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Send Us Your Name on a postal for full description
of the latest and most artistic styles of Teachers' Souvenirs.


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"I cordially and confidently commend it to an intelligent public."

PROF. D. B. PURINTON, Pres. Denison University. "I regard it as one of the best books of reference.”

F. W. STELLHORN, D. D., Pres. Capital University, Columbus, O. "We can, without reserve, commend it for thorough, accurate and up-to-date information."

JESSE JOHNSON, Pres. Muskingum College, New Concord, O. “The latest and most convenient work of the kind."

F. A. MERRILL, Board of Examiners, Raveuna, o Making it the Latest, Most Accurate and Best Cyclopædia on the market at any price. Our new illustrated sample pages free on application. 10 Sold on easy payments.

Chicago. . DODD, MEAD & COMPANY, . New York.


Teachers' College. NEW YORK CITY. The professional school of Columbia University for the training of general teachers, supervisors, principals, superintendents and instructors in normal schools and colleges. Open to both sexes. Fellowships and scholarships amounting to $5,750 annually." Catalogue sent on application to the Secretary.



May dispute about the new woman, but it is an undisputed fact that the contents of the Educational Monthly are full of interesting reading matter for women. Your sister teacher may not know this. Tell her about it or send us her name and we will cheerfully mail sample copy.

Address 0. T. CORSON, Publisher, Columbus, O.

Take the LAKE SHORE_0

for ALL POINTS EAST- Buffalo, Albany and New York. Fine Road-bed, Fast Time, Excellent Accommodations.

A. J. SMITH, Gen. Pass. Agent, Cleveland, Ohio.


has been adopted in Hiram and Scio Colleges, in the Normal Universities of Ada, Lebanon, and Fayette, also in the High Schools of Cleveland, Columbus, Bellaire, Bucyrus, Galion, and in a large number of cities and towns in Ohio and other states. Examine this book before you begin your next term.

From Hon. L. D. Bonebrake, State School Commissioner, Columbus, Ohio: "I have taken ample time to examine Professor Irish's 'American and British Authors. It is my judg. ment that the book is one of rare power, skillfully selected, happily arranged, and thoroughly valuable to the student of Literature. I recommend it and congratulate its author on his success."

For specimen pages and descriptive circulars, address the author,

Frank V. Irish, Columbus, Ohio.

ALICE CARY [From Irish's American and British Authors

The Ohio Educational Monthly...

Firms, and Manufacturers of School Furniture and Supplies.

FOR ADVERTISING RATES, see first page of Editorial

. Department.

Rapid Vertical Style

- New plan. Individual method. Approved speci.

meus preserved. Not a copy book. Cheaper than a copy book Rapid Vertical Style. Recently published. Nearly 1,000,000 copies sold first nine months. Development of style, together with movement from book to book. A set of books and Manual of Methods, postpaid for 25c. Roudebush Writing Spellers. Double ruled. Single ruled. Roudebush Vertical Pens. No. 1, Medium, No. 2, Medium Fine. No. 3, Extra Fine. Send for samples.

CENTRAL SCHOOL SUPPLY HOUSE, Cor. Wabash Ave. and Randolph St., Chicago, Ill.



Positions filled in every part of the country. Experienced teachers

wanted for all grades. Send for registration blanks and circulars.
MISS R. B. FINDLEY, Manager Ohio Office, Akron, O.

The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad



The folllowing books required by the Ohio TEACHERS' READING CIRCLE FOR PUPILS in 1898-1899, are published by Houghton Mifflin & Co. at the prices to members as given below.

Many of the books mentioned in this list are also published in other editions than the one given below. In this list R. L. S. means Riverside Literature Series.

