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The Largest Normal School in the United States.

The Northern Indiana Normal School

Will open its 26th Year Aug. 30, '98, under more favorable auspices than ever before.

With its new library, new laboratories, and extended course of study, it is prepared to offer advantages superior to those of any preceding year.

By honest work the school has made a very enviable reputation, and justly deserves the high position it holds among the educational institutions of the land. Credits. The grades from the school are accepted in all the best Universities, and in

many instances its graduates have received special mention on account of the thoroughness of their preparation. Aim of the The aim of the school is to give all who come here the best possible School.

advantages for accomplishing the greatest good in the shortest time,

and at the least expense. Teachers. The high grade of work done in the Department of Pedagogy has re

ceived the commendation of educators everywhere. There is no other school in the country giving more attention to professional work. Teachers and those preparing to teach will have the very best advantages for receiving training in the latest and most approved methods. There are extended courses in Psychology, Pedagogy, Child Study, History and Philosophy of Education, Kindergarten and Method. Pharmacy.

The school of Pharmacy is very complete. There are about sixty recog

nized schools of pharmacy in the United States, of these not ore than twelve have sufficient laboratory facilities to do the entire work, and this is one of the twelve. Attention is called to this to show that while the expenses here are the lowest, yet the advantages are the very best. Business The Business College in connection with the school is one of the most College.

complete in the land. It is equipped with the most exteusive line of

offices ever attempted by any school. Music.

In Music, on account of the school being located so near Chicago, we

are obliged to compete with the best work done there, so that students have every advantage here that they could have in the city, and at an expense not one-fourth so great. Other

What is said of these departments may be said of each department of Departments

the school. It has been the purpose of the management to equip

thoroughly each department, and to place it in charge of the most competent instructors. Large

While the attendance is large, yet the classes are so sectioned that each

student has the same advantage as though the enrollment did not exAttendance. ceed 300 students. The continued growth of the school and the demand for those trained here is the best evidence that the work is satisfactory. Expenses Less Than at Any Other Place. Tuition, $10 per term. Good board

and well-furnished room, $1.50 to $1.90 per week. Sanie rates in private families as in the Dormitories.

Catalogue containing full description of the school, Course of Study, etc., mailed free.
Address, H. B. BROWN, President, or 0. P. KINSEY, Vice-President,

CALENDAR.-Fall Term will open August 30, 1898; First Winter Term will open November 8,

1898; Second Winter Term will open January 17, 1899; Spring Term will open March 28, 1899; Summer Term will open June 6, 1899.


RACTICAL; Economical; Thorough. Abreast of the times! First-class instruc

tion in all departments. Good table board per week $1.50. Rooms fur

nished 25 cents to 50 cents per week. Other expenses moderate.

The College embraces Academic and Collegiate courses of study, besides the following schools: School of Pedagogy, School of Commerce, Shorthand. Music, Oratory, Art.

THE COLLEGE Site is one of the most beautiful in Ohio. The building is modern, well built, commodious, and convenient. It is on the east side of North Clinton street, Defiance, Ohio, not far from two most beautiful streams, the Maumee and the Auglaize, at whose confluence is Old Fort Defiance of historic renown. Lovely shade trees dot the fine ten-acre campus, and withal no more delightful place for study could well be found.

Every student receives personal attention and recites every period of each day. The place is healthful, moral and religious influences are among the very best. Students can enter at any time. We teach school all the year, except three hot weeks in August.

CALENDAR, 1898-1899.
Normal term begins June 13th.

Second quarter begins November 7th.
First quarter begins August 30th.

Third quarter begins January 3rd, 1899.

Fourth quarter begins April 3rd.
For particulars address, John R. H. LATCHAW, D. D., President.

Or, Prof. Ed. M. Mills, A. M., Sec'y, Defiance, O. 1- Preparation for admission to our best colleges and universities is made a specialty. Students prepared for admission to West Point Military Academy and Civil Service examinations.

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If you want 100 Per Cent. in spelling at any
examination send 10 cents for
The Practical Speller

which contains a complete list of practical words used
at teachers' examinations all over the U. S.

GLASS & EMMONS, Publishers, New Alexander, O.

KEEP COOL. Don't adopt every book that comes along.

Don't condemn a book after brief examination. But when your neighbors have thoroughly tested a book and pronounce it superior - don't you owe it to your pupils to try it? We have in mind Tarr's First Book of Physical Geography and Lewis' First Book in Writing English.

DON'T THINK these are our only successful high school

books. Channing's Students' U. S. History is the book the best high schools have been waiting for. Stopford Brooke's is "the best history of English literature ever written," and the best algebra for drill is Hall & Knight's. Tarr's Geology is all right.

REST assured we shall keep right on publishing books of the

highest merit. Mrs. Wilson's Nature Study and Carruth's Wilhelm Tell, each a pronounced success, show what we intend to do along these lines. You will like our new series of English Classics.

NOTE. — The Ohio Teachers' Reading Circle has adopted Halleck's
Education of the Central Nervous System ($1.00) and recommends Mrs.
Wilson's Nature Study in Elementary Schools (.90).


New York
San Francisco

Auditorium Building


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Teachers' College. NEW YORK CITY. The professional school of Columbia University for the training of general teachers, supervisors, principals, superintendents and instructors in normal schools and colleges. Open to both sexes. Fellowships and scholarships amounting to $5,750 annually. Catalogue sent on application to the Secretary.


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