the forenoon was pose of arranging series of lectures delivered by Supt. H. A. Stokes of

in surrounding towns and cities. Delaware, his subject being “The Apropos of the recent conRiver in History." In the after- ferring of the degree of Doctor of noon F. B. Pearson of Columbus Laws upon President McKinley discussed the subject of geography by a western university, it may not with interest and profit to the be out of place to recall the fact teachers. The closing address on that this same degree was conferred “Chinese Gordon and the Fall of upon him ten years ago by Mt. Mahdism" was delivered by Prof. Union College, since which time he Stephenson of Delaware.

has been an honored trustee of that — The Putnam County Fair As

institution. sociation introduced a new feature --- The first bi-monthly meeting this year, “An Educational Ex- of the Summit County Teachers' hibit.” A very creditable display of Association for the present year both regular and special work was was held in Akron, Oct. 15. Presimade by the schools of the county, dent Lee R. Knight's inaugural was and if the success of an undertak- full of good things; Supt. Glasing is to be judged by the interest gow's paper "How Can Our Anmanifested by the public generally, nual Institute be Improved?" this feature was a most gratifying brought forth a spirited discussion success. All premiums were given by Supt. Thomas, Supt. Schnee and in books, the winners having a others; the address of the day large list of excellent publications “What is True Education?" was de

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