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Our Standard English Classics Series is by far the best edited and most attractive Series in the market. Before reading the College Requirements, write us for our prices.

New Books in Science. Wentworth and Hill's Textbook of Physics, Gage's Revised Elements of Physics (just out), Blaisdell's Practical Physiology, and Williams' Elements of Chemistry are meeting with great success. The advance pages of Davis' Elementary Physical Geography are ready, and the complete book will appear soon.

Vertical Writing.

Such cities as Columbus, Akron, Massillon, Salem, Logan, Batavia, Painesville and Cuyahoga Falls have adopted our Shaylor's Vertical Round Hand Writing Books during the past summer. In many respects these are superior books. Before choosing a series, write us and one of our representatives will call on you.


While other much advertised series are dropping out, the Educational Music Course is steadily gaining. Within a few weeks it has been adopted in Newark, Akron, Ravenna, Bellevue, Crestline, Defiance, and many other places. Our new course for ungraded schools or for schools having several grades in one room, the Mason Two Book School Music Course, is now completed.

History The publication of other series of histories seems only to emphasize the merits of our Montgomery and Myers series, as is indicated by our largely increased sales.

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Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Francisco.

Ohio Office and Depository Columbus.

in Pedagogy.

EDUCATION, by Joshua Fitch,

was adopted by THE OHIO READING CIRCLE BOARD at its May meeting for the work in Pedagogy this coming year.

Single copy, postpaid, $1.00.
On lots of ten or more a discount of 20 per cent.

will be given.

In this work biography has been left aside, and an exposition of the influence and opinions of Thomas and Matthew Arnold, the two most typical modern English educators, have been presented in a succinct and fascinating manner. Pedagogically, the lives and works of these two men are an inspiration to every teacher.

Some of the numerous subjects treated are :

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Industrial Arts Agricultural Chemistry

Latin Language and Literature Anatomy and Physiology

Law Astronomy

Mathematics Botany

Mechanical Engineering Ceramics

Military Science and Tactics Chemistry

Mineralogy and Metallurgy Civil Engineering

Mine Engineering Domestic Science

Pedagogy Drawing

Pharmacy Electrical Engineering

Philosophy Elocution and Oratory

Physics English Literature

Rhetoric Geology

Romance Languages and LiteraGerman Language and Literature

tures Greek Language and Literatnre

Veterinary Medicine History and Political Science

Zoology and Entomology Horticulture

2 years


Science Arts

Veterinary Medicine

Domestic Science



3 years Engineering-Mechanical


2 years Engineering: Mine


3 months English Philosophical

Domestic Science

2 years Horticulture and Forestry

Industrial Arts Industrial Arts

Mining Latin Philosophical


2 years Law

Preparatory to Law and Modern Language Philosophical

Journalism Pharmacy

Preparatory to



TUITION FREE The only charges made by the University are an incidental fee of $ 16 per year and the usual laboratory fees.


2 years 2 years

2 years

3 years

A well equipped college in Faculty, Library and Laboratories. A well appointed modern gymnasium with instruction by a competent director. There is no college in Ohio where a thorough college education may be procured under more pleasant surroundings and with less expense to the student. Tuition free. Send for a catalogue to

President W. 0. THOMPSON, Oxford, Ohio.


Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Midwifery.

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PROPOSED HOSPITAL. All Instruction, except clinical, by the recita- Large class rooms designed for the recitation tion system.

system, and the largest and best equipped Four years' graded course of instruction, of laboratories belonging to any medical colseven months each.

lege in the state. Students graded on their daily recitations and Abundant clinical facilities. term examinations.

Considering superior advantages, fees are low.
Session for 1897-98 begins Wednesday, September 15, 1898-99.
For Catalogue and other Geo. M. WATERS, A.M., M.D., Dean of Medical Department.

information concern- OTTO ARNOLD. D. D. S., Dean of Dental Department.
ing the Departments, N. L. BURNER, F.C.S., Dean of Pharmaceutical Department.

OHIO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, 700-716 N. Park St., Columbus, O.


A good school for teachers and for those preparing for the profession of teaching. Over 2,000 teachers receive instruction here every year. Instructors all thorough, experienced, efficient. Latest approved methods of teaching discussed and exhibited. Special classes formed for those preparing for examination. School the entire year, holiday week excepted. Students can enter at any time and find suitable classes. Expenses reasonable. We furnish room, board and tuition, ten weeks, for $28. Room and board in private families. Send for catalogue.



This you can do at the least expense of time and money at

The National Normal University

LEBANON, OHIO. 1855 -The oldest, most widely known and the best Normal in the United States.- 1898

Progress Great improvements in facilities and teaching force recently made.
Preparatory for students of any age or state of advancement who can study just what they
School desire and as long as they wish. The most able teachers in the University have

work in this department. College of Newly equipped with all necessary fixtures of a first-class business college. PreBusiness șided over by an expert accountant and practical teacher. Thorough instruction

in Shorthand and Typewriting. College of No other Institution takes the same definite and practical course in training Teachers pupils in the principles and practices of teaching. None has sent out so many

successful teachers. The teachers' course renewed and improved. The work now

being done under the direction of its present able faculty has never been equaled. Higher The Scientific and Classic courses are widely and well known for the superior Education training which they give. Graduates from these departments have been uniform

ly successful. In many states they are preferred to those from any other Institu.

tion. Strong courses are sustained in Law, Medicine, Music, Fine Arts, etc. Expenses Tuition, $8.00 per session; Rooms, 30 to 60 cents per week; Board, $1.25 to $1.50

per week! Calendar Sessions open September 6, 1898 ; November 1, 1898; December 27, 1898; February

21, 1899; April 18, 1899; June 13, 1899.
Send for new illustrated catalogue and full information.

Address, C. K. HAMILTON, Secretary, Lebanon, o. J. W. WITHERS, President.

Mount Union College, Alliance, O.

THE COLLEGE offers four courses of four years each : The Classical, the Scientific, the Philo

sophic, the Literary, each leading to a degree. THĘ PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT prepares for each of the college courses; affords,

also, a good academic education. THE NORMAL DEPARTMENT offers a three years' course, of four terms each. Also, a shorter term, excluding Latin. Facilities in this department greatly improved.

Other Departments are the COMMERCIAL, the MUSIC, the ART,

and the ORATORY AND PHYSICAL CULTURE. Correspondence solicited. Investigate and see what we can do for you especially if you are self-dependent. Our handsome catalogue sent free on application. Terms open Nov. 29, Feb. 28, May 23.

Address MOUNT UNION COLLEGE, Alliance, O.

Tri-State Normal College


The youngest of all the leading Normal schools in the country, and yet we graduated more stu

dents last year from the Classical Course than any other Normal school in the state. We accomodate all grades of pupils at all times. Just opened a new Physical laboratory for the

better teaching of Physics — with $1000 of efficient apparatus. Common branches taught all the time. Students can begin a Course any term. Board, furnished room and tuition $2.75 to

$2.85 per week. All students are homed in good families. Next term opens Oct. 25 - the next Jan. 3 - another in March - another in May-and then a Midsummer term of six weeks. Ask the president for catalogue, and ask him any questions.

L. M. SNIFF, A. M., President, Angola, Indiana.

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