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rectangles. 4 of 7950=3975, area 4800, for it is the difference of the of one of the equal rectangles, as squares of the two numbers. ReA E Q R; and since E 2 equals moving part K from the figure, 53, A E=3975-53, or 75; and A there would remain two equal B=75+53=128.

squares, S Q G E and C BM O, The required numbers are 128 and the two equal rectangles, O and 75.

MD N and A COR, whose comPROBLEM II.

bined area is equal to 144004800, The sum of two numbers is 120,

or 9600. It will now be evident and the difference of their squares that one of these small squares and is 4800; what are the numbers?

one of the rectangles, as CBM O

and O M D N, will form a rectSolution.

angle whose area will be equal to 1 of 9600, or 4800, and whose side B D is 120. Then, C B=4800; 120, or 40, the smaller number; and A C=120-40=80, the larger number.

The required numbers are 80 and 40.

PROBLEM III. The length of a rectangle is to its breadth as 5 is to 3, and its area is 135 square rods; find length and

breadth. E G

Solution. Let A C represent the greater of the two numbers, and C B, in the same straight line, represent the smaller. Complete the square A BDE, and its area will be equal to 120*=14400. The square RON E is the square of the greater of the two numbers in question, and square CBM O is the square of Let A B be the length of the the smaller number.

rectangle and A D its breadth, and On the square R O N E, lay off complete the figure. Divide A B the square S Q G E, equal to the into five equal spaces, and A D square CBM O; then will the part into three spaces each equal to one marked (K) be equal, in area, to of the spaces of line, A B. At these

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points of division draw lines par- 120%=selling price of one.
allel to the sides and ends of the 80%=selling price of other.
rectangle, thus dividing it into fif The certain sum=120%=cost of
teen small squares, as Q. Hence, one.
15 Q=135 square rods.

The certain sum +-80%=cost of
Q=1-15 of 135=9 sq. rods, and other.
Aa=V9=3 rods; then

Certain sum , certain sum A B=5X3=15 rods, and


80% A D=3X3=9 rods.

price of both. 15 rods=length of rectangle, and Certain sum , certain sum 9 rods=breadth.



2(certain sum)=2 cts. or loss. ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS.

2(certain sum)+3(certain sum)The following solutions to prob- 4.8(certain sum)=4.8 cents. lems published at the request of a .2(certain sum=1.8 cts. subscriber in November, are the Certain sum = 24 cts.= selling first to reach us. We are also in price each. receipt of solutions by B. F. Fin

120%=24 cts. kel, C. L. Martzolff and Anson

1%=.2 cts. McKinney, which we are compelled to omit for want of space.

100%=20 cts.=cost of one. • It is not our purpose to go 80%=24 cts.

into the “Notes and Queries Busi 1%=.3 cts. ness” to any great extent, because

100%=30 cts.=cost of other. we believe that there is something better for teachers than poring

SOLUTION TO Query 2. over the conundrums and their an

By F. P. Geiger. swers, which are so often found under the head of "Notes and

A perch=24 cu. ft. Queries” in some of the school 7773 perches = 19,2473 cu. ft.= journals of the day. If we can, given volume of arch-way. however, at any time, help a sub- 38,491! cu. ft.=twice given volscriber who is honestly seeking ume of arch-way. . light on some difficult point which (Width street)? X.7854 X 40 ft.comes up in his work as a teacher, we shall be glad to give a small twice volume of arch-way. amount of space for that purpose. (Width street)? X.7854 X 40 ft.= -Ed.]

38,4941 cu. ft.

31,416 ( width street )' = 38,4941 SOLUTION TO Query 1.

cu. ft. By F. P. Geiger.

38,494.5 A certain sum=selling price each

(Width street)2 =

31,416 knife.

1225.3+ cu. ft. 2 (certain sum) = selling price Width street =V 1225.3+ = 35+ both.


25% — 163% = 84%, the whole loss.

$.02% = whole loss.
81% = $.02.
1% = 1 of $.02 = $.0024.

831%= 83} times $.0024=$.20, cost of first.

125% = 125 times $.0024 = $.30, cost of second.


By J. F. Fairchild. 100%= selling price of each knife — (A).

100% = cost of first knife.
20%= gain of first.

100% + 20% = 120%, selling price of first.

120% = 100% — (A).
1% = tio of 100% = 6%.

100% = 100 times 5% = 83}%, cost of the first.

100% — 831% = 163%, gain on first.

100% = cost of the second knife. 20% = loss.

100% — 20% = 80%, selling price of second.

80% = 100% — (A).
1% = go of 100% = 17%.

100% = 100 times 11%= 125%, cost of second.

125% — 100% = 25%, loss on second.


By J. T. Fairchild. 7773 X 2 = 1555} cu. ft., the volume of the cylinder, that is 40 ft. long. Now to find the diameter of the cylinder, which is the width of the street, solve the rule backward for finding the volume.

.1555} cu. ft. + 40 = 962,625 sq. ft., the area of the base. v (962,625 = 7854) = 35 ft., the width of the street.







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ing a great success. Supt. Shawan teachers recognize the fact that it with his excellent corps of teachers is not the only important one. The and enterprising board of educa- influence of the personality of the tion is already working hard to teacher, the surroundings in the perfect all the arrangements, and home life of the child, the comColumbus will do her best to make panionship of playmates, the neevery one welcome. President E. cessity of being prompt and puncH. Mark, of Louisville, an Ohio tual, and hundreds of other influboy, has already done considerable ences coming into the daily life and work on the program, and assures experience of the school are all us that a rich treat of good things powerful factors in the education will be served to all who attend. of the boys and girls. In recent We quote the following paragraphs years special attention has been from a recent letter written by him paid in many schools to the influto the editor:

ence of beautiful surroundings "I have secured the following upon the children, and as a result persons for places on the program:

neatly kept lawns, magnificent Mendenhall, Maxwell, Soldan, Goss, Prettyman of Baltimore,

shade trees, and bright flowers are Martin of Boston, Steele of Gales

each year becoming more comburg, and have the promise of one

mon on the school grounds of the or two others.

State. In many instances beauti"I have concluded that Round ful pictures adorn the walls of the Tables add something to the inter

school-room, and everything that est of the meeting and shall provide for meetings of the Round

the mind of a thinking teacher can Tables in the afternoon.”.

suggest or her willing hand can The meeting will be held in Feb- perform, is done to make the ruary-probably February 22-24— school-room a home for the chiland we hope to be able to publish dren. It is impossible to overestithe exact dates, together with the mate the value of such influences in general program and arrange- the management of the school, and ments, in the January MONTHLY. in the development of character. In the meantime, let as many teach- When one considers the condition ers and superintendents as possible of many of the school-rooms in make their arrangements to attend which he was compelled to stay this great educational convention, when a boy, and contrasts that conwhich stands for so much in the dition with the home-like atmoseducational progress of the day.

phere in which many of the chil

dren of to-day are permitted to live, WHILE the text-book will al- he feels like exclaiming, ways remain an important factor in "Backward, turn backward, 0, the work of education, yet all true time, in your flight;

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