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Cana, in Galilee-Illustrations of Scripture-Sir Walter Raleigh-

Relative size of the Planets-Cornwall Rocking Stonem Abduhl

Rahhahman--Evening. Thoughts--Natural History, Insects-Shoes

and Sandals—A Lady's Old Shoe or Clog-The great Cavern dis-

covered in Ireland-Niagara, above the Falls-Vegetable Fly

Trap--Above the World Character.

No. VII.

Ehrenbreitstein on the Rhine-The Mineral Kingdom; Gold-

Native Gold-Purple of Cassius–Buckstone- The Deluge-

Longevity; Old Parr–Antiquity of Mechanical Science, The
Last Day-Boscoble Cottage--The Paper Nautilus-The Agami

Heron- The Hooded Snake-Illustrations of Polypi-Red Coral

of Commerce--Poetical description of the formation of a Coral

Island_Fascination of Serpents—The Red-winged Maize Thief

and Black Snake--City of Pekin-Arabian Hospitality-The Air

we breathe-Extracts from Sir Joshua Reynolds-Lord Bacon--
Dr. Johnson


Sion-January; Great Storm; Winter Fireside; Continued frost;

the Hoar frost--Earthquakes in Sicily, and the two Calabrias
Fissures near Polistenia-Circular Hollows in the Plains of Ro-
samo-Usefulness of Studies-Experience gained–The Wolf-
The Clouded Wolf-Berkuf—The Stormy Petrel-The Washing-
ton Eagle-Condor attacking a Puma-Silver

Celebrated Silver
Mines—Vegetable Titian-Rafflesia Arnoldi-Rafflesia Patma-
Brugmansia Zippelii—Illustrations of Natural Phenomena: Tides;

Tides of an open ocean-Needle Rocks, Isle of Wight-Friend-

ship, Love, and Truth.

No. IX.

Account of the Kremlin at Moscow, The great Bell of Moscow-

Origin of Libraries—Stanzas-Remains of Ancient Art in Egypt-

Pompey's Pillar, Cleopatra's Needle, and the Ruins of a Roman

Tower-Guadama, an Indian Idol-The Eye of an Indian Idol

The Blighted Rose-Long Words--Earthquakes in Sicily and

the two Calabrias-Ruins of Messina–February--Advantages of

Scientific Study-Tides of

Narrow Seas--The Camel-Iron : Mar-

tial Ethiops ; Steel; Cast Iron; Native Iron.

No. X.

The City of New-York-Columbia College-Population-March-

Thanatopsis—Extraordinary Preservation of Life under snow

Elizabeth Woodcock-Rock Samphire-On the Color of the Sea-

The Lion-The Lioness-Natural Habits

of the Lion-interesting

account of a Lion Hunt-Character of the Arabs—Progress of the

Sciences-Love-Admiration-The Genius of Death-The Tides

of Rivers-St. Thomas's Church, New-York-Copper: Native


Sulphuric Acid ; Blue Vitriol; Verdigris; Bronze ; Bell

Metal ; Brass-Celebrated Bronze Statues.

great German Composer-Times go by. Tums—The Table of

Shew Bread--April-Bethel Chapel, New Bedford, Mass. On

the Delaware Water Gap Dagon, the ancient Philistine Idol-

On the Study of Natural History—The Supercilious Owl-The

Chasseur Ants of Trinidad-Mercury-Cuimbar–Calomel-Cor.

rosive Sublimate-Vermilion-Bay of Quebec-Truth-The Mi.

rage-City of Odessa—The Young Savage of Aveyron.

No. XII.

Fountains and Water Bottles of the East-May-Wind and Air Vol-

canoes Natural History, The Jaguar-Singular Encounter with

a Lioness The Mineral Kingdom ; Lead The Gulf Stream -

Picture of a New England Family.


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