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A well equipped college in Faculty, Library and Laboratories. A well appointed modern gymnasium with instruction by a competent director. There is no college in Ohio where a thorough college education may be procured under more pleasant surroundings and with less expense to the student. Tuition free. Seud for a catalogue to

President W. 0. THOMPSON, Oxford, Ohio.


Departments of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Midwifery.

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PROPOSED HOSPITAL, All, Instruction, except clinical, by the recita- Large class rooms designed for the recitation tion system.

system, and the largest and best equipped Four years' graded course of instruction, of laboratories belonging to any medical colseven months each.

lege in the state. Students graded on their daily recitations and Abundant clinical facilities. literm examinations.

Considering superior advantages, fees are low.
Session for 1897-98 begins Wednesday, September 15, 1897.
For Catalogue and other GEO. M. WATERS, A.M., M.D., Dean of Medical Department.

in formation concern- OTTO ARNOLD, D. D. S., Dean of Dental Department.
ing the Departments, N. L. BURNER, F.C.S., Dean of Pharmaceutical Department.

OHIO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, 700-716 N. Park St., Columbus, O.


A good school for teachers and for those preparing for the profession of teaching. Over 2,000 teachers receive instruction here every year. Instructors all thorough, experienced, efficient. Latest approved methods of teaching discussed and exhibited. Special classes formed for those preparing for examination. School the entire year, holiday week excepted. Students can enter at any time and find suitable classes. Expenses reasonable. We furnish room, board and tuition, ten weeks, for $28. Room and board in private families. Send for catalogue.





For Teachers who are endeavoring to improve in knowledge, increase in power and secure a more vital contact with the progressive spirit of their professions.

. OF


From present indications, our attendance will

be larger than it has been for years past. .. Classes will be organized in almost every variety of subjects, and preparations are being made to excel all former efforts in the spirit, variety, and efficiency of our work. Experienced teachers thoroughly imbued with that spirit which has so long characterized the work of the "Old Normal will be in charge of every class and those who attend will not only be afforded oppor. tunities of entering classes in which the best modern methods of teaching in all grades and varieties of public school work will be presented and discussed, but will also be given the advantage of attending classes in which these methods are being applied.

CLASSES OF SPECIAL INTEREST TO TEACHERS will be organized in Pedagogy, Psychology, Nature Study, Child Study, Fine Arts, Music, Elocution aud Oratory, Kindergarten, Biology, Microscopy, etc.

THE SUPERINTENDENTS' ROUND TABLE. Is for teachers of all grades and will be attended by Superintendents, High School Principals, and Teachers from all parts of the Union. Students from 35 states are now in attendance.

APRIL BIMESTER OPENS APRIL 19, 1898. JUNE BIMESTER OPENS JUNE 14, 1898. Tuition $8.00 per session, Board $1.25 to $1.50 per week. Rooms 35 to 65 cents per week.

"It is cheaper to attend school at Lebanon than to stay at home and do nothing." Send for catalogue and special information.

Address c. K. HAMILTON, Secretary, LEBANON, OHIO.

Tri-State Normal College

ANGOLA, INDIANA. SITUATED in the county of 100 beautiful lakes. The Normal School in which first-class

is carried on with unprecedented success. Nearly 100 now studying Greek, and many more studying Latin, Science and Mathematics. Twenty-four reading Plato now. Those wanting a good college education can get it here at one-half the expense usually charged in colleges. Graduation here means good professional training and good scholarship Board, furnished room and tuition, $ 24.65 for a term of nine weeks. Tuition only in advance. "May term of seven weeks opens May lo and costs $ 19.90. June term of six weeks opens June 28 and costs $ 17.10 for board, furnished room and tuition. Ask for catalogue. Address

L. M. SNIFF, A. M., President,


A SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM. Our courses in journalism by correspondence embrace practical work in news writing, news gathering, editorial writing; a study of advertisements and the construction and proper use of the newspaper head line. Entire expense less than 60 cents a week.

In special charge of the course in journalism, Northern Indiana

Normal College, Valparaiso, Ind.

“As a Man Soweth, so Shall he Reap.” ALL ADVERTISERS reap their harvest in

the "OHIO EDUCATIONAL MONTHLY." IT LEADS IN VOLUME and reaches all the educators and teachers in Ohio and adjoining States. See editorial page for rates, or address Ohio Educational Monthly, Columbus, Ohio.



ONSIDERING the great advantages offered by this school it is not strange that its growth for the past three years has been so remarkable. The

best opportunities are offered to review the branches required to be taught in the common school, thus enabling the common school teacher to get a better certificate and as a result a better position at a better salary. Special advantages for teachers desiring to prepare for State Examination for either common school or high school life certificates.

DR. T. S. LOWDEN, will again instruct

in Psychology, History of Education
and Science of Education.

The faculty is composed of more than a score of first class teachers who have had

successful experience in all grades of school work.


For full particulars, write at once to

J. H. DICKASON or NELSON SAUVAIN, Principals, Wooster, Ohio.


DEPARTMENTS: COLLEGIATE.-Offers four courses of four years each: The Classical, the Scientific, the Philosophic,

the Literary. PREPARATORY.-Prepares for each of the collegiate courses. Affords, also, a good academic

education NORMAL.-Offers to teachers a three years' course ; four terms per year. BUSINESS.--Complete Commercial Courses, including courses in Short-hand, Type-writing and

Penmanship. MUSIC.-A three years' course, and a four years' course. ART.-Courses in Oil Painting, Pastel, Crayon, China Painting, Free-hand Sketching. Etc. ELOCUTION AND ORATORY.-A general course, a teachers' course, and a professional course.


