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The Largest and Best Equipped Normal School in the United States,

Opened its twenty-sixth year August 30th, with a
larger attendance than that of any preceding year.

Aim of the The aim of the school is to give to all the best possible advantages for accomSchool plishing the greatest amount of work in the shortest time, and at the least

expense. Character The character of the instruction is so satisfactory that, for a number of years, of Work the credits from the school have been accepted in the best universities any

where. Teachers The high grade of work done in the Department of Pedagogy has received the

commendation of educators everywhere. There is no other school in the coun

try giving more attention to professional work. Pharmacy The School of Pharmacy is very complete. There are about sixty recognized

schools of pharmacy in the United States. Of these not more than twelve have sufficient laboratory facilities

to do the entire work, and this is one of the twelve. Business The Business College in connection with the school is one of the most complete College in the land. It is equipped with the most extensive line of offices ever at

tempted by any school. Music

In Music, on account of the school being located so near Chicago, we are obliged to compete with the best work done there, so that students have every advantage

here that they could have in the city, and at an expense not one-fourth so great. Other

What is said of the completeness of these departments may be said of each de-
Departments partment of the school.
Expenses Less than at any Other Place. Tuition, $ 10.00 per term. Good board and well fur-

nished room, $1.50 to $1.90 per week. Same rates in private families as in dorm-
Catalogue giving full particulars of school mailed free. Address,
H. B. BROWN, or 0. P. KINZEY,


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Rapid Vertical Style

ROUDEBUSH WRITING SYSTEM-New plan. Individual method. Approved speci

mens preserved. Not a copy book. Cheaper than a copy book. Rapid Vertical Style. Recently published. Nearly 1,000,000 copies sold first nine months. Development of style, together with movement from book to book. “A set of books and Manual of Methods, postpaid for 25c. Roudebush Writing Spellers. Double ruled. Single ruled. Roudebush Vertical Pens. No. 1, Mediuin. No. 2, Medium Fine. No.3, Extra Fine. Send for samples.

CENTRAL SCHOOL SUPPLY HOUSE, Cor. Wabash Ave. and Randolph St., Chicago, III.

The New York Central and Hudson River Railroad


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Mrs. Wilson's Nature Study Reader. (Com

panion volume to 'Nature Study in Elementary Schools'). 35 cents. For supplementary reading in the grades.

Tarr's Elementary Physical Geography.

Carpenter's Principles of English Gram.

mar. 75 cents. A capital book for High School students. Adopted at once by the Kansas City High School.

Davenport and Emerson's Elements of

English Grammar. 65 cents. For the

The Macmillan Company

Auditorium Building, CHICAGO

New York


$1.40. For third or fourth year of high school

Tarr's Elementary Geology. $1.40. On mo

dern lines. "A beautiful book."

Mrs. Wilson's Nature Study in Elemen

tary Schools. 90 cents, A Manual for Teachers.

San Francisco

Music Teachers



OF MUSIC, Cincinnati, has established a Department for the Training of Teachers of Music in the Public Schools.

en est A competent Instructor will be in charge and Certificates will be awarded to all who complete the Course. este est Correspondence is invited. sesso esto sto se dogo

Charles A. Graninger, Director,

Seventh and Elm Sts.,

School of Music.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Other Departments


Voice Culture Violin,

Violoncello Organ,

Theory and Composition Elocution,

Literature Modern Languages,

Delsarte Physical Culture, Oratorio, and Church Music Opera,

Ensemble All Orchestral Instruments, Sight Reading


ma Baldwin's Biographical Booklets

James Baldwin, Ph.D.


The Story of George Washington The Story of Patrick Henry
The Story of Benjamin Franklin The Story of Alexander Hamilton
The Story of Daniel Webster The Story of Andrew Jackson
The Story of Abraham Lincoln The Story of Ulysses S. Grant

The Story of Henry Clay
The above, beautifully printed and illustrated, will be mailed
to any address upon receipt of TEN CENTS each.

" Lafayette,

JUST PUBLISHED. The friend of American Liberty,"

By Mrs. ALMA HOLMAN BURTON, the author of “ Four American
Patriots,” “The Story of Our Country," etc., with an Introduction by
Dr. JAMES BALDWIN. Richly Illustrated.

The fleur-de-lis Edition:

Copies of this edition of “LAFAYETTE,” for which a beautiful and appropriate cover has been specially designed, will be mailed to any address on receipt of 35 cents each. Liberal discount for the School Supplies.


Educational Publisbers....

BOSTON: 378-388 Wabash Ave.

73 Tremont St

78 Fifth Ave.

For Holiday or Last Day of School Presents, nothing
can exceed the value of these Souvenirs for the price.

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THREE FORMS. 1st. Cabinet Picture Form - Always preferable when card photograph of teacher is to be added, as it goes directly into the Family Album and stays there. Price, 10 Souvenirs, 90 cents; extra ones, 312 cents each.

2nd. Booklet Form – With a few little pictures of school life, 140 choice mottoes, elegant cover design united with silk floss. Price, 10 Souvenirs, or less, 75 cents; extra ones, 3 cents each..

3rd. Round Corner Form – Two or more cards being united with silk cord. Price, 10 Souvenirs, 60 cents; extra ones, 2 cents each.

Cut shows one-half size, and can give but a vague idea of the beauty and elegance of these Souvenirs when printed in finest gold and colored inks on the very best of material. The historical and social value cannot be overestimated. Nothing will so ingratiate the teacher into the hearts of her pupils as a presentation of these Souvenirs, which are to the school what the family record is to the family. They are finely printed and embossed, and contain names of scholars teacher, directors, date, etc. Send for circulars to-day, or better send your order, and write plainly..

G. BIXLER CO., Wooster, Ohio.


The Albert Teachers' Agency

Central Music Hall Building, CHICAGO.

Fourteenth year. Largest and best known Agency in the West. Send for new circulars.

C. J. ALBERT, Manager.

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