PUPILS' ELEMENTARY COURSE. FOURTH YEAR --A PRIMARY. Scudder's Fables and Folk Stories (R. L. S. 47, 48, paper 30

cents; cloth, 40 cents. FIFTH YEAR -D GRAMMAR. Wiggin's The Birds' Christmas Carol, cloth, 43 cents. Selections

from Whittier's Child Life in Poetry and Prose 'R. L. S. 70, 71), paper, 30 cts.; cloth, 40 cts. SIXTH YEAR-C GRAMMAR. Hawthorne's Wonder-Book (R. L. S. 17, 18). and Tanglewood

Tales, (R.L. S. 22, 23, each, paper, 30 cents; cloth, 40 cents. . Cary's Ballads for Little Folks

cloth, $1.20. Larcom's Childhood Songs, cloth, 80 cents. SEVENTH YEAR – B GRAMMAR. Longfellow's Evangeline (R. L. S. 1, and Courtship of

Miles Standish, R.L.S. 2 each, paper, 15 cents; cloth, 25 cents. Burroughs's Birds and Bees

R. L. S. 28, and Sharp Eyes (R. L. S. 36 (called for iu EIGHTH YEAR GRADE), each, paper 15 cents; bound in one volume, cloth, 40 cents. Scudder's George Washington R I. S. 75), paper, 30 cents: cloth, 40 cents. Larcom's A New England Girlhood R. S. L.) half

leather, 60 cents. EIGHTH YEAR - A GRAMMAR. Lougfellow's Song of Hiawatha R. L. S. 13, 14 , paper, 30

cents; cloth, 40 cents. Burroughs's Sharp Eyes and Other Papers (see above, SEVENTH YEAR – B GRAMMAR). Lambs' Tales from Shakespeare (RL S. 61, 65, 66, paper, 45 cents; cloth, 50 cents. Dickens's Christmas Carol RL S. 57', and The Cricket on the Hearth ‘R. L. S. 58. each, paper, 15 cents; the two in one volume, cloth, 40 cents. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin (R. L. S 8%, paper, 50 cents: cloth, 60 cents. Fiske's War of Independence R. L. S. 62), paper, 30 cents; cloth, 40 cents. Whittier's Snow-Bound, Among the Hills, ongs of Labor, and Other Poems (RLS. 1, paper, 15 cents; cloth, 25 cts.

HIGH SCHOOL COURSE. FIRST YEAR. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (R. L. S. 55), paper, 15 cents: cloth, 25 cents.

Burroughs's Riverby, cloth, $1.06. Tennyson's Enoch Arden and Other Poems (R. L. S. 73),

paper, lò cents. Whittier's Poems Household Edition), cloth, $1.20. SECOND YEAR. Shakespeare's Julius Caesar R. I.. S. 67, paper, 15 cents; cloth, 25 cents.

Morse's Thomas Jefferson, cloth, $1.00. Lodge's Alexander Hamilton, cloth,

King's Ohio, cloth, $1.00, THIRD YEAR. Morse's John Quincy Adams, cloth, $1.00. Lowell's Vision of Sir Launfal,

and Other Posms (RL S. 30, paper, 15 cents: cloth, 20 cents. Hawthorne's House of
the Seven Gables (R. L. S. 91 , paper, 50 cents; cloth, 60 cents. Thoreau's Succession
of Forest Trees R L S. 27, paper, 13 cents (with Burroughs's Birds and Bees, Warner's
A-Hunting of the Deer, and Other Papers, in one volume, cloth, 50 cents). Tennyson's
Poems Household Edition, cloth, $1.20. Fiske's Civil Government in the United

States, cloth, $1.00.
FOURTH YEAR. Thackeray's Vanity Fair, 2 volum

seroso, Comus, Lycidas, and Minor Poems RLS 72, paper, 15 cents ( bound with Milton's Paradise Lost, Books 1-JIL R. L. S. 91 cloth, 40 cents). Morse's John Adams, cloth, $1.00. Schurz's Henry Clay, 2 volumes, cloth, $2.00.

Much of the other material on the Ohio Teachers' Reading Circle list is also published by HOUGHTON, MIFFLIN & Co, in form suitable for school use.

Descriptive circulars giving the table of contents of each number
of the Riverside Literature Series will be sent on application.

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4 Park Street, BOSTON. II East 17th Street, NEW YORK.

378-388 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO.




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and success tells

its own story.

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Perry D. Gath.

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