From Tuesday, May 17, 1898, to Thursday, July 28, 1898. ALL DEPARTMENTS OPEN WITH REGULAR TEACHERS IN CHARGE. The work of the Normal Department will receive special emphasis this term. Prof. W. W. Weaver,

the newly elected Professor of Pedagogy and Normal Studies, will have charge of the classes in Pedagogy and the common branches. The latter will be in the nature of complete reviews, thus affording an excellent opportunity to teachers, active and prospective,

of a thorough preparation for more efficient work in the public schools. There will be suitable classes, also, in Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Latin, and other high school

studies. Expenses are moderate. For further information, address,

The Secretary of the Faculty,

or The Principal of the Normal Department. P. S.-The Fall Term of the year 1898–99 will begin August 30, with the newly elected President,

Rev. A. B. Riker, D.D., in his place, and with an increased force of professors and instructors.


RACTICAL; Economical; Thorough. Abreast of the times! First-class instruc

tion in all departments. Good table board per week $1.50. Rooms furnished 25 cents to 50 cents per week. Other expenses moderate.

The College embraces Academic and Collegiate courses of study, besides the following schools : School of Pedagogy, School of Commerce, Shorthand, Masic, Oratory, Art. The College is unsectarian in name and spirit, and is conducted on the presupposition that all men are free and equal, and that all Christians are essentially one. Hence the College knows no denominational lines. Students and faculty recognize but one MASTER; they are all brethren.

THE COLLEGE Site is one of the most beautiful in Ohio. The building is modern, well built, commodious, and convenient. It is on the east side of North Clinton street, Defiance, Ohio, not far from two most beautiful streams, the Maumee and the Auglaize, at whose confluence is Old Fort Defiance of historic renown. Lovely shade trees dot the fine ten-acre campus, and withal no more delightful place for study could well be found.

Every student receives personal attention and recites every period of each day. The place is healthful, moral and religious influences are among the very best. Students can enter at any time. We teach school all the year, except three hot weeks in August.

First quarter begins Aug. 31.

Fourth quarter begins April 4.
Second quarter begins Nor. 8.

Fourth quarter ends June 9.
Holiday vacation, Dec. 24-Jan. 4, 1898. Commencement week June 2-9.
Second quarter ends Jan. 21,

Summer School (8 weeks) June 13-Aug. 5.
Third quarter begins Jan. 24.

(Send for special announcement.) For particulars address, JOHN R. H. LATCHAW, D. D., President.

Or, Prof. Ed. M. Mills, A. M., Secoy, Defiauce, O. 10* Preparation for admission to our best colleges and universities is made a specialty. Students prepared for admission to West Point Military Academy and Civil Service examinations.

Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa,

THOMAS MESSINGER DROWN, LL.D., PRESIDENT. Courses in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemistry. Also Classical and Literary Courses. For further information, and for Registers, address,

The Secretary of Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa.

Agents wanted for HIGH CLASS Subscription Books. Teachers

and Ex-teachers especially desired. Extraordinary inducements offered.

MPWe also carry a full line of Standard Books-mostly in sets. To Libraries,

Teachers, etc., we sell at prices Unapproached by any other house, East or
West. Send for catalogue.

ESTILL & CO., Columbus, O.


JOIN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE OF TEACHERS. Remember that the League consists of a Bureau in each state of the Union ; that its facilities are the best; that the League gives Life Membership and Duplicate Registration, all for one fee. Advantages many; experience long; judgment excellent; service honest; and satisfaction guaranteed. It can secure you a larger salary. Now is the time to register. Try it. Seud for circulars, blanks, terms, etc., to

W. H. MCFARLAND, Ohio Manager Teachers' Bureau,

1294 East Long Street, Columbus, Ohio.

for Teachers and Others DIPLOMAS GRANTED



Absolutely the Best Instruction and Positively the Lowest Prices for Tuition in Oratory, Elocution, Dramatic Art, Delsarte, Acting, Voice Culture, Physical Culture, Piano, Violin, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocal Music, Stage and Society Dancing.

The American College occupies the third floor of the Great Northern Theatre Building, eighteen stories high, finished in Mahogany and Marble, opposite the post office in the heart of the city. On account of Lake Michigan, chicago has the finest climate in summer of any city in America, and living expenses, board etc. is lower here than in most small places. The American College offers graduate and Post graduate courses. You can begin at any time. Write at once for Particulars. Address, B. F. CRANE, Sec'y American College, Great Northern Theatre Building, CHICAGO.

pouw he Columbus Art School.

Y. M. C. A. Building, Columbus, O.

Thorough Course of Study in Drawing, Painting
and Modeling. Special Classes in China Decora-
tion and Pen Drawing. Tuition Fees moderate.
Spring Session until June 1st.
For catalogue, address,

J. E. HUSSEY, Curator.

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Comprising one entire floor

Entire second floor


Fifth floor

Largest in Central Ohio and

Greatest Assortment.